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The film opens with Casey (Nicholas Hoult), being chased down a freeway and crashing. The camera pans to his wrecked car where he narrates, saying that people do all sorts of crazy things, but if they're doing it for love, maybe it's not so crazy after all.

A few days earlier, Casey meets Juliette (Felicity Jones) and they fall in love. They bond when they both dare each other to see who can lay in the snow in their undergarments the longest, during which Casey finds out that Juliette is sick and is going to be needing an emergency surgery. Not wanting for her to pay for the surgery, Casey agrees to help his old boss, Geran (Ben Kingsley), a mid-level wannabe gangster, rob an 18-wheeler that belongs to Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins), who is known as a respectable businessman, but is secretly a drug lord.

In the past, Geran helped Kahl become the powerful man he currently is, but after Geran wanted to be equal partners with Kahl and was turned down, Geran decides to rob him. Casey and his friend, Matthias, plan a faked car accident involving a motorcycle and a car. The driver of the 18-wheeler pulls over and looks at Matthias in the car (who's pretending to be injured and unconscious), while Casey hides nearby in the bushes.

The driver heads back to the truck and grabs a first aid kit. He walks halfway to Matthias, stops and places the first aid kit on the ground. He opens the first aid kit and pulls out a hidden machine gun and begins shooting at Matthias. Matthias is able to dodge the bullets from inside the car, giving Casey time to sneak up on the driver and knock him out. Having been told that there is a camera in the truck, Casey takes the driver's hat and puts it on, masking his face from the camera. Casey takes off, while Matthias follows behind in another vehicle. Casey and Matthias split off in separate directions.

The men watching Kahl's cameras, notice that Casey isn't looking at the camera and they deduce that the truck has been hijacked. A short while later, Casey's truck is broadsided by another large truck and flips onto its side. Casey passes out. He wakes up in a large warehouse. There, Kahl questions Casey, wondering who hired him and who he's working for. Casey doesn't give in, which leads Kahl to threaten Casey with hurting Juliette, saying he did some research on him and knows about his relationship with her. As Kahl leaves, Casey is about to be tortured, but he is able to break out and hops into an empty car and escapes from the warehouse.

Casey tries to call Juliette to warn her, but gets interrupted and gets into a prolonged