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The film opens with a young boy whipping a horse while a girl begs him to stop. The boy then shoots the horse dead.

In the present day, Sean Falco (Robert Sheehan) lives in Portland and has an interest in photography. He is visited by his girlfriend Riley Seabrook (Jacqueline Byers). They fool around, and Sean takes a picture of Riley exposing her breast. Sean then goes to meet with his best friend Derek Sandoval (Carlito Olivero), as they are looking over a number of goods they have pinched and are seeing what they want to keep.

Sean goes to visit his parents and brother. His stepfather Don (Rob Nagle) offers Sean a job working as a professional photographer, but Sean refuses.

Sean and Derek work as valets for the restaurant Nino's. When a family comes to the place, Derek takes their car back to their house so he can rob it, only for the family's dog to chase him and force him to drop everything.

The next guest is a wealthy man named Cale Erendreich (David Tennant), who firmly tells the guys not to screw with his car. Sean takes his car to his house and breaks in. He finds a new black credit card and calls the company to activate it. As he looks around other parts of the house, he goes into Cale's office and sees a checkbook. He takes a picture of the check, but the flash reveals a young woman named Katie (Kerry Condon) chained up in the room. Sean is freaked out and he tries to help Katie. He goes to Cale's garage where he finds his tools, as well as a table where he has presumably worked on other victims. Sean tries to help Katie, but she warns him that there is a camera in the office that Cale can check. Sure enough, once Cale is done eating, he checks the security cameras on his phone. Sean has no choice but to return to the restaurant with the car.

Sean tells Derek what he saw, and he calls the police from a payphone to avoid having them trace it back to him. Sean drives by Cale's house and he hears screaming. The police arrive and speak to Cale, only to see that he is with another woman that he just had sex with. This lets Cale get rid of the cops, but he is clearly suspicious. After Derek arrives, they wait for Cale to leave, and they break into his house. They go look for Katie but find that the office has nobody in it. Cale calls the cops to tell them that someone is breaking into his house, forcing the guys to run.

Desperate to save the girl, Sean willingly goes to the police department and admits that he was robbing Cale's place when he found Katie. Detective Wayne Banyon (Tony Doupe) isn't ready to believe Sean due to his priors, but Sean insists that what he saw is legitimate. Banyon goes to investigate Cale's home, but Cale speaks to him and throws suspicion off of him. Banyon tells Sean to leave Cale alone after he decides not to press charges, but if he wants to file a missing person report, that he should go to the FBI. Sean does so and speaks to an FBI agent who will not say anymore about the investigation.

Cale takes Katie away from his house and drives her to a cabin far away from the city. He puts a shock collar on her to ensure she won't scream.

Cale later breaks into Sean's home as he is taking a shower, and he steals personal information off of his computer. He goes onto Sean's Facebook profile to break up with Riley, send her a rude message, and then email the picture he took of her to all of her classmates. Riley tells Sean to leave her alone as he goes to try and talk to her. Cale then attacks Riley, slamming her against a wall and throwing her down some stairs, sending her to the hospital. When Sean visits her and tries to explain himself, she just tells him to go away. When Sean goes outside, he finds his car has been vandalized, with a brick thrown through the windshield, his windows broken, and his tires slashed. Cale drives by and nearly strikes Sean, and he then calls him to tell Sean that he is in Cale's own prison.

Sean finds out that his stepfather was fired after Cale planted $10,000 worth of company equipment in his truck, while Sean's mother was suspended from the hospital after a claim that she assaulted a child. The family goes to a hotel for the time being while Sean takes his stepdad's truck to get help.

Cale corners Derek in his own home after killing his mother and brother. After a struggle, with Sean on the other end of Derek's phone, Cale shoots Derek in the head and stages it as a suicide. Sean sees Cale pick up the phone, and he screenshots Cale's face. He sends the picture to the FBI agent.

Sean takes a closer look at the picture he took of Cale's checkbook. After looking at it closely, he figures out that Cale is somewhere in the area called Sandy. He goes back to Cale's house to look for more clues until he finds out where Cale is headed. Sean then discovers that Cale planted a bomb in the kitchen. Sean drives Cale's car out of there just as the house explodes.

Sean heads over to Cale's cabin just as the FBI agents look over Cale's picture and realize he was the boy in the opening who killed the horse and his trainer, and that Cale was a trust fund kid who lost his mind. They head over to the cabin as well.

Sean arrives at the cabin and finds Katie, but Cale attacks him with a shovel until he is knocked out. When Sean wakes up, Cale has Katie standing over a pit he dug up that is covered with lye. He shoots Katie in the head and goes to kill Sean too, but Katie survived and manages to climb out of the pit and whack Cale with a shovel. They run for it, but Cale chases them with his gun. Sean finds an axe but he accidentally breaks the blade off. As Cale gets closer, Sean starts to beat him with the axe's handle until Cale finally goes down.

Sean and Katie walk until the authorities find them. The agents then go to the cabin where they find Cale chained up to a chair, growling in rage.

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Sean Falco is a petty thief who works as a valet at a restaurant. He takes the car of a wealthy patron named Cale Erendreich and breaks into his house, only for Sean to find a young woman named Katie chained up in Cale's office. Sean tries to get her out without letting the authorities know he was trying to rob Cale, but he eventually admits to get them to investigate Cale, but Cale throws them off his trail.

Cale retaliates by attacking Sean's girlfriend Riley, getting his parents in trouble at their jobs, and killing Sean's best friend Derek.

Sean finds out where Cale is keeping Katie and he manages to get the FBI to go after Cale after they learn that he was once a trust fund kid with a violent past. Sean and Katie help each other get out and they beat Cale and leave him to get arrested.

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