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The film begins one night with a family of four in a small town in New Mexico during the early 1950s. The little girl says creepy things about dead people, scaring her brother, getting an irritated look from her father, and prompting her mother to send the children to bed. Upstairs, the mother knows her daughter is “special,” having the ability to see and communicate with dead people. She warns her not to tell her father about it. Her son is obviously scared, so she gives him a whistle on a string to wear around his neck, telling him, if he needs her, just blow on it and she will come running.

After lights out, the children are in their respective bunk beds, talking about creepy things again. The girl sees the top bunk move but notices her brother is on the chair across from their bed. She gets up to check who is up there, but a ghost runs through the adjoining playroom. She checks the other room, sees the ghost in the closet, and asks it to come out. The brother hides in the bottom bunk and another ghost — the black and red-faced evil spirit from the previous films — suddenly appears behind him, causing him to scream. Their now-angry father comes upstairs and, after his daughter tells him that she saw a ghost, he punishes her by hitting her with a cane and locking her in the basement.

Down there, the girl hears another ghost who asks her to unlock a door that just appears — the red one from the previous films. She does so and releases an evil spirit that has keys at the tips of its fingers -- the one on the movie poster. The mother comes down, sees her daughter staring at a blank wall, and then is strangled by an electrical wire that comes down from the ceiling. The father comes down and finds his wife dead, and his daughter passed out.

An older woman suddenly wakes up from a nightmare — It is Elise from the previous films. It is now Los Angeles during the early 2010s — after the third, but before the first film. Her two sidekicks, Specs and Tucker, live with her as they run their small business helping people with their paranormal issues.

Elise gets a phone call from a man who needs her help. He gives her his address, but she quickly declines to help him. Reflecting on her literal and figurative scars from her childhood, she later confesses to her sidekicks that the man lives in her childhood house and that, because she knows what is in there, she changed her mind and must go (alone) to help him.

She, along with her sidekicks who buy an RV and customize it for their business to convince her to let them come, drive to New Mexico. Before entering the house, she asks them to wear outfits — The white dress shirt, black tie, and black pants seen in the previous films. The man shows them around the house, triggering Elise and her memories of what happened there and then taking them to an upstairs room that he refuses to enter and keeps locked and blocked with bibles and other religious books due to “something” in there — It is her childhood bedroom.

During the first night, Elise waits in the room, armed with a body cam that her sidekicks are monitoring from the RV. Something leads her downstairs and she points the cam at a ghost that she cannot see, but her sidekicks can.

The next morning, Elise and her sidekicks go to a diner. Two young women come in, and Elise immediately goes to them, claiming they look very familiar. Her sidekicks also go to them, instantly attracted and awkwardly hitting on them. The women’s father comes in, and it is Elise’s brother, Christian. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses to acknowledge her, accusing her of running away when she was sixteen years old and abandoning him to live with their abusive father. He leaves, but his daughters stay and talk with their new aunt. She gives them a picture to give to their dad. It is of his long-lost whistle that she happened to find under their bunk bed.

On the second night, Elise and Tucker are in the basement. She communicates with the ghost from the night before and discovers a hidden door that she opens. Inside, she finds a ghost but then realizes it is actually a live girl that the man had imprisoned. They try to help her, but the man appears with a gun and locks them in there. Specs comes in from the RV to save Elise and Tucker and eventually stops the man by knocking him unconscious and crushing him to death with a large piece of furniture. The police and paramedics come to rescue the now-freed girl.

The next day, Elise and her sidekicks are away at the police station giving their statements, while Christian and his daughters go to the house to look for his whistle. During their search, one of the women is lured into the basement, knocked unconscious by the evil spirit with the key fingers, and taken into the Further. During her statement, Elise sees her disfigured niece suddenly appear behind the police officer and quickly leaves to return to the house. The paramedics are taking that niece away, while the other niece chooses to stay, admitting that she is “special,” too, and wants to help her aunt stop the evil spirit.

That night, Elise and Tucker go back into the basement, while Specs and the niece go upstairs to look for the dead man’s bible. Elise and Tucker find the imprisoned girl’s suitcase hidden in a ventilation shaft as well as the suitcases, belongings, and skulls of several other imprisoned girls. Elise remembers and realizes that the ghost that she saw in the laundry room during her childhood was not a ghost, but a live girl that her father imprisoned. She concludes that the evil spirit had been possessing the men that lived in the house to imprison and kill girls for it. The evil spirit appears, knocks out Elise, and takes her into the Further. The sidekicks hypnotize the niece, so she can go into the Further, too, stop the spirit, and rescue her aunt and sister.

In the Further, Elise runs into her father and then beats him with a cane out of anger for what he did to her as a child. After her niece finds her, she realizes that the evil spirit was feeding off her negative emotions and stops. It incapacitates both of them. Just as it is about to kill Elise, the niece happens to find her father’s whistle and throws it to her aunt. Elise blows the whistle which summons her mother to rescue them, battling and banishing the evil spirit.

Elise, her mother, and two nieces go to leave the Further, encountering several red doors, implying that they lead to different places in the real world, including one where a little boy is playing in his basement and another where the first niece is laying in her hospital bed. Elise has a moment with her mother who tells her to keep helping people, before Elise and her nieces wake up in the real world.

All of them are reunited in the hospital where Elise and her brother reconnect, Specs makes out with one niece, and Tucker proposition the other niece for her jello. Then, Elise and her sidekicks leave and go back home.

Back in LA, Elise has a dream about the little boy that she saw in the Further and is scared awake by the face of the black and red-faced evil spirit. She then gets a phone call from a woman who claims that she helped her before with her son and needs help again with her grandson — Scenes from the previous films flash on the screen, featuring the Daltons, the family from the first two films. Elise says she will contact them in the morning.

The end -- Images of both living and dead characters from the previous films play alongside the first half of the credits…

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A psychic and her sidekicks return to her childhood house to help the man who now lives there, deal with paranormal activity. She realizes that she brought an evil spirit into the house when she was a child and that spirit is still there, possessing the men who live there, including her abusive father, and forcing them to kidnap, imprison, and kill innocent girls in order to feed off the negative energy. Reunited with family members, some that were long lost and others that she did not know she had, she goes into the Further, an outworldly dimension, to defeat the spirit.

In the Further, she sees a little boy who turns out to be a member of the family that she helps in the first two films in the series.

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