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Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is writing invitations for the grand re-opening of the Hotel Bella Donna. It's been totally renovated and made beautiful. She sends one to each of her three dads, Bill (Stellan Skarsgard), Harry (Colin Firth), and Sam (Pierce Brosnan). She also has one for her grandmother, Ruby (Cher). Her hotel manager, Senor Cienfuegos (Andy Garcia) is helping her prepare for the huge opening party - all Sophie wants is for it to be something that would make her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) proud. He insists he's sure it would. At the last minute, she tears up the invitation for Ruby, because she'd never show up anyway.

In flashback, young Donna (Lily James) is graduating from college. When the Chancellor brings her up to give the commencement speech, Donna tears away her gown to reveal her Dynamos costume, and her fellow Dynamos Tanya (Jessica Keenan Wynn) and Rosie (Alex Davies) join her onstage to perform the song "Kiss the Teacher." After graduation, the three friends talk - Donna is disappointed her mother didn't show up, but ultimately unsurprised since she never does. Ever since she had her heart broken in South America, she never leaves Las Vegas. They discuss post-college plans, and Donna is determined to travel the world. Her friends bid her goodbye at the airport.

In present day, Sophie is on the phone with her husband Sky (Dominic Cooper), who is in New York for a six-week program in hotel management at a very prestigious hotel. Sophie wishes he could come for the opening but knows it's important for him to be there. She just wishes everything could be perfect for Donna - Sky tells her it's been a year since her mother died, and of course, she would be proud of her. Sophie is just sad that he can't be there, and of her three dads, only Sam can make it. Harry has an important business meeting, and Bill is receiving an award. Sky tells her that the New York hotel has offered him a permanent job, and he wants to take it. He wants her to come with. The two get into an argument about their opposing wants, and sing the duet "One of Us."

Young Donna goes to Paris, where she meets Young Harry (Hugh Skinner). He mistakes her for working at the hotel and speaks to her only in French, which she doesn't understand. The two spend the day together, and over a meal, Harry tells her he thinks they should sleep together. He's a virgin and thinks this is his moment. She at first declines, but he sings "Waterloo," wooing her, and the two spend a night together. She leaves without saying goodbye, and tries to catch a ferry to Greece but just misses it. She meets Young Bill (Josh Dylan). The two have a fun, flirtatious conversation, and he offers to take her on his boat. They sing "Why Did It Have to Be Me," and are joined in song by Young Harry, who has tried to follow after Donna but is stopped by a difficult Greek customs officer (Omid Djalili) who had also given Donna a hard time. Just before Donna and Bill can sleep together, they hear yelling in the distance. A man, Alexio (Gerard Monico), had been boating himself to Greece to stop the love of his life from marrying another man, but his motor failed. Bill doesn't want to help, but Donna insists they must. They get him to the shore, and he leaps into the water, screaming for his love Apollonia. She hears him and runs off from her wedding and leaps into the water with him.

Back to the present, Tanya (Christine Baranski) and Rosie (Julie Walters) are arriving in Greece. Rosie cries at every mention of Donna, but Tanya tells her she must be strong for Sophie. They meet Sophie and Senor Cifuentes, who Tanya is especially taken with - but he has not been able to love since his heart belongs to another. As Sophie gives them a tour of the beautiful new hotel, Young Donna discovers the hotel dilapidated and run down, and sings "I Have a Dream." That night, there is a massive thunderstorm in both timelines - the storm traps the horse in the hotel in its barn, and Young Donna runs out for help and runs into Young Sam (Jeremy Irvine), who helps her help the horse. In the present day, the storm devastates the hotel, and while Sophie and Sam try to restore everything, it looks pretty grim. Also, the storm has stopped many of the flights so most of the guests won't be coming. Sophie is sure her mother would be so disappointed, but Sam reassures her she would never be.

Young Donna and Young Sam begin to get to know one another. He has a whole life set up for him at him that he isn't that excited about. They go to a local bar where Lazaros (Panos Mouzourakis) is singing "Kissed by Fire." His mother and owner of the bar, Sofia (Maria Vacratsis), is sick of his singing. Donna wants to get her band to play the bar, and when the bar-goers pressure her to sing, she sings "Andante, Andante."

Young Donna and Young Sam sleep together, and she sings "The Name of the Game." She tells him she loves Greece and wants to stay there, and knows it's crazy but she wants him to stay with her. He tells her it's not so crazy. But later, she discovers a photo of him and another woman and learns he's engaged. They sing "Knowing Me, Knowing You," and she kicks him out forever.

In present day, Sophie laments the destruction of the hotel opening with Tanya and Rosie. She discusses her worries about her and Skye. They also talk about what happened between Rosie and Bill, and she admits she suspected he was cheating - the three sing "Angel Eyes," warning Sophie to be careful with men.

In flashback, Young Tanya and Young Rosie arrive in Greece, sorry to hear about what happened with Sam. They go to the bar to perform, but Donna is too down in the dumps. They tell her to sing about what she feels, and the three perform "Mamma Mia." Bill surprises Donna. Rosie is immediately infatuated with him, but Tanya tells her that they need to let Donna have this one because she's getting over a heartbreak. Young Sam comes back looking for Donna, but Sofia shoos him away, chastising him for breaking Donna's heart. She tells him Donna left with a new man. Bill takes Donna out on her boat, and they sleep together.

In present day, Harry realizes during his business meeting that family is the most important thing and leaves, and Bill has his twin brother accept his award for him and leaves for the same reason. They just miss their ferry, and the same customs agent remarks that Bill has aged horribly, but flirtatiously says Harry has aged like a fine wine. The two sit down at a cafe to figure out what to do. Harry ties himself to a chair until he figures out an idea, and Bill runs into to Alexio, who is so grateful to him for helping him with his love all those years ago. He and his fisherman friends have plenty of boats, and Bill and Harry insist they bring all their friends and families to the grand hotel opening. Bill, struggling to get out of his chair, falls into the water and is surprised by Sky, who has also returned.

Sophie, Sam, Tanya, and Rosie, see Harry and Bill with a fleet of guests approaching, and joyously all sing "Dancing Queen" as they run down to the dock and everyone reunites for the party. In flashback, Sofia reveals herself as the owner of the broken down hotel and tells Donna she can run it. Donna is thrilled when suddenly she throws up - she's pregnant. In present day, the same thing happens to Sophie. She tells Sky she's pregnant, and that she's never felt closer to her mother, being in the same place. She knows she wasn't scared and she wasn't alone because she had her. Sky tells her there's one more surprise - Ruby has arrived via a helicopter. Sophie is shocked, but Ruby tells her she's ready to commit to the whole "grandmother thing." Bill and Rosie also reconcile, as Bill reveals that the tragedy they've all suffered has made him realize what matters.

At the party, Sophie tells everyone she's going to get to live her dream of being in the Dynamos, and she and Rosie and Tanya perform "I've Been Waiting for You" at the party. In flashback, Donna gives birth to Sophie. Ruby tells Sophie she's impressed, and that she got that from her. When Senor Cifuentes emerges from across the room, Ruby sees him, and shocked, exclaims, "Fernando?" And the two long lost lovers duet on "Fernando" as fireworks go off in the sky.

Nine months later, everyone has reunited for Sophie's baby's christening. They hike up to the church, and for the first time in the movie, Meryl Streep appears as Donna, singing "My Love, My Life" and dueting with Sophie as she feels her mother's presence. The family celebrates the new life.

During the credits, the whole cast sings "Super Trooper."

In a post-credits scene, the customs agent sings a few bars of "Take a Chance on Me" to Harry.

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