NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by alciphron

The movie starts out in a junkyard, windy and smokey, a bunch of equipment is being brought in, as you find out, to “capture” a restless spirit. The spirit is quite evil and ends up killing a bunch of team members before it is captured. There is a crazy eccentric guy shouting orders, who turns out to be the organizer, (named Cyrus) and it’s revealed he has done this 11 other times, collecting spirits. He ends up dying in this first few minutes. Scene changes to 6 weeks forward.

After inheriting an unusual “house” from his uncle Cyrus, a man and his family go to see the house and sign the papers to officially own it.

A lawyer will be showing them around the place, but before they go in, a utility workman asks to check the breakers inside.

As the family and their maid check things out, the utility man turns out to be one of Cyrus’s higher-ups with great telepathic ability, come to warn the family, and maybe score some cash. The lawyer confronts him with who he is, and it revealed that there are 12 ghosts in the basement in electronic cages, protected with spells. The lawyer plans to leave and turns up finding a large bag of money, (presumably his payment) but in lifting up the bag, starts a chain reaction of the house sealing up, and the cages opening one by one.

The lawyer gets split in half between 2 glass doors.

The house turns out to be a machine to open up a portal to hell, using the ghosts as a power supply. The rest of the movie is 12 ghosts chasing people, the humans can see the spirits by using special glasses that are in the house. Cyrus stole the father’s dead wife’s spirit, also to be included in the house. Towards the middle of the movie, a “spirit hunter” shows up, gets into the house, and starts helping the people, (the ghosts now are busy attracted to the machine) but turns out, she is actually helping Cyrus, who was not really killed, but wants to rule the world with the hell vortex.

The maid manages to smash the machine and all the ghosts are released again, only to kill Cyrus for real this time.

The father saves the kids and family, the house pretty much gets destroyed and you see the ghosts walking away from the house.

The man and his family get to say goodbye to their wife/mother who was one of the spirits and appears one last time to smile, then leaves.