This is a story of a marriage that has gone bad… really bad. Kevin Spacey is married to Annette Bening. She is an aspiring real estate agent that falls for the area’s top agent – The King. They flirt with each other and end up in bed together. – Spacey is an advertising salesman that is in a mid-life crisis from hell. He quits his job, obsesses about his daughters best friend (the school slut), buys the “muscle car” he has wanted since high school and is actually okay with the fact that his wife is sleeping with “The King”

The new neighbors have a son that reintroduces Spacey to the world of pot. Spacey is now content to be an out of work, pot smoking, muscle car driving, teen sex craved old man. This infuriates Annette Bening so much that she actually buys a gun and thinks about killing him.

Meanwhile, the father of Spacey’s drug connection (his neighbor) sees a drug deal going down in Spacey’s garage.-

Unfortunately, his vision is obscured and instead, thinks that his son is giving Spacey a blow job. (He decides that this is how his son has so much money) He kicks his son out of the house and then confronts Spacey. In a very strange scene, he breaks down crying on Spacey’s shoulder, then out of the blue, raises his head and kisses Spacey, smack on the lips. Spacey tells him he’s not into that and the neighbor leaves.

Spacey goes upstairs only to be confronted by the teenage girl he’s been lusting after the whole movie.

They are just about to get it on when she tells him that she’s actually a virgin. Spacey can’t handle that kind of pressure so he sends her on her way.

We then see Annette Bening sitting in her car with a gun, trying to convince herself to kill him. Cut back to Spacey in the kitchen, a gun slowly appears from behind and shoots and kills him, spilling blood and brains all over the kitchen.

We are led to believe that Annette Bening killed him but in a series of quick flashbacks, we find out that the neighbor that tried to kiss him, actually killed him.