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Oakland, CA - Collin Hoskins (Daveed Diggs) is facing a judge after being released from prison. He is set for one year of probation and must live at a halfway house while maintaining a job and returning every night for an 11PM curfew.

Cut to eleven months and 27 days left of probation completed. Collin is with his best friend Miles (Rafael Casal) and their other friend Dez (Jon Chaffin). Miles and Dez are carrying guns, which puts Collin on edge. Dez leaves to perform his duties as an Uber driver. Collin and Miles check out a new fast food spot called Qwikway, but Miles is disgusted because he is given a veggie patty and is told he must ask for a meat patty. The two walk home as they spit raps.

Later that night, Collin is driving home from work when a young man, Randall Marshall (Travis Parker), runs in front of his truck. Before Collin can proceed, a cop, Officer Molina (Ethan Embry), runs after Collin and aims his gun at him. Randall yells and pleads not to shoot, but Molina guns him down anyway. Collin is horrified at what he witnesses, but the other officers that pull up order him to move. He goes home and misses his curfew by nine minutes.

Collin visits Miles, who lives with his girlfriend Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones) and their son Sean (Ziggy Baitinger). He tells them what he witnessed the previous night, visibly shaken up. Miles then joins Collin as they go down to their nearby bodega and see a news report on the shooting incident. Collin gets a kale juice, which they are both surprised to find out costs $10 due to what is most likely gentrification in their town. They arrive at their job as movers, and Collin gives the juice to his ex Val (Janina Gavankar), who got Collin the job. Miles dislikes Val because she never visited Collin in prison and appears to have forgotten about him since the incident that put him there.

The guys help a man named Patrick (Wayne Knight) move his photographs, and he takes a moment with the two guys to find some sort of spiritual connection with each other. They then go by the home of Collin's mother Nancy (Margo Hall), and Collin is displeased that her stepson has taken Collin's room since he was planning to move back there after his probation was up, but Nancy wants Collin to go and find his own place, which he thinks will be hard for him since he's a convicted felon. He and Miles take a box of old hair straighteners from Nancy and bring them to a hair salon owned by Mama Liz (Tisha Campbell-Martin) so that Miles can sell them. He gives them a great pitch and even has Collin be a test subject to make sure they work, giving him straight hair that he finds ridiculous. He meets with Val later so that she can braid his hair for him.

Miles and Jasmine are watching the news on the shooting. He is disgusted when they post an official police photo of Molina while they post a mugshot of Randall. The news reporter states that Randall lived with his girlfriend and their three-year-old daughter.

Collin has a nightmare in which he is back in the courthouse, and Miles is his lawyer, rapping to the judge about Collin. The jury is made up of other imprisoned black men, and the judge is Officer Molin, all while Collin is coughing up bullets.

The next day, Collin and Miles move things from a small home to the trash, but they take a boat with them and manage to sell it off to someone for $300.

When Collin goes back to work to talk to Val, they are approached by two men, Rin (Utkarsh Ambudkar) and Tin (Justin Chu Cary). Rin recognizes Collin from a crazy incident from a while back. As he recounts, a white man ordered a $20 scorpion bowl from the bar where Collin and Miles had worked as bouncers. The man brought it outside to show his friends because it had a flame in the middle, but Collin told the man to go back inside because he can't take drinks outside. The man said it was fine, but Collin got ticked when he called him "dog". The two got into an altercation as the man shoved Collin, and Collin retaliated by punching him in the face. Miles joined in and started kicking the man as Collin bloodied the man. The drink then ignited on the floor, and the man caught fire. This is what landed Collin in jail. After Rin and Tin leave, Collin and Val talk about this, as Collin mentions Val never went to visit him in prison. She tells him that he needs to stay away from Miles because he could get Collin sent back to prison or worse, since Miles could probably get away with his behavior being white, but Collin being black is already a red flag for cops.

