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In 2028, Earth's natural resources have severely depleted, and the planet is suffering a global energy crisis. Scientists have created the Shepard particle accelerator in an attempt to provide Earth with an unlimited supply of energy

One of the scientists on the Shepard's crew, Ava Hamilton (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), is with her husband Michael (Roger Davies), as they are in a long line trying to get gas. Ava has reservations about the mission, as she will be gone from Earth for potentially many years, but she nonetheless is adamant in saving the planet.

The Shepard's crew also consists of Commander Kiel (David Oyelowo), Schmidt (Daniel Bruhl), Monk (John Ortiz), Mundy (Chris O'Dowd), Volkov (Aksel Hennie), and Tam (Zhang Ziyi). They activate the Shepard and prepare to fire the beam upon the Earth, but over the course of two years, they hit many failed tries and are running dangerously low on fuel, with only three more tries left. Ava contacts Michael through a screen. After their connection is cut, Ava watches a video of their deceased children, Isaac and Ayana.

The crew's work is documented on Earth. Pundits such as Mark Stambler (Donal Logue) cite the "Cloverfield Paradox" as a hazard for the mission as it may potentially open other dimensions and bring something dangerous into our world. The crew themselves remain on edge after all the failed experiments. The tension is heaviest between Schmidt and Volkov, as their respective home countries (Germany and Russia, respectively) are currently in conflict back on Earth. The two at one point get into a fight before their crew mates break them up.

The crew gears the Shepard up for one more test. They find themselves with a steady beam, but within moments, the station starts shaking violently before they find that Earth has seemingly disappeared. As the crew proceeds to try and fix the problem, Ava finds that the ship's gyroscope that helps with navigation is missing. Suddenly, they hear a shrieking sound coming from behind one of the walls. They find a woman, Mina Jensen (Elizabeth Debicki), fused to the circuitry in the walls. The crew pulls her out and takes her to get medical attention.

Volkov starts to experience strange bodily occurrences. He feels something in his skin and has his eye briefly move out of place. He gets a gun and takes it to Schmidt and Tam, aiming it at them. Volkov then vomits and is taken to the medical bay where he convluses and regurgitates blood before apparently dying. After a brief moment, Volkov spews out the station's worms before being dead for real.

Ava talks to Jensen. She claims to be part of the crew as the engineer, which is the position Tam holds on the station. Jensen also claims to be very close friends with Ava, saying that the Ava she knows stayed back on Earth as part of her civilian control position. When Jensen mentions Schmidt, Kiel goes to check his communications log and finds that Schmidt received and responded to messages from German Intelligence that gave him orders to keep the Shepard offline until Russia was neutralized. Kiel keeps Schmidt imprisoned in the airlock.

Back on Earth, the planet has experienced some sort of phenomenon. Michael is driving around as chaos occurs. He maintains contact with his friend from mission control, Joe (Greg Grunberg). Michael then spots an explosion happen around a building. Behind the smoke, he sees the silhouette of a monstrous creature. He then hears someone crying for help. It's a little girl named Molly (Clover Nee). Michael tells Joe to get in touch with Molly's parents to let them know she's okay as they hide in an underground shelter.

Mundy is doing repairs on the ship when his arm gets sucked into the wall. When he gets free, his arm is gone, but he feels no pain and there is no blood. Moments later, with Schmidt taken out of the airlock, the crew finds and traps Mundy's arm as it crawls around. The crew starts to believe that whatever happened after they activated the Shepard brought something that was unfamiliar to them, including the communication logs that supposedly came from Schmidt. Then, Mundy's arm starts to appear to scribble something. They give it a pen and it writes "Cut Volkvov open". They do so and find the gyroscope in his stomach.

After returning the gyro to its spot, the crew is able to re-locate Earth, but they start to pick up transmissions about an ongoing war happening on Earth between nations. There is also video footage of the Cloverfield Station apparently having fallen and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The crew starts to realize that they have jumped to another dimension, and they cannot go to this Earth because it is too risky. They figure they must restart the Shepard to bring themselves back to their dimension.

Tam attempts to help get the Shepard up and running again by ventilating it. She starts to get trapped in the chamber that somehow starts to quickly fill up with water. As the crew tries to get her out, the water pressure breaks through the walls of the ship, causing the atmosphere from space to flash-freeze the water, killing Tam.

The crew has Jensen use Tam's algorithm to get the station back to work, and she also requests to use Schmidt's work, which Kiel allows. While alone with Jensen, Ava asks about her family. Jensen confirms her children are still alive in this dimension, as evidenced by a video the whole family sent to Jensen, who is like an aunt to the kids. Ava states that the kids perished in a fire caused by a power cell that she installed to siphon energy, and she has lived with the guilt ever since. Ava gets emotional and decides she wants to return to them, even though they are not actually her own children.

Mundy goes to work on the pumps when he notices certain tools being magnetized to the wall. The nanomites he used for an adhesive material are also magnetized and start to stretch out until they pull Mundy to the wall. The nanomites start to suffocate him until a spark goes off and causes an explosion that nearly splits the station to pieces.

The remaining crew attempts to get themselves out of the now deteriorating station. Kiel sacrifices himself to disengage an accelerator ring that threatens to station. After he is killed, Ava is left in charge.

The Shepard is ready to go and send everyone home, but Jensen takes Volkov's gun and knocks Ava out, as she needs the Shepard to stay in this dimension to help her Earth. Jensen kills Monk and non-fatally shoots Schmidt before going after Ava. After Ava wakes up, she fights Jensen until Ava takes the gun and shoots at a screen showing the video of her family. This causes the walls to break and cause a decompression that sucks Jensen out into space.

Before leaving with Schmidt, Ava makes a recording to herself in this dimension, warning herself not to use the power cell and to spend as much time with Michael and the kids as possible.

Ava and Schmidt manage to jump back to their dimension and use Tam's algorithm to get the Shepard to do its job and save the Earth. They then evacuate the station and take a pod back to Earth. Joe informs Michael that Ava is coming home, but he frantically tells them to tell Ava not to come back because of what is now on Earth. As the pod comes down to Earth's surface, the gigantic Clover monster makes its appearance above the clouds, roaring viciously.

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The crew of the Cloverfield Station attempts to use the Shepard particle accelerator to provide Earth with an unlimited energy supply as most of the planet's natural resources have been used up in the future. Upon activating the Shepard, the crew finds themselves sent to an alternate dimension, and in the process, monsters have made their way to Earth.

The crew members get killed off one by one as strange things happen on the station. With only a few of them left, Jensen tries to get the Shepard to stay in this dimension, as she comes from this Earth and needs the Shepard to save her planet. She fights Ava, who kills Jensen by ejecting her into space.

Ava and Schmidt return to their dimension and manage to get the Shepard to work, saving the Earth. However, just as they are returning to the planet, the Clover monsters have already started to terrorize the world.

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