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The film opens at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Podcasters Aaron Korey (Jefferson Hall) and Dana Haines (Rhian Rees) arrive and meet Dr. Ranbir Sartain (Haluk Bilginer), the new doctor studying the hospital's most notorious patient, Michael Myers (Nick Castle). Aaron and Dana have come for an interview with the killer, who stands with his hands chained to the ground as he stands ominously and silently in the yard. Aaron tries talking to Michael and brings up the murder spree he committed forty years earlier. He then takes out Michael's trademark mask to try and get a response from him, but Michael remains quiet while the other patients around him start to go mad.

Haddonfield, IL - Aaron and Dana go to the home of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), with the promise of paying her for an interview. Ever since she survived Michael's attack, she has been preparing herself with guns and maximum security, though it has also made her highly paranoid and put a strain on her relationship with her family, especially her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), whom she lost custody of. Aaron offers Laurie a chance to see Michael face-to-face and to free herself of her anger and hatred, but Laurie cuts the interview short and sends Aaron and Dana away.

We meet Karen and her husband Ray (Toby Huss) and daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Allyson wants her mom to invite her grandmother to an upcoming family gathering, but Karen is very hesitant to do so. Allyson then walks to school with her friends Vicky (Virginia Gardner) and Dave (Miles Roberts).

At school, Allyson meets with her boyfriend Cameron (Dylan Arnold) and his buddy Oscar (Drew Scheid). During class, Allyson spots Laurie standing outside. She goes to talk to her grandmother on her free period and tells her that she needs to get over Michael and move on due to the strain it's put on her family, but Laurie argues that she has prepared Karen for the horrors of the world, even if it made her hate Laurie. She goes back near her home to shoot at some targets. Meanwhile, Michael is with other prisoners being transported to a maximum security prison. All the while, we hear the voice of Dr. Samuel Loomis saying that the only way to stop Michael is to kill him.

That night, Cameron joins Allyson and her family for a dinner. Laurie later joins since Allyson invited her, but Laurie quickly starts drinking and puts Karen off. When they try to start over, Laurie breaks down. She leaves the restaurant, but Allyson goes outside to comfort her.

A father and son are driving together when they come across a prison bus crash with inmates walking loose on the streets. The father goes out to investigate, and after a while, the boy goes out armed with a rifle. He walks onto the bus to find his dad, but he is startled by Dr. Sartain, and the boy accidentally shoots him. He runs back to the car, only to find Michael there, and he strangles the boy to death. Officer Hawkins (Will Patton) later comes across the scene to find Sartain and the father's body with his neck all horribly twisted.

It is now Halloween day. Aaron and Dana are on their way out of town, but they first stop to visit the grave of Judith Myers, Michael's sister that he murdered as a child. The two then stop at a gas station. Dana goes to the bathroom while Aaron is outside. He sees that two men inside are dead, and he runs to find Dana. Michael enters the bathroom and stalks Dana until he goes to her stall and drops a bunch of bloody teeth in front of her. He tries to barge in as Dana tries to crawl out for safety. Aaron comes in and sees Michael. He tries to save Dana, but Michael bashes Aaron's head against the doors repeatedly until he's dead. Dana tries to defend herself, but Michael chokes her to death. He then goes to their car and dons the mask once more.

Laurie hears about the bus crash and knows Michael is on the loose. She breaks into Karen's house to show her that her house is lacking security, so Laurie tells Karen to get her family to her house before Michael arrives.

The evening arrives, and children go around trick-or-treating in Haddonfield. Michael walks among them and enters a house where he bludgeons a woman to death with a hammer before getting a knife. He then finds another woman in the house and stabs her through the throat.

Vicky is babysitting a young boy named Julian (Jibrail Namtambu) and is also expecting Dave to arrive with some weed. Julian knows what's up but won't tell his parents. Vicky then goes to tuck him into bed as Dave shows up.

Allyson is at a party where she and Cameron are Bonnie and Clyde (except she's Clyde and he's Bonnie) until Allyson catches Cameron kissing another girl. He goes after her and is clearly drunk, going as far as to take her phone and throw it into some pudding. Allyson leaves the party with Oscar following her.

Vicky and Dave start to hook up when they hear something coming from upstairs. Julian runs down and tells Vicky he saw a man walking around the house. Vicky goes into his room to look in the closet, but only jokingly pretends to see someone. She goes to the closet for real and then sees Michael. Vicky tries to run, but Michael gets her and struggles to reel her in until he stabs her. Julian runs to get help. Dave grabs a knife and heads upstairs.