Collin is hanging out with Miles and Ashley as they see a new shirt that Sean has given Miles. When they step out, they are all horrified to see that Sean is holding Miles's gun, even pointing the barrel at his eye in one instance. They quietly manage to take the gun from Sean, and Ashley holds her son as she asks Miles if it belongs to him. He reluctantly admits that it is, and Ashley angrily orders Collin and Miles to leave. The two argue outside because Miles was hoping Collin could take the rap for him, but Collin hits back that he shouldn't have had the gun on him in the first place.

The two are then picked up by Dez as they go to a party. While there, Miles becomes upset when he sees the host acts almost like him (ie, a white guy trying to sound "street"), as well as the fact that the party was catered by Qwikway. One of the partygoers, Terry (Aviel Ayoung), tells Miles he doesn't need to act the way he does. This doesn't sit well with Miles, who attacks Terry the next time he sees him. Collin takes Miles outside to cool off, but Terry follows Miles and they start fighting outside until Miles beats Terry unconscious. The host orders Miles to leave, and Miles pulls his gun out and fires it in the air to scare people. Collin pulls him away, and they argue more about how Miles is acting reckless and going to get both of them in trouble. Miles also takes issue with Collin referring to him as his "n-gga", as he is uncomfortable with saying it himself, but Collin says that's what he is because of how he acts. They split up.

Collin is walking home, carrying Miles's gun in his pocket. A cop car drives up by him slowly and flashes their light at him, forcing Collin to turn around. He makes no movements until the car leaves, but he is left terrified. Meanwhile, Miles goes home to Ashley to reconcile.

Collin later calls Val, who is doing some studying. She has looked up the word "blindspotting", which means that something that a person looks at can be viewed two different ways, and that they need to find the hidden second meaning. They have a brief talk where Collin asks if she saw him differently after the incident, and he hangs up.

It is now Collin's first day off probation. He goes jogging but ends up going through a cemetery where he has flashes of the cop pulling up on him, as well as images of other deceased black men standing by their own graves, including Randall.

Collin and Miles go to a house to move things. When they are done, Collin goes back inside to get his jacket. He looks at two framed pictures of the homeowners and sees that one of them is none other than Officer Molina. He finds the man in his garage, apparently drunk and crying. When Molina spots him, he goes for his gun, but Collin takes out Miles's gun. Miles goes inside and sees the picture, realizing what is happening. He finds Collin facing off against Molina, still holding the gun at him. He asks Molina how old Randall was, and he says he was 26. Collin then gets into an intense rap about his feelings regarding the cops and how they make him feel like a monster in his own town when they are monsters to him, while also smashing bottles and other glass items in the room. It ends with Collin staring Molina dead in the face and saying the difference between the two of them is that Collin isn't a killer. A tearful Molina admits that he was scared that night. Collin and Miles then leave Molina alone.

The guys drive in silence until they start heading toward their next move spot. Miles lightens up the mood with some banter before he decides to try Collin's kale juice. He says it smells nasty but it doesn't taste too bad. They proceed to drive to the next house while having a friendly conversation.

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Collin Hoskins is a convicted felon who spends a year on probation after his release from prison. He spends time with his hotheaded best friend Miles, who acts reckless and carries a gun around when the two aren't working their jobs as movers. With three days left of probation, Collin witnesses a cop, Officer Molina, shooting a black man named Randall Marshall. This leaves Collin haunted for the next few days.

It's revealed that Collin was sent to prison after he attacked a white man while working at a bar, with Miles joining in, but only Collin got locked up and Miles was safe. Collin's ex Val attributes this to Collin being black and Miles being white.

Miles is kicked out of his house by his girlfriend Ashley when their son Sean gets hold of Miles's gun. The two end up at a party where Miles fights another man and fires his gun to scare the partygoers, leading him and Collin to argue. Collin takes Miles's gun and is nearly stopped by the police, but he avoids an interaction with them.

On his first day of probation, Collin and Miles move items from the home of Officer Molina. Collin goes to confront him, and when Molina goes for his gun, Collin takes out Miles's gun and delivers an impassioned rap about his feelings toward cops, but he decides not to pull the trigger because he is not a killer like Molina, who tearfully and drunkenly admits he was scared.

Collin and Miles continue with their job and appear to patch things up.

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