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Moscow, 1985 – Several Russian agents have their identities compromised. Most of them are captured across the city. One female agent is brought before KGB head Vassiliev (Eric Godon). He tells her that he wants her to send a message to her superiors. At the CIA headquarters in the USA, Leonard Miller (Cillian Murphy) receives the agent’s head in a box.

Five years later, a recruiter walks through a market and meets Anna Poliatova (Sasha Luss), a beautiful vendor of China dolls. He invites her to become a model, and although hesitant at first, she joins him. Anna is brought to Paris to take modeling gigs, where she meets another model, Maud (Lera Abova).

At a party, Anna meets a man named Oleg (Andrew Howard). The two begin a relationship that spans two months, up until Oleg admits to her that he is an arms dealer. After getting the information she needs, Anna goes into the bathroom, removes a wire, and then comes back out to shoot Oleg dead.

Three years earlier, we see that Anna was living with her abusive boyfriend Piotr (Alexander Petrov). After going to pick up groceries, Piotr pulls up to pick up Anna, along with a woman and two other men. They drive around the city until they stop at an ATM and pull out a kidnapped American tourist. They force the man to give up his PIN number to rob him, but the police show up and begin to shoot. One of Piotr’s friends dies, and Anna knocks the woman unconscious. Piotr pulls the woman out while he and his friend escape with Anna. They evade the police until a car crashes into them. Piotr’s friend is dead, but he and Anna get out. They return home, and Piotr is shot dead by KGB agent Alex Tchenkov (Luke Evans). He found a recent application of Anna’s to join the Navy, but she says she would apply anywhere to escape her existence. He offers her a chance to join the KGB and become a new person, with the promise of freedom after five years. She is reluctant but ultimately agrees.

Back in the present, Anna is in an interrogation room with Leonard asking her questions about Oleg’s death. She is ultimately let go. We then see Anna earlier as she meets with Alex and KGB handler Olga (Helen Mirren). She has no confidence in Anna’s capabilities as an agent, but at Alex’s behest, Olga decides to give her a chance.

Anna’s mission is to acquire the phone of her target within a five-minute time range. She enters a restaurant and attempts to shoot the target, but she finds her gun isn’t loaded. The target’s thugs start to attack Anna, but she improvises and finds creative and violent ways to kill them, ranging from neck-snaps to bullets in the brain. The target then attempts to attack Anna, but she stabs him to death with a fork. After she gets the phone, she finds that Olga and Alex had left since she took longer than five minutes. Anna returns five hours later with the phone, to Olga’s indifference. She is then given a place to stay, and she is later found by the recruiter. We then see the whole hit job from Olga’s perspective.

Anna approaches Vassiliev with a request to leave the KGB. He responds by taking out a gun and saying there is only one way out before pointing it at her. She realizes she is forced to stay, and she turns down his offer to play Chess.

Anna continues to do modeling on the side while also taking on hit jobs. In between, she lives with Maud as girlfriends, but is also in an affair with Alex. After one job in which she is ordered to bring back her target’s finger, Anna tearfully asks Olga for a break. She allows her to take a week off, and she goes on vacation with Maud.

During another job, Anna is taken in by the CIA. Despite her disguises, she is recognized by Leonard due to how she carries her bag. He promises her a way out by ordering her to kill Vassiliev, and afterward, she will receive full protection and be allowed to retreat to Hawaii. Later on, she also starts an affair with Leonard while showing declining interest in Maud. Leonard later tells Anna about the botched mission with his agents and how Vassiliev had them killed.

Anna sets up a Chess game with Vassiliev, whereupon she shoots him in the head in front of Alex. Anna subdues him and manages to get out before the alarm goes off to alert everyone. She then manages to fight her way across a number of guards before getting out.

Anna later arranges a meeting between Alex and Leonard, where she kisses both of them to reveal she was working with them. She explains herself and makes it clear she is done with both of them. The two watch her leave and decide to wage a temporary truce. However, Anna is followed by Olga, who tells her “Nobody fucks with the KGB” before apparently shooting her dead. KGB and CIA agents have each other cornered in the park.

A flashback reveals that Olga found out about Anna’s plan to kill Vassiliev. She knows that Anna wants to be free, and with Vassiliev out of the way, Olga can become the new head of the KGB. She gives Anna her approval. The hit was a set-up, and Anna managed to find a way to escape through a sewer before emerging a free woman.

A while later, Olga, now comfy in her new position, receives a video from Anna. She lets her know that she has a recording of their last conversation, so if she even thinks of trying to screw with her, Anna will leak it to the KGB. Olga smiles and says “Bitch” before deleting the video.

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Anna Poliatova has always been alone or abused. She is found by KGB agent Alex Tchenkov to join the service and get a new life. While working as a supermodel, Anna takes on hit jobs organized by her handler Olga. When she wants out, KGB head Vassiliev threatens her life.

Anna is found by CIA director Leonard Miller, who promises to let her go free if she kills Vassiliev. She does so and later arranges a meeting between Alex and Leonard (whom she both had affairs with) to make it clear she is done. Olga then comes out to shoot Anna in apparent retribution for Vassiliev's death. However, it is later discovered that Olga knew about it and promised to let Anna go free since killing Vassiliev would make Olga the new KGB head. Anna goes free, but she lets Olga know that she has a recording of their conversation in the event that Olga tries to go after Anna.