Hawkins later arrives at the house and finds Vicky's body under a sheet, while Dave has been impaled through his head against the wall. Other cops arrive on the scene, and Sartain is with one of them. Laurie, who has been patrolling the streets looking for Michael, also convenes with them, and she calls Sartain "the new Loomis". She tells Hawkins that she has been waiting for Michael to escape so she can kill him herself. Sartain goes with Hawkins while Laurie tries to get in touch with Allyson. She brings Karen and Ray to her house to show her the bunker where they will hide in when Michael shows up.

Allyson and Oscar are walking together until he drunkenly tries to kiss her. She ditches him in a backyard where the motion sensor lights go on, and Oscar sees Michael, unaware of who he is. The lights go off and then on again, and Michael has moved slightly closer. The same thing happens again, and Michael slashes at Oscar. He tries to run and call for help, but Michael stabs him and then impales his body on a gate. Allyson sees Oscar's body and runs.

Allyson runs into a house and calls for help. Hawkins arrives at the house moments later and Allyson alerts him to Michael's presence. She rides with him and Sartain as they find Michael, and Hawkins rams into him with his car. Sartain goes near Michael's body and then stabs Hawkins in the throat. Sartain takes Michael's mask and puts it on, then hauls Michael into the car with Allyson. He tells her that he orchestrated Michael's escape with the intent of reuniting him with Laurie. Allyson tricks Sartain into stopping the car so that she can tell him something she supposedly heard Michael say. Michael then wakes up and slams Sartain against the steering wheel, giving Allyson a chance to run. Michael drags Sartain out and stomps his head into a bloody mess. Two other cops see Hawkins' car and go to investigate while Allyson runs through the woods toward Laurie's house.

Outside Laurie's house, Ray sees the cops' car in front. He looks inside, only to see them both killed, with one cop's head used as a jack-o-lantern. Ray is then found by Michael, who promptly kills him as well.

Laurie knows Michael is there. She turns on all the security lights and keeps Karen in the bunker. As Laurie prepares herself, Michael breaks in through the door and tries to strangle Laurie. She fires her gun, and Michael lets go. Laurie goes to check on Karen, who is armed with a rifle. Before leaving, the two say their love for each other. Laurie goes outside and is attacked by Michael, which Allyson witnesses she shows up at the house and joins her mother in the bunker. Laurie and Michael start to look for each other. Laurie goes into the house to find him as she follows a trail of blood, but she just finds Ray's body stuffed in a cabinet. Michael then lunges out and attacks Laurie, but she continues to fight him off. Michael then finds the bunker and pries it open. Karen calls for Laurie pretending to be afraid, but when Michael faces her down, Karen gets a good shot and shoots Michael in the face. Laurie then pushes Michael down into the bunker, so Karen and Allyson run out. Michael grabs Allyson, but she stabs him in the arm. Laurie then triggers a trap to keep Michael in the bunker as she had planned all along. She turns on the gas as she prepares to have Michael roasted alive. She says goodbye to her nemesis before running out with Karen and Allyson

Allyson flags down a car to help them as Laurie's house goes up in flames. We take one more look in the bunker and don't see Michael there. The Strode women are then being driven away in the back of the truck, with Allyson still clutching the bloody knife.

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40 years after his murder spree in Haddonfield, notorious killer Michael Myers escapes from a prison transport bus, and Laurie Strode has been waiting and preparing for the day when she can face her nemesis and end him once and for all. The stress of what Laurie faced has hardened her and made her paranoid and cynical, which has put a strain on her family, especially with her daughter Karen.

Michael makes his way into Haddonfield on Halloween night and goes on a new, more violent killing spree. The escape was orchestrated by Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Michael's new doctor after Loomis dies. Sartain wanted Michael to face the one victim of his that got away. Michael isn't so thankful as he crushes Sartain's head under his foot. He proceeds to go after Laurie's granddaughter Allyson.

Michael finds Laurie's home, which is set up with maximum security designed to keep Michael out, but the villain finds his way inside as he and Laurie have their showdown. Karen lures Michael to the bunker where she and Allyson are hiding. Karen shoots Michael, and they trap him in there as Laurie sets the house on fire with Michael inside. The women escape, but it looks as though Allyson will go through the same trauma Laurie faced.

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