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The film starts with a reporter talking about former child star Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker). He was once the lead in the hit TV series "Evil Bratt" where he starred as a child inventor/criminal mastermind. Unfortunately for Bratt, him hitting puberty caused the show to be cancelled, and with his fame withering, Bratt lost his mind, believing himself to really be an evil villain. The reporter wonders where Bratt will strike next.

Bratt and his robot henchman Clive (Andy Nyman) are staking out a ship carrying the world's largest diamond. Bratt gets his heist music going as he sets off to steal the diamond. He uses self-inflating bubble gum traps on the ship's guards as he gets closer to it. Hot on his tail are Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig), plus Minions Jerry and Tim (Pierre Coffin). Bratt's gum causes the ship to start floating in the air, and Bratt gets his hands on the diamond. Lucy launches Gru from the ocean and onto the ship. Gru and Bratt dance-fight until Gru gets the diamond from Bratt. Bratt then takes out his keyboard that emits a powerful shockwave that causes Gru's clothes to fly off and leave him dangling off the side of the ship by the gum, allowing Bratt to escape. He is seen by a group of people in an office celebrating a birthday party.

Gru and Lucy are on their way to the Anti-Villain League HQ. Director Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) is retiring, and Valerie Da Vinci (Jenny Slate) is taking his place. Her first act is to fire Gru for letting Bratt get away, despite having reclaimed the diamond. Lucy defends Gru and says if he's fired, then they must fire her too. Thus, Gru and Lucy are ejected from the AVL blimp.

Upon returning home, Gru and Lucy find that the girls - Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Nev Scharrel) - have set up a honeymoon in the backyard since Gru and Lucy never got to go on a real one. The two then reluctantly admit to the girls that they both got fired, but they aren't letting it get them down and they promise to get back on their feet soon enough.

Gru goes down to his lab and finds the Minions gathered around. Now that they know he isn't with the AVL anymore, the Minions want to go back to villainy. Gru tells them that they are not going to do that, especially since Dr. Nefario has frozen himself in carbonite (Han Solo style). One Minion, Mel, then puts on a slideshow to compare and contrast how much better theirs and Gru's lives were when they were villains, as opposed to now that Gru is a family man. The Minions quit and follow Mel to get into some villainous antics, leaving only Jerry and Tim behind since they weren't there for the revolt.

In Paris, a noted diamond expert goes to check in on the pink diamond that Bratt tried to steal. The expert then sheds his disguise to reveal that he is really Bratt. He tranquilizes the museum curator and guards before proceeding to steal the diamond.

In the morning, Gru sees a newspaper article about Bratt stealing the diamond. Gru then notices that Agnes is giving away her toys, including her beloved unicorn doll. She tells Gru she is trying to help out now that her parents have no jobs. Moments later, Gru is approached by a man named Fritz (also Steve Coogan). Gru doesn't want to hear what Fritz has to offer, so he launches him away in a vacuum rocket. Fritz limps back rather quickly and informs Gru that he was sent by his twin brother now that their father has passed away. Gru doesn't believe a word of it since he was told his father died when he was young, but Fritz provides a photograph of Baby Gru and his twin, Dru (also Steve Carell).

Gru visits his mother Marlena (Julie Andrews), who is having fun with two handsome guys in a pool. Gru interrupts this to question her about whether or not he really does have a twin brother. Marlena admits that when she and Gru's father divorced, they each took one of the twins, and Marlena thinks she got second pick. Despite this, Gru is amazed to learn that he has a twin brother.

Gru, Lucy, the girls, and the Minions are flown away to the island of Fredonia, where Dru runs a pig farm and is incredibly wealthy. Dru greets his brother, and Gru is in disbelief to see that Dru has a full head of hair. Dru then meets the rest of Gru's family and shows them around his mansion and around the outside. Lucy takes the girls into town while Gru and Dru catch up.

In town, Lucy and the girls find themselves in a cheese festival. Lucy lets Edith and Agnes get candy, but Margo tells Lucy (who is trying to make a better connection with the girls) that she can tell them no. The other children in town are gathered for a cheese dance, where the girls take and eat cheese off the boys' plates. One boy, Niko (Adrian Ciscato), is left by himself. Lucy assertively tells Margo to take the cheese. Margo reluctantly does so, and Niko becomes smitten with her. Meanwhile, Edith and Agnes wander into a pub where Agnes sees a unicorn horn. She talks to the bartender, who says that unicorns exist in the Crooked Forest, and that he saw a unicorn so fluffy that he thought he was gonna die. Agnes gets excited and shrieks so loud that Lucy thinks she's in danger, so she jumps in and beats up everyone until she sees the girls are okay.

Dru shows Gru a hallway with statues of their ancestors. Dru brings Gru to his own lab where he has a portrait of their father. Everyone in the Gru family tree was a villain, and their father was proud of the villain that Gru became, but was disappointed with Dru not being as villainous. Dru asks Gru to show him how to be a villain like him, but Gru declines, saying that life is behind him. Dru then shows Gru his high-tech car, which they drive around the island, causing much destruction and nearly getting themselves killed, but Gru is having the most fun he's had in a while.

