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The film opens in Jump City, where a giant villain named Balloon Man (Greg Davies) is stomping through the streets, terrorizing the citizens. He uses his powers to rob a bank and steal a whole vault. Just when it looks like he's about to get away, the Teen Titans - Robin (Scott Menville), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Raven (Tara Strong), and Cyborg (Khary Payton) - arrive to fight him. Using their combined skills and powers, they hold off Balloon Man's attacks until Beast Boy morphs into a porcupine and uses his quills to poke a hole in Balloon Man's butt to make him fart. He nearly surrenders, thinking the Titans are the Justice League (and also the Guardians of the Galaxy). The Titans explain who they are in the form of a rap, which makes Balloon Man not take them seriously, and he goes back to terrorizing as the Titans have their backs turned.

Just then, Balloon Man is stopped by Superman (Nicolas Cage), Wonder Woman (Halsey), and Green Lantern (Lil Yachty), who turn him into a tiny balloon. The Titans get excited to meet the big superheroes and ask them if they want to hang out, but they are going to the premiere of Batman's (Jimmy Kimmel) latest movie. Superman dismisses the Titans as goofballs who haven't actually done anything heroic and therefore don't really deserve their own movie, unlike the rest of them (even though Green Lantern doesn't want to talk about THAT movie...). After they leave, the Titans decide to go check out Batman's movie anyway.

The premiere is being held where all the major DC heroes - like Flash (Wil Wheaton), Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Supergirl, among others - and some minor ones - Atom (Patton Oswalt), Plastic Man, and Jonah Hex - are in attendance. The Titans are denied entrance because they are not considered real superheroes, to the point where obscure heroes like the Challengers of the Unknown are granted access. Raven uses her portal powers to sneak themselves inside, and then to send the Challengers into a dark void so the Titans can take their seats. The movie's director, Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell), announces to the heroes that they are all getting their own movies soon. The trailers roll, and Robin gets excited, thinking that he's getting his own solo movie. The first movie turns out to be about Alfred. Then the next one is about the Batmobile. The last one is about Batman's best friend in the whole world, which makes Robin run to the stage with excitement...but the movie is about Batman's utility belt. The other heroes laugh Robin off the stage, making him cry. His friends follow him outside and try to cheer him up. Raven suggests that they need an archnemesis whose name they can say ominously. Robin then gets a call about a mysterious figure breaking into STAR Labs downtown, so they head out to investigate.

The villainous Slade (Will Arnett) is about to steal a powerful crystal until the Titans arrive, but they mistake him for Deadpool. They tell him straight-up they want him to be their archnemesis, but he laughs them off and says they are just sidekicks. Slade then tricks the Titans using his "MIND MANIPULATION", but he really just exploits how gullible the Titans are so that he can swipe the crystal when they aren't looking.

Robin has a "Lion King" style dream where he gets his own movie, but all the other heroes still don't respect him enough to accept it, and Batman drops him off a building. He wakes up when Beast Boy calls him to their living room. The Titans have made a home movie tape version of a Robin movie, which he stops watching after a minute because he thinks they are seeing him as a joke. The Titans then break out into an 80's style musical number about feeling upbeat and inspired, complete with synthesizers, a sax solo, and Michael Bolton doing the voice of a tiger. Now inspired, Robin leads the Titans to Hollywood so they can get their own movie, but they accidentally run the tiger over on their way there and they run.

The Titans make it to the Warner Brothers studio lot but are once again denied entrance by the same guy at the movie premiere, so Raven uses her portal for them to sneak in again. They walk around the lot and notice all the other heroes at work (and not STAN LEE - yes, really him - doing a cameo) before they make it to the set of Jade's follow-up to "Batman v Superman" where the two heroes are still fighting after they find out their dads have different names. Robin approaches Jade and asks that she make a movie about him, even doing his own song on how cool a Robin movie would be. Still, Jade says no because he and the Titans aren't considered real heroes.

Robin then hatches an idea for the world to see him and his friends as real superheroes, and that's by going back in time to prevent the origins of the biggest heroes so that there can't be movies of them. Using their time cycles, they travel through time to stop Krypton from being destroyed through music with sick beats, thereby preventing Kal-El from coming to Earth and becoming Superman. They then go to take Diana's Lasso of Truth away from her so she can't be Wonder Woman, and they trap a young Aquaman with plastic rings underwater, and they prevent Thomas and Martha Wayne from going down the alley where they die so Bruce can't become Batman. They also stop four familiar turtles from mutating. When they return to the present, they see that villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, and even Balloon Man have taken over, which means there aren't any movies, period. The Titans have to go back in time an undo what they did...which means causing Krypton's destruction and leading the Waynes to their demise. Robin concludes that they have to make Slade their archnemesis.

The Titans find Slade in his lair as he is working on the crystal he stole. He tries to use his manipulation on them, but the Titans don't fall for his tricks. They fight him until he flies away, leading the Titans to chase him. Beast Boy and Cyborg fly over and manage to swipe the crystal from Slade before throwing it to Raven so she can take it to their tower and stash it in their vault. Slade blasts Beast Boy and Cyborg off of him, sending them falling and leading Raven and Starfire to go save them as Robin goes after Slade. Robin catches up to him, and Slade admits that Robin isn't as lame as he seems, but he manages to get away. While alone, Slade decides that he must split the Titans up so they won't interfere in his plans. Moments later, Robin gets a call from Jade asking him and his friends to go to the studio.

The Titans return to the studio lot to find that Jade has had a whole set built for their own movie, even made to look like their tower. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven all start to screw things up when they poop in the set toilet, thinking it's a real one. Then they see Slade and proceed to beat him up, but it's really just Shia LaBeouf playing Slade...and they continue to beat him up. Jade tells Robin she is starting to have doubts, but Robin eases her mind and tells his friends to hang tight for the time being.

