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The film opens with Sarah Collins (Sarah Bolger) covered in blood. She quietly goes to the bathroom to take a shower and clean herself.

Days earlier, Sarah was still getting over the murder of her husband Stephen. She is now left alone with her two kids Ben (Rudy Doherty) and Lucy (Macie McCauley), the former who has been mute since he witnessed his father’s murder in broad daylight. Sarah is struggling to maintain a budget for herself and the kids, and must take Ben to a doctor for his trauma. She receives some support from her mother Alice (Jane Brennan), but she frequently criticizes Sarah and her life choices. Sarah also continues to check in with authorities over any updates on Stephen’s murder, but ends up with no leads.

On the streets, a criminal named Tito Reilly (Andrew Simpson) steals a car and runs it into the back of a car driven by two thugs. He breaks open their trunk and steals the drugs inside. As he is being chased, he breaks into Sarah’s house and forces her to hide him while she keeps the kids in their room. Meanwhile, the thugs report to their boss, Leo Miller (Edward Hogg), who is furious that his product was stolen.

Over the next few days, Tito continues to go to Sarah’s house to stash the drugs, but also provide her with a cut of the money. Although she doesn’t want any part of it, he gives her no choice but to cooperate, threatening her with assault or murder if she doesn’t comply. After some time, Sarah starts to question Tito on what he may know about Stephen and his murder. Tito mentions that Stephen was a drug dealer, which Sarah doesn’t believe, so it’s suspected his murder was gang-related. Tito plans to keep this going for a few more days, until he has enough to get lost.

Sarah accidentally leaves the stash compartment open, and Ben finds the drugs, even ingesting some cocaine. Sarah tries to clean him up and make sure he is fine, but Tito shows up not long after and breaks in after Sarah fails to answer the door. Although she tries to explain herself, he grabs her and attempts to rape her. She pegs him in the eye with her vibrator before he starts trying to attack her. She grabs a knife and stabs Tito a few times, letting him bleed out on the floor. The police later show up and harass Sarah over a perceived disturbance before asking her questions involving Stephen’s relation to gang activity. Sarah angrily sends them away before going back to deal with Tito’s body.

Leo and his goons learn that Tito was the one who stole from them, and they go to his apartment and harass his roommates. They don’t know anything about his whereabouts, so Leo smashes their legs and skulls with a hammer.

Sarah leaves the kids with Alice as she goes to a department store to gather products to dispose of Tito’s corpse. She cuts up his body over plastic wrap, which makes her sick and causes her to stall, but she pushes through and does the deed. She disposes his body parts in a dumpster and waits for the garbagemen to take away the evidence.

Sarah talks to Ben’s doctor, who says he may not be ready to talk about he saw, but Sarah thinks the doctor is saying something bad about him so she snaps at her. Later, she talks to a detective about the incident with Tito the other night, and she mentions stabbing him in the eye with a vibrator since he tried to rape her, which the detective takes down before leaving.

While out shopping, Lucy keeps saying Tito’s name, which is overheard by Leo. He and two of his goons follow Sarah and the kids and confront them. Ben runs away when he sees Leo, and when Sarah asks him if he is the man who killed his father, Ben nods yes. Two garbagemen come out to confront the gangsters when they see them harassing Sarah, but Leo and his goons beat the two of them senseless while Sarah gets away with the kids.

Leo later finds Sarah and asks her about Tito. She promises to bring Tito to him at his place later that night. She takes the kids to Alice’s for safety. Alice admits she wasn’t always the best mother to her, but that she still loves and cares for Sarah.

Sarah goes to a club to meet with Leo. She brings out Tito’s head and orders Leo to leave her and her family alone. When it seems like they won’t agree, Sarah takes out Tito’s gun and shoots the two goons before shooting Leo. She asks him why he killed Stephen. He says that he wanted to go “Good Samaritan” and get into business he wasn’t involved in. She shoots him twice in the head to kill him and then bashes another thug with a hammer. The killings are later written off as gang-related murders.

Sarah later goes to the store with her kids, now safer and slightly happier than before. She is once again approached by an employee who previously attempted to proposition her, but she gives the kids candy and says he will pay for them, or she will tell the manager that he tried to flash her kids. He nervously backs off while Sarah and the kids go on about their day.

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A young woman named Sarah Collins has been trying to find out who murdered her husband Stephen in the middle of the day while he was with their son. Things get worse when a petty crook named Tito forces Sarah to hide him and his stash of drugs that he stole from local crime boss Leo Miller.

After Sarah's son Ben accidentally gets into the drugs, Tito tries to rape Sarah until she stabs him to death. Not long after she disposes of his remains, Leo learns Tito was involved and then finds out his connection to Sarah. Ben confirms to Sarah that Leo was the one who killed his father. She later agrees with Leo that she will bring him Tito, but first she takes Ben and his sister Lucy to their grandmother's house for safety.

Sarah brings Tito's head to a nightclub to meet Leo to show she isn't to be messed with, and then she kills Leo and his thugs after learning they killed Stephen for getting into their business. The murders are dismissed as gang-related violence.