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Boone County, West Virginia - Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is with his daughter Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie) talking about his favorite song, John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and its importance in culture. Sadie doesn't think it will work for her upcoming pageant. Jimmy then kisses Sadie goodbye as he heads for work in Charlotte, North Carolina, promising her he will make it back in time for the pageant.

Jimmy goes through his shift in the tunnels beneath the Motor Speedway, only to return to work for his boss Cal (Jim O'Heir) to fire him due to potentially being a liability. This is a result of Jimmy injuring his leg during his former run as a football player.

To make things worse, Jimmy finds out from his sister Mellie (Riley Keough) that Sadie's pageant had been the previous day, not the current day as Jimmy thought. Jimmy goes to talk to his ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes), who is very much upset about this, but Sadie is more forgiving. However, Jimmy learns from Bobbie Jo that she and her new husband Moody (David Denman) plan to move with Sadie and their other two sons to Lynchburg where it would be harder for Jimmy to visit.

Jimmy later goes to a bar run by his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), a former Iraq veteran who lost his arm and now wears a prosthetic. Jimmy complains to Clyde about his woes, discussing what they think is a Logan family curse. Soon, Max Chilblain (Seth MacFarlane), a snooty British sports drink salesman, enters with two of his buddies. Clyde serves them without his prosthetic, which Max finds impressive. He makes a few snide remarks in regards to his disability, leading Jimmy to attack Max and the other two. Clyde steps outside in the middle of this to go chuck a Molotov cocktail at Max's truck. Jimmy puts out the fire and yells "Cauliflower" to Clyde before leaving.

The next day, the brothers meet over "cauliflower", as Clyde remembers it from back in the day when he and Jimmy would commit petty crimes. Jimmy pitches an idea to Clyde - they rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Jimmy knows how the money goes through the tunnels and that security won't be so tight on the day of the big race. Clyde agrees, and they get Mellie onboard as well.

Jimmy and Clyde go to prison to meet with Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), a convicted criminal/demolitions expert. The brothers tell him their plan, which he laughs at, but they assure him they can get him in and out of prison without anyone realizing. Joe tells them he wants to bring in his dim-witted younger brothers Fish and Sam (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson). Jimmy and Clyde approach them and recruit them as well.

In order to help Joe get out, Clyde gets himself arrested by crashing a car through a shop window, getting a 90-day sentence. Meanwhile, Mellie and the Bang brothers send food with roaches into the Speedway's main vault so it can be measured while everyone is cleared out.

Jimmy goes to gather supplies. He is spotted by Sylvia Harrison (Katherine Waterston), a girl from school that recognizes him. She mentions that she runs a mobile clinic, and she gives Jimmy a shot. Before Sylvia leaves, Jimmy asks her if they kissed in school. She is displeased with the question and she leaves.

Jimmy bumps into Cal, who wants to make sure there are no hard feelings. Cal also mentions that they finished construction ahead of schedule, meaning the heist must get moved up a week during a big race on Memorial Day weekend.

In prison, Clyde and Joe get the prisoners to stage a riot so that they can get out unnoticed. They crawl out through the vents and are met by Mellie, who picks the up and takes them to the Speedway. Warden Burns (Dwight Yoakam) is forced to handle the situation, despite there being no actual problem (other than two prisoners escaping).

The gang initiates the heist with Fish and Sam cutting off the Speedway's electrical grid so that vendors may only do cash transactions. Jimmy, Clyde, and Joe head down to the pipes where the money goes through so that they can use one of Joe's homemade bombs to stuff through the hole. The brothers are confused when Joe says he used gummy bears as part of the bomb, then stops the heist to give them a chemistry lesson on how an ingredient in the gummies mixed with the other materials creates an explosive reaction. They stuff the container with the bomb through the pipe, only for it to shoot back and hit Clyde in the chest. It thankfully doesn't go off because Joe realizes he tightened the bag too much. He loosens it and it explodes when it's sent back.

The smoke goes through the pipes and is noticed by the Speedway staff. Security goes to investigate but are thrown off when others they speak to say they didn't hear anything or smell anything. The gang then continues with taking the money through a vacuum. Jimmy tries to get it to speed the process, which only sends money flying everywhere. He hits the reverse button, causing the vacuum to suck up Clyde's arm. Things get heated when it's slipped that Jimmy was the one originally supposed to go to Iraq, but he somehow made it so that Clyde would end up going.

The gang takes the money in garbage bags and slip out. Clyde and Joe are spotted by Max and his sponsored driver Dayton White (Sebastian Stan). Another altercation occurs in which Max gets a broken nose. The two return to prison with nobody having suspected a thing.

Jimmy makes it on time for Sadie's next pageant. Instead of performing Rihanna's "Umbrella" like she planned, she sings "Take Me Home, Country Roads" as soon as she sees Jimmy walk in, leading the whole audience to sing along.

It is later heard on the news that the money stolen from the Speedway was recovered by authorities after Jimmy left the truck at a gas station and tipped them off for them to find it. Mellie doesn't want to see Jimmy when she hears the news.

Soon, FBI Agent Sarah Grayson (Hilary Swank) sets out to investigate the robbery. She first visits Warden Burns, who couldn't provide much help as he was handling the "riot". Grayson then visits Max in the hospital, but his account of seeing Clyde doesn't match with what Dayton told them (the two had a falling out). Eventually, with no evidence or credible witnesses, the case is shut down.

Clyde and Joe are released from prison. Joe goes home and finds some of the money hidden in his yard.

A while later, Jimmy goes to the bar with his new girlfriend, Sylvia. He tells Clyde (who has a new prosthetic arm) that he split up shares of the money for the gang, as well as for the authorities to find to throw them off their trail. Clyde then serves Grayson, who is continuing her investigation undercover. The rest of the gang drink among each other. The last thing we see is Clyde's old arm clutching a beer bottle.

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Jimmy Logan hatches a plan with his siblings Clyde and Mellie to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during Memorial Day weekend. They recruit their criminal friend Joe Bang and his two brothers to help them out.

Despite a few bumps during the plan, the gang successfully steals the money, only for Jimmy to apparently leave it for the cops to find after feeling guilty and not wanting to set a bad example for his daughter.

FBI Agent Sarah Grayson investigates the robbery but the case goes nowhere because everyone she interviews can't give her the information she needs.

It turns out Jimmy split some of the money between himself and the gang while leaving some for the cops to find. Unbeknownst to the Logans, Grayson still plans on catching them while undercover.

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