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Miles Hill (Alex Neustaedter) is an aspiring motocross racer, but his father Chuck (Thomas Jane) thinks he should aspire to look beyond racing and toward a better future. Miles frequently disagrees with Chuck, as Miles doesn't think he can get into college, and they are also strained after the death of his mother.

At a tech company called Crane Systems, scientists Andric (Dominic Rains) and Randall (Lou Taylor Pucci) are on the lookout for a missing asset of theirs, a robotic dog called AXL (Attack, Exploration, Logistics).

Miles goes to a party at the home of a rich kid named Sam Fontaine (Alex MacNicoll), who mooches off his wealthy father. Sam is also into extreme sports. Miles goes to meet Sara Reyes (Becky G), who lives with her mother Johanna (Patricia De Leon) since she works for Sam's family.

Miles is invited by Sam and his buddies around the hills to take videos of Miles riding his motorcycle. Sam's friends pour a purple drink into Miles's tank when he's not looking, and he wipes out when he tries to make a jump. Sam and the others leave Miles with merely a bag and a jug of fuel before they abandon him.

Not far from where he is, Miles comes across AXL, who initially views him as a threat, but Miles proves to AXL that he is friendly. Being amazed at finding a robot dog, Miles tries to figure out what to do with AXL.

Sara locates Miles after pressing Sam for his location. She meets AXL and is at first freaked out but then quickly warms up to him when Miles proves AXL is friendly. They spend the night around the area sitting by a campfire as they discuss their personal lives, like the death of Miles's mom and how Sara's father was absent.

Meanwhile, Andric and Randall continue to monitor AXL's movements and interactions, and they see when Miles finds a special key that allows him control and access to AXL.

Sara starts drawing on the wall to show off her skills. AXL mimics the movements, and something in him turns on that shows Miles and Sara a video explaining what AXL is, and that he was designed as some kind of killing machine. Miles tells AXL that is not what he really is.

Johanna asks Sam where Sara went, and he goes to the yard to find her. She argues with him when he acts as though she is leaving him for Miles. He goes to attack Miles, but AXL pounces on Sam. Before he can do any harm, Sara tells Miles to get AXL off Sam. Miles lets Sam off after warning him to keep away from Sara, but this only upsets her because it creates problems between Sam's family and her own.

Miles and Sara go back to Miles's house after they keep AXL hidden. Miles tries to tell Chuck about AXL, but he doesn't want his son keeping something dangerous and illegal. At the same time, Sam and his goons go to find AXL where they attack him with a flamethrower and severely damage him. Miles and Sara are notified of this on their phones, and they run back to save AXL.

They take AXL back to Miles's garage where AXL gets repaired and reboots his system. He replays the last memory of Sam saying where he's going, and he goes to find him at a party. After scaring away the other partygoers, AXL attacks Sam and nearly kills him until Miles and Sara intervene. However, drones sent by Andric incapacitate AXL, and he gets captured along with Miles and Sara.

Back at Crane, Andric tries to interrogate Miles for the key to AXL. Sara is held by a reprogrammed AXL to guard her, but she manages to override his system by reminding him of who she is and that he's good. AXL helps Miles and Sara get out, just as military officials arrive to seize AXL. AXL and Miles break out, leaving Andric and Randall to get arrested. The drones and a military helicopter go after AXL. He and Miles share one final moment as AXL runs off into the distance so that he can self-destruct to avoid captivity.

Miles heads off with Sara to an unknown place. They are on the beach when they receive a package from Chuck. It's the key to AXL. Miles turns it on, and a signal appears, indicating that AXL is still somehow alive.

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AXL, a robot dog killing machine developed by Crane Systems, escapes the facility where he was created and is found by a young man named Miles. The two form a bond, along with Miles's crush Sara. However, AXL's creators go after him and send drones to get him back. After being captured by the villains, AXL breaks out with Miles and self-destructs before he gets captured. In the end, Miles and Sara go away together but receive the key to AXL's programming, indicating that he might be alive.

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