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The film starts with agents Alice Kerr (Lauren Cohan) and William Douglas (Carlo Alban) arriving at a blue house on Christmas Street. They are part of a Black Ops group known as Overwatch, along with their partners Sam Snow (Ronda Rousey) and James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), all monitored by Bishop, AKA "Mother" (John Malkovich). Alice and Douglas infiltrate the place, which is a safe house for Russian FSB agents, and the Overwatch team is trying to recover cesium they may be holding and prepping to use as weapons for terrorism. The two shoot and kill most of the agents in the house, but there is one hidden behind the walls, and he shoots Alice, wounding her. A young FSB agent, Anatole (David Garlik), attempts to save the cesium and he falls out the window, but Silva corners him and shoots him. The Overwatch agents then destroy the house. News of the operation hits fast, especially that regarding Anatole's involvement.

The opening credits give a brief history on Silva, who was said to be gifted at a young age and was later recruited into Black Ops forces not long after the death of his mother and brothers in a car accident. Throughout the film, we see bits of Silva giving a testimony on an operation.

Indocarr City, 16 months later - Overwatch is operating in Indonesia. Still hunting for the cesium houses, Alice says she has a source with information on them, while Silva acts hotheaded toward his teammates' actions considering how urgent the matter is. Silva then takes on the task of speaking to a walk-in who needs help because the government wants to seize her assets, while Alice has to talk to her ex-husband Lucas (Peter Berg), whom she hates because he isn't letting her see their daughter.

A police officer named Li Noor (Iko Uwais) arrives at the U.S. embassy to surrender himself, along with a disc that he claims contains the information Overwatch needs to find the other cesium houses. However, Li requests that he be escorted out of the country and given asylum in the United States in order to give them to the code to unlock the disc, or all the information on it will get wiped within a matter of hours.

Elsewhere, a group of Russian agents led by Vera Kuragin (Natasha Goubskaya) are monitoring Li's whereabouts, as they are seemingly planning to have him killed within the next 24 hours.

Li is brought into the medical room for tests. A man named Axel (Sam Medina) arrives with Indonesian intelligence agents to demand that Li be handed over to them, but Ambassador Dorothy Brady (Poorna Jagannathan) doesn't let them take him. Li is then attacked by two agents disguised as doctors after handcuffing him to the bed. Li fights them while handcuffed and kills them both. Sam and Alice witness this and are surprised at Li's fighting skills, and they learn he was once Indonesian Special Forces.

Silva and his team, along with other separate operatives, proceed to escort Li to an airstrip that is 22 miles away, with Bishop keeping an eye on them. Li says he is going against the Indonesian government because they are responsible for the deaths of his family. En route, the team is followed by Axel's men on motorcycles, who plant grenades on Silva's van and blow it up. Some of the operatives are killed, and Sam is terribly wounded. Silva and his team open fire on Axel's guys, who return fire and continue to try and bomb them. Alice stays next to Li to protect him, although he helps get a few kills in as well. After doing away with most of them, Silva gives Sam two grenades, leaving her to blow herself and the rest of Axel's men up.

Bishop guides Silva, Alice, Douglas, and Li to a restaurant where they have an inside guy working with them, so it is like a temporary reservation for them. Silva looks outside and sees Axel. He goes to approach him even though Bishop tells him to stay in the restaurant. Axel demands that Li be handed over, but Silva tells him to stop following them. When he goes back into the restaurant, two girls that he brushes past leave a grenade in another attack, but he manages to save a small girl standing near the grenade. Douglas is wounded, and the girls come back to attack and get Li, but Silva and Douglas kill both of them, just before more of Axel's guys come after them, prompting them to run.

Bishop orders Silva to take Li to the airstrip immediately. Instead, they go to a safe house where Alice takes Li while Silva and Douglas fend off Axel and more of his goons. After a firefight, Silva goes back inside to find Alice and Li while Douglas keeps shooting back. He gets severely wounded until Axel walks up to him and finishes him with a bullet to the head. Bishop guides Silva to find Alice and Li. Alice has a brush with another henchman and almost dies until Li shoots the goon in the head.

Silva, Alice, and Li finally make it to the airstrip, but Axel has found them yet again. Silva then has Bishop send a drone to blow Axel up for good. They then proceed to the plane where Alice goes with Li, who gives up the code to the disc. Before they depart, Li tells Silva "Say hi to Mother for me." Before Silva can get an answer, the plane takes off. Bishop then sees that Li's heart rate is accelerating. Then, the disc starts to upload what turns out to be a picture of Anatole. Meanwhile, Vera and her men prepare to watch something about to take place. It then becomes clear that Li was a triple agent working for the Russian government, and that Anatole was Vera's son. Her men find Overwatch and shoot the whole team, but Bishop barely manages to get out. Li tells Alice "Gotcha", letting her realize too late what has happened.

Silva completes his debriefing and later places a picture of Li on his wall as he plans to get revenge against him.

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Overwatch is a Black Ops group that is out to find stashes of cesium from Russian FSB houses before they can be used as weapons of mass destruction. An Indonesian officer named Li Noor plans to act as a whistleblower against his government and give Overwatch information on the locations of cesium houses in exchange for asylum in the U.S.

Overwatch operatives led by James Silva escort Li to an airstrip, but they are followed by an Indonesian intelligence agent named Axel, who wants Li. Axel's men take out two a majority of Silva's team before they make it to the airstrip. Silva has his boss Bishop send a drone strike to get rid of Axel.

As Li boards the plane with Alice, he gives up the code to the disc that he promised Bishop, but it reveals that Li was working with Russian agents as a revenge plan against Overwatch because Silva killed the son of a high-ranking official in the Russian government. The Russian agents kill most of the Overwatch team as Li heads to the U.S. with Alice. Silva is left to plot revenge against Li.

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