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The film opens in a court house where Melinda Moore (Taraji P. Henson) is being granted a restraining order to stay away from her ex-husband Robert Gayle (Lyriq Bent) and his new wife. She is then sent to a therapist where she feels that she is a victim to Robert's deception and that her anger has gotten other to say she is a stereotype.

Melinda recounts her first time meeting Robert (here both played by Ajiona Alexus and Antonio Madison) as college students when they bumped into each other in the rain, causing Melinda to drop her schoolwork. She's pissed at Robert, but he later shows up to her dorm to apologize. Melinda says she should have known better than to turn him away, but she could not resist his charm. Shortly after, Melinda's mother passes away. In her grief, she sleeps with Robert. Her sisters June (Racquel Bianca John) and Brenda (Bresha Webb) are disgusted at what they see as Robert taking advantage of Melinda while she mourns. They also warn Melinda to not let Robert know about the inheritance their mother left them.

As the couple grow closer, Robert expresses his dream to sell a battery of his and make money off of it. Melinda later buys him a car and she stops hearing from Robert unless she calls him. She goes to his RV and waits for an hour, assuming the worst. As Melinda prepares to leave, she hears moaning and sees a woman's hand press up against the window. Full of rage and adrenaline, she rams her car into the RV, knocking it over. Because of the adrenaline, Melinda doesn't realize she hit the steering wheel and sustained internal injuries, forcing her to receive a hysterectomy and destroying her chances of having kids.

Robert visits Melinda in the hospital, despite knowing she is angry, as are her sisters. Despite all of that, Melinda soon forgives Robert for his infidelity, and the two are later married without June or Brenda attending since they both told Melinda that marrying Robert would be a bad idea.

Into their adult years, Robert is still trying to get his battery project off the ground while Melinda works a full job and is doing most of the financial support while they live in her mother's house. She pays for Robert's last semesters of college, but when he is ready to look for work, he tells Melinda he got turned away from all jobs that he was recruited for after it was discovered that he served jail time for a robbery. To help save money, Robert convinces Melinda to mortgage the house, even though she is clearly not pleased about it. To make things worse, Robert attempts to charge the battery and nearly starts a fire before blowing out the whole power in the house. This runs them further into the ground financially and they are forced to sell the house.

Robert takes a job doing deliveries for Melinda's brothers-in-law Kalvin (Kendrick Cross) and Casey (Nelson Estevez).

Robert later runs into Diana Wells (Krystle Stewart), the woman that he cheated on Melinda with in college. She works for a company, Prescott, and she offers to sit and talk to him about making a deal regarding the battery.

June and Brenda (now played by Jazmyn Simon and Ptosha Storey) find Diana's wallet in Robert's truck, leading them to tell Melinda that he may be cheating on her again. Robert only continues to screw up by bailing on a delivery to go meet with Diana and her bosses at Prescott to negotiate a deal over the battery. He is offered $800,000 to sell the battery, but Robert wants to license it instead. After failing to make the deal, Robert goes home where Melinda confronts him over the discovery of Diana's wallet. Robert insists that he is not cheating again. Kalvin and Casey chew Robert out for screwing up their delivery. When Robert mentions turning down the $800,000, Melinda decides she's had enough and demands a divorce.

After the papers are signed, Robert starts to stay with Diana since he has nowhere else to go. Melinda starts to date her ex Devon (Jay Hunter), but she is unsatisfied with him in the bedroom.

Robert receives a new multimillion dollar offer from Prescott, which he accepts this time. He later visits Melinda at work, much to her dismay. He brings her flowers, along with a check for $10 million as gratitude for all that she's done for him over the years, as well as the keys to her mother's house.

Melinda suddenly has a change of heart and wants to go back to Robert after this generous act. Naturally, her sisters try to steer her away from this thought, but Melinda coldly tells them she knows how unhappy they are with Kalvin and Casey, and she breaks up with Devon. She goes to Robert's apartment in an attempt to seduce him, only to see Diana is there, and she introduces herself as Robert's fiancee. Melinda leaves humiliated.

Melinda starts to lose her mind, and she begins her vendetta against Robert and Diana. She takes photos of them and wrecks them before making threats to them. She even files a lawsuit against them, claiming that the Prescott deal took place before the divorce, but Robert's lawyer and the judge see that this is false, and the judge dismisses the case. He also grants a restraining order to Melinda for harassing the couple. After the verdict, Melinda follows Robert out of the courtroom and live-streams her going after him.

Robert and Diana are called to meet with June and Brenda, who have become concerned for Melinda's sanity. Moments later, Melinda shows up and gets angrier, thinking they are taunting her by having Diana in her house.

Melinda goes as far as going to a wedding dress store and ruining Diana's gown by pouring hydrochloric acid all over it. Diana just gets a new dress and she later marries Robert, with Melinda's family blocking her car and exits to prevent her from going to sabotage the wedding.

Robert and Diana go on a honeymoon cruise in a yacht that Robert had originally promised to Melinda. Melinda shows up on the boat in her own wedding gown and aims a gun at Robert. He tries to talk Melinda down by saying he still loves her, and she orders him to throw Diana off the boat. When he refuses, she shoots him. She then orders the rest of the crew to jump ship. Melinda goes after Diana, but Robert knocks Melinda off the boat. Diana heads off to get help for Robert as he continues to bleed. Moments later, Melinda gets back on the boat with an axe and tries to kill Robert. She strikes him once with the axe, unaware that her foot is caught in the anchor chain. Robert involuntarily hits the button to drop the anchor, pulling Melinda down into the water. Robert makes an attempt to save her, but he cannot, and Melinda drowns.

The film ends with Diana returning with people to help save Robert.

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Melinda Moore recounts her life with her former husband Robert Gayle. They were college lovers who got together around the time of Melinda's mother's death. Despite Robert cheating on Melinda at one point, she forgives him and marries him. However, their marriage crumbles as Robert struggles to support them while he tries to license a battery he is working on.

Diana Wells, the other woman, resurfaces years later and offers to help Robert since she works for a company that can license the battery. Melinda thinks Robert is seeing Diana behind her back, and after he causes them to lose Melinda's mother's house, she divorces him.

Robert gets a multimillion dollar deal for the battery and uses some of the money to pay Melinda back for all that she's done for him, and he even gets her mother's house back. Melinda mistakenly sees this as an invitation to reconcile, and despite her sister's warnings, she attempts to seduce Robert, only to see that he is now engaged to Diana. Melinda goes off the deep end and starts to threaten the couple and even sue them, but she is hit with a restraining order.

After Robert and Diana get married, Melinda hijacks their cruise ship and shoots Robert. She goes after Diana, but Robert pushes her off the boat. Diana rushes to get help for Robert as Melinda gets back on the ship, but her foot gets caught in the anchor chain, and Robert unintentionally hits the button to drop the anchor and pull Melinda into the water where she drowns. Diana returns with help, but Robert's ultimate fate is unknown.

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