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The film starts with Kayla Day (Elsie Fisher) making a video for her YouTube channel. As she does with all her videos, she shares life advice, and this video is about being true to yourself and not paying mind to what bad people try and say about you. She signs off all of her videos with "Gucci!"

Kayla is in her final week of eighth grade before entering high school. She and her classmates attend an assembly in which the students are given back shoebox time capsules that they made in sixth grade. The principal then comes to read off the school's superlatives, and Kayla is voted "most quiet" by her peers, to her dismay. After school, she talks to the mom of her popular classmate, Kennedy Graves (Catherine Oliveire), and Mrs. Graves (Missy Yager) invites Kayla to a pool party the following day for Kennedy's birthday, even though Kayla can see that Kennedy doesn't really like her. Kayla says she'll think about it, though Mrs. Graves insists that she comes.

At dinner, Kayla's dad Mark (Josh Hamilton) tries to converse with her, but she is too focused on her phone and social media apps. Even as Mark tries to talk to her, Kayla is just rude and dismissive of everything he has to tell her. After dinner, Kayla goes to her room and continues going through Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Snapchat, and Twitter before checking out the Instagram page for her crush, Aiden Wilson-Carter (Luke Prael). Mark enters her room as she does so, and she tosses her phone across the room to avoid the embarrassment, but the screen gets cracked.

Mark brings Kayla to Kennedy's house the next day. She goes into the bathroom to change into her swimsuit but gets very nervous and has an anxiety attack. She joins the others in the pool, but she doesn't talk to anyone and sits in the corner of the pool alone. Kayla then meets Kennedy's cousin Gabe (Jake Ryan), who challenges her to a breath-holding contest (which Kayla loses in less than five seconds). Afterwards, Kennedy opens her presents, and she is visibly displeased with Kayla's gift, a card game. The other kids gather around the living room while Kayla sits alone and calls for Mark to pick her up. She then talks to Aiden awkwardly before mustering up the courage to go and perform karaoke in front of her peers.

Kayla makes it a goal to try and make new friends as she enters high school. She approaches Kennedy and her friend Steph (Nora Mullins) with a thank-you note for Kennedy, but they both ignore Kayla as they are on their phones. The school later has drills for what to do in case of a school shooting. Kayla is checking out Aiden, and another girl tells her that Aiden's a dick because he dumped his girlfriend after she refused to send him nude pictures. As the drills go on in class, Kayla crawls over to Aiden's desk to try and talk to him, and she only gets his attention when she implies that she has dirty pictures on her phone. He asks her if she gives blowjobs, and she responds that she is great at them.

Kayla goes home to try and learn how to give blowjobs. She goes to practice on a banana, but Mark walks in before she puts it in her mouth. He knows she doesn't like bananas, so she tries to eat it to avoid suspicion, but she ends up spitting it out.

The students are brought to the high school for a shadow program. Kayla meets Olivia (Emily Robinson), and they hit it off nicely. They exchange numbers, and Kayla calls Olivia later. Olivia mentions how she didn't make all of her closest friends until high school. She invites Kayla to hang out with her and her friends at the mall.

Mark takes Kayla to the mall to meet Olivia and her friends Aniyah (Imani Lewis), Trevor (Fred Hechinger), and Riley (Daniel Zolghadri). Kayla is mostly quiet as they sit in the food court, but Olivia tries to bring her into the conversation. The kids then notice that a creepy man has been staring at them for over an hour - it's Mark keeping an eye on Kayla. She goes to tell him off for embarrassing her, and he apologizes.

At the end of the night, Riley drops the other kids off first before taking Kayla home. He pulls over and gets in the backseat with her. He initiates an uncomfortable game of Truth or Dare where he takes his shirt off and tries to get Kayla to take hers off so they can hook up. She makes it clear she doesn't want to do it, and Riley angrily takes her home, stating that he was just trying to help her get experience with boys before she goes to high school. Kayla goes home and breaks down in her room as Mark tries to comfort her. This is followed by her making one last video stating that she is going to stop making videos since nobody watches them and because she doesn't feel fit to give advice when she can't even follow her own.

Kayla asks Mark to help her burn her time capsule in the backyard in a bonfire. As they sit outside, Kayla asks Mark if she makes him sad to be her father, because she feels she would be sad if her own daughter turned out to be like her. He firmly insists that that's not the case, as he is very proud of being her father. He gives her some more advice and reassurance to comfort her, and she hugs him.

It is graduation day. Kayla sees Aiden walk past her and appears to follow him, but she instead goes to Kennedy and tells her off for being mean to her and brushing off her kind acts.

Kayla later goes to hang out with Gabe, who gives her chicken nuggets from McDonald's. He tells her how he enjoyed her videos and says she should continue making them. They then bond over their shared love of "Rick and Morty" (and yes, Gabe makes a szechuan sauce reference).

Kayla makes a new time capsule for herself to open up after high school which she buries with Mark. She then makes one last personal video to herself where she gives herself advice on pushing through high school without worrying about the bad stuff that may happen.

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Kayla Day is in her last week of eighth grade before entering high school. She's quiet and doesn't have friends at school, as she keeps to herself and is frequently on social media, usually making videos for her YouTube channel. She lives with her father Mark, who tries to bond with her even as she continues to brush him off.

Among Kayla's attempts to branch out include her going to a pool party for her snobby popular classmate Kennedy Graves, as well as trying to get the attention of her crush Aiden Wilson-Carter, who is only interested in potentially getting nude pics.

Kayla befriends a high school student named Olivia, who invites her to hang out with her and her friends. At the end of the night, Olivia's friend Riley tries to make creepy advances on Kayla in a game of Truth or Dare, but Kayla says no to him, leaving her uncomfortable and feeling that she can't take her own advice.

Mark reassures Kayla that he is proud to have her as a daughter, giving her confidence as she enters high school. She also befriends Kennedy's cousin Gabe, and she later makes a time capsule and video for herself after high school to advise herself not to worry about what happens.

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