The other Titans goof off around the lot and play pranks on Flash and Swamp Thing before distracting Superman so that they can sneak into the studio to eat all the food from the craft services table. They have to hide when they hear people coming. The Titans see Wonder Woman, Shazam, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and Flash building something labeled "Doomsday Device". Superman returns and spots the Titans, but they knock him out with a lot of kryptonite. Robin and Jade then show up, where the Titans question why the heroes are building a Doomsday Device. Jade clarifies that it's an acronym for "Digitally Ordering Online Movies Directly At You", and that it's meant to directly stream superhero movies to any screen in the world, and the Titans movie would have been the first one shown. Jade says she only wants to make a movie about Robin, and when the Titans think that he wouldn't ditch them, that's the first thing he does. He tells the Titans that he feels that they are holding each other back from their destinies, and that they should split up. The Titans sadly depart, but not before Starfire hugs Robin and wishes him good luck.

Robin continues to make his own movie with Jade, right up until they film their last scene in the Titans tower set. Robin pushes a button to the set vault, only for a light to fall on his head and knock him out. Jade wakes Robin up and says they should film the scene tomorrow, but Robin says they have to finish immediately. He enters the code, and Jade enters with him. He notes that the set looks just like the vault in their tower, and Jade says that's because it is. She kicks him against the wall and pulls off her face to reveal that she was Slade in disguise the whole time. He traps Robin against the wall and steals back the crystal as he tells him that he's been stealing from every major city that a superhero belongs to, and he is going to use the crystal for the Doomsday Device so that he can manipulate everyone in the world to do his bidding. He leaves and blows up the tower. Robin manages to free himself because he has baby hands, but the tower gets completely destroyed.

Robin makes his way back to the ruins of his home and sees a picture of himself and his friends. He realizes what a mistake he made, and he sends a call to the other Titans as he admits he was wrong. The other four turn out to be right next to him, and Raven says she called the whole thing with Slade from a mile away. They head off to stop his evil plan.

Slade (as Jade) has gathered all the heroes together for the Robin movie, but the Titans arrive to expose Slade and reveal his plot to the heroes. Unfortunately, Slade manages to activate the Doomsday Device and put everyone in the world under his trance. He orders the superheroes to kill the Titans, and they go after them. The heroes chase the Titans around the studio lot as they ride a cart, but Raven sends them into one of her portals for the time being.

Robin goes to destroy Slade's machine, but he attempts to force Robin to watch his own movie, even as Robin tries to fight it. When the others arrive, Robin has already been hypnotized, and Slade orders him to kill his friends. They try to talk him down, but Robin is led to think that they always saw him as a joke. Cyborg then takes out the home video they made for him, and they play it so he can watch the whole thing. The Titans credit Robin for bringing them together and saving them from what could have been bad lives. Robin is snapped out of his trance, and he hugs his friends. However, Slade pulls out his back-up plan...a giant robot.

Slade enters his giant robot, and the Titans have to fight him off together. When he questions how they will defeat him, Robin tells him that it doesn't matter if everyone thinks they're a joke, because they're happy with each other. They then perform the same rap from the beginning, but this time, they work together to take down Slade and destroy his machine, who admits that the rap was too dope for him before he passes out. Raven brings the other heroes back (except the Challengers), who are back to normal. They see that the Titans truly are real heroes, and Batman leads them in a round of applause. Robin says that he realizes that you don't need to be super to be a superhero, you just have to be yourself, and the other heroes like this. The credits start to roll, but Robin wants to continue making a rousing speech, until his friends tell him not to ruin the moment and let the movie finish. He tries to continue even as the heroes are chanting for the credits, and Robin jumps at the screen to tell the kids in the audience to ask where babies come from.

Midway through the credits, a video transmission appears to be playing...it's from the original 2003 versions of the Teen Titans, with that Robin saying he thinks he's found a way for them to return, only for the screen to black out on them. At the very end of the credits, the Challengers are still floating around in the void.

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With every superhero having their own movie, the Teen Titans - Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg - feel that it is time for them to have a movie for themselves directed by superhero filmmaker Jade Wilson, but nobody takes them seriously or sees them as real heroes. The Titans see an opportunity to prove everyone wrong when the villainous Slade emerges, and they set to make him their archnemesis so that they can be seen as real heroes.

After the Titans take back a powerful crystal that Slade stole, he plans to have them split up. Jade calls the Titans to the studio lot to make their movie, but they discover that she is having the other major superheroes build a Doomsday Device, which she claims is actually a machine made to stream superhero movies. Despite their suspicions, Robin decides to stick with Jade so he can finally have his own movie, but he tells his friends they should split up.

Jade turns out to be Slade in disguise, and he tricks Robin into giving him back the crystal so he can power his device to manipulate everyone in the world into doing his bidding. He destroys the Titans' tower, leaving Robin alone until he calls his friends back and they forgive him.

The Titans make it to the premiere of Robin's movie, but Slade hypnotizes all the superheroes (like the Justice League) into attacking the Titans. They chase the Titans, but Raven traps them in a void temporarily. Slade then catches Robin and puts him in a trance to kill his friends, but the Titans snap him out of it by showing him their own movie that they made for him, which states how Robin is the reason they are all together, and that makes him a hero in their eyes. Slade then tries to attack them in a giant robot, but they defeat him and destroy his machine with a crazy Titans rap. Raven brings the heroes back after they are brought back to normal, and they finally give the Titans the respect they always wanted.

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