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The film starts with an old man named D.C. Carver (Johnny Knoxville) taking care of his granddaughter Rudy. D.C.'s daughter Boogie (Susan Yeagley) is doing to a wedding and is leaving Rudy with D.C. since she has a broken foot. The two watch TV and see an ad for a theme park called Magic Land, which Rudy thinks looks fun. D.C. tells her that he owned the best theme park ever in his younger days.

Flashback to decades earlier when D.C. ran Action Point, a middle-of-the-road theme park with a staff of bozos like Benny (Chris Pontius), Stiv (Conner McVicker), Ziffel (Johnny Pemberton), and Four-Finger Annie (Brigitte Lundy-Paine). They don't do their job well, and the rides are pretty unsafe. A land developer named Knoblach (Dan Bakkedahl) wants to buy Action Point for his own gains, but D.C. refuses to sell.

A young Boogie (here played by Eleanor Worthington-Cox) arrives from New York to visit D.C. for the summer. He wants to connect with her again despite not seeing her for so long, and also him being estranged from her mom for so long. Boogie likes the park and most of the staff, even seeing Benny as an uncle.

A new theme park is opening nearby and threatens to steal customers away from Action Point. D.C. hatches a crazy idea to bring more people in by making the park as unsafe as possible without having someone kill themselves. They remove the speed limit from the fast rides, removes brakes from another ride, and they set up a "petting zoo" with animals like a deer, a raccoon, and a squirrel. After Knoblach stops by again and witnesses the debauchery, he starts to send his douchebag son Travis (Matthew Peterson) to spy on the park. He is rude to a patron named Mia (Camilla Wolfson) until Benny comes to her defense. The two begin a relationship from there.

In another attempt to drum up business, D.C. and the crew go to the town hall in disguise to pretend to boycott the park so that people will come due to the controversy (and promise of free beer). The plan works as dozens of young folks come from around town to screw around and get into trouble. However, an inspector shows up and determines that none of the animals in the petting zoo fall under a protected species, and therefore the park must be shut down. D.C. is pissed until they lure a nearby bear that loves beer into the park, thereby managing to find an animal that is protected, and letting them stay open.

D.C. takes Boogie with him and the crew as they drive at night to a local news station where Mia works to try and leave a video for them to air. Benny sneaks in and tries to leave the tape, but someone working for the station arrives with his young mistress, and they go up to the tech room where Benny is, and they start to have sex. Benny keeps quiet until the man ejaculates on his hand, leading Benny to run out screaming before the group hightails it out of there. The video later turns out to be a commercial for Action Point, which once again succeeds in drawing in customers.

A lawyer sent by Knoblach arrives to serve D.C. papers deeming the park unsafe after Travis injures himself on one of the rides. D.C. starts to realize the park may really be done.

While D.C. tries to keep business afloat, he neglects Boogie and fails to take her to a concert for The Clash that she had been looking forward to. Boogie goes out with the park crew where they drink and wind up in trouble with Travis and his goons until the police arrive to sort them out. D.C. goes to pick up Boogie, and she pukes out the car. She is pissed at him for being negligent and decides she wants her mother's boyfriend to legally adopt her.

D.C. ultimately relinquishes the right to the park over to Knoblach and his lawyer as a crowd of angry parkgoers form behind the gate. D.C. signs the papers, but since the park is now in Knoblach's hands, D.C. isn't responsible for anything that happens. With that, he opens the park one last time, letting the crowd run loose and wild, tearing the place down, drinking merrily, and even letting the bear loose to scare Travis. One of the park's regular patrons punches Knoblach in the face and knocks him out cold. At the end of the day, the park is practically destroyed, but D.C. is happy that it went out like this.

Boogie is about to return home for the summer, but D.C. offers to drive her back himself so that they can take a road trip and stop in Austin to check out The Clash. Boogie hugs him and says yes, while Benny and Mia decide to join them as well.Back in the present, after enduring a number of injuries that happened throughout the rest of the movie, D.C. finishes telling Rudy the story. Boogie comes home and is happy to see Rudy being entertained and enjoying her time with her grandpa. D.C. leaves to go home, but he falls over on the lawn. Boogie tells him to get up since she knows he's faking it, and he laughs and gets up.

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D.C. Carver runs Action Point, a hazardous theme park with staff that doesn't care about their jobs. When D.C.'s daughter Boogie comes to visit for the summer, he tries to spend time with her while also trying to keep business going on in the park as another theme park opens as competition. A land developer named Knoblach also wants to buy the park from D.C., but he refuses to sell.

The park crew tries to drum up business by making it more unsafe and stirring controversy so that people will be interested. While this works, D.C. neglects Boogie and gets in trouble when the park proves to be too unsafe. Eventually, D.C. gives up the park's deed to Knoblach, but since he doesn't own it anymore, D.C. lets the parkgoers trash the place before it's shut down for good. D.C. then spends the remainder of his time with Boogie taking a road trip.

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