The Minions run into the lot of a movie studio and are chased by security guards. They end up on a singing competition show, and they perform a musical bit with pink toilet paper that the audience loves, but the Minions still end up arrested.

Bratt is getting ready to set his evil plan in motion. He is basing it off an episode of "Evil Bratt" - using the diamond and his self-inflating gum, he is going to send Hollywood into space by having his giant robot fire a laser into the earth while the gum floats the city away.

Back at Dru's home, Niko visits to tell Margo that because she ate his cheese, she has accepted his engagement. Margo says no and turns Niko away. Moments later, Niko returns with his mother, who angrily berates Margo for turning her son down. Lucy steps in and frightens Niko's mother away when she defends Margo. Margo then hugs Lucy.

Agnes and Edith go into the forest to try and catch a unicorn with a bunch of sweets. As they wait to catch a unicorn, a little one-horned goat comes out and eats the sweets. Agnes believes it to be a unicorn, and she names it Lucky. Edith decides not to be the one to break it to her.

Now that Gru has been reinvigorated, he plans with Dru on how to break into Bratt's lair and get the diamond back. Gru informs Dru that Bratt's lair is equipped with heat-seeking missiles and poisonous spikes. Dru gets out some gadgets and spy suits from their father to set their plan in motion.

In jail, the Minions become the toughest inmates when they take charge over the bigger inmates. However, Mel misses Gru and reminisces about all the times they shared. The Minions then gather to build a plane with a net so that they can escape the prison and return to Gru.

Gru and Dru fly away to Bratt's lair. With their spy suits, they are able to climb past the poison spikes and infiltrate the place. Bratt is sleeping with the diamond, but the brothers are able to swipe it from him. Bratt catches them and sends his Bratt Pack (little Bratt action figure robots) to kill them. Gru and Dru find themselves outside the lair and they nearly fall onto the spikes, but they are saved by Lucy, who had followed them after getting suspicious. Gru tells Lucy he planned to get the diamond back so that they can rejoin the AVL. Dru is upset that Gru lied to him, and they have a fight.

Lucy takes the diamond and the girls (and Lucky) in a jet to return the diamond. She then pulls off her face to reveal she was Bratt in disguise. He kidnaps the girls and heads off to set his giant Bratt robot loose on Hollywood. The real Lucy is trapped in a closet until Gru finds her and learns that Bratt has the girls and the diamond. Gru and Dru reconcile when Dru realizes his nieces are in danger, and they go off to stop Bratt.

The Bratt robot starts stomping into the city as it rises out of the ocean. Bratt shoots out the gum and it starts forming massive bubbles around the city. He drops the girls and Lucky off on a building and leaves them to watch as he continues his destruction. As Gru, Dru, and Lucy are flying toward the city, they pass the Minions in their plane, and they turn around to follow Gru. Lucy rushes to save the girls by bouncing on the gum. Gru and Dru fire missiles from their car at the robot as Bratt starts firing his laser around the city. The car crashes, and Gru is knocked unconscious. Bratt directs his laser in Gru's direction as Dru tries to stop him. In the nick of time, Dru destroys the robot and has Bratt come crashing down. Gru then challenges Bratt to a dance fight. Gru takes Bratt's keyboard and uses it against him to trap him in the gum, allowing Bratt to get apprehended by the AVL. The Minions then pop the gum and deflate the bubble.

The family returns back home. Gru and Lucy get their jobs back. Lucy has earned the girls' love. Dru is staying with the family, but it is now his turn to lead the Minions into villainy. They take Gru's rocket car and fly into the night. Gru and Lucy see this, but Gru decides to give Dru a five-minute head start.

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Washed up former child star Balthazar Bratt plans to get revenge on Hollywood and everyone who rejected him when his popular show got canceled. He tries to steal a large diamond for his giant robot to destroy the city, but he is initially foiled by Gru. But since Bratt gets away, Gru and Lucy are fired from the Anti-Villain League. Bratt later steals the diamond anyway.

The Minions quit on Gru since he refuses to go back to being a villain. They wind up in prison after crashing a singing competition program, despite being popular with the audience.

Gru learns he has a twin brother named Dru, who is very rich, but he longs to be as great a villain as Gru was. Gru only agrees to this so he can get the diamond back from Bratt. Bratt retaliates by taking not only the diamond, but Margo, Edith, and Agnes as well. He then unleashes a giant Bratt robot on Hollywood so that he can send the city into outer space using self-inflating gum.

Gru and Lucy team up with Dru (and the escaped Minions) to fight Bratt, rescue the girls, and save the city. Bratt is defeated and taken by the AVL.

Gru and Lucy get their jobs back while Dru becomes part of the family, and the new villainous boss of the Minions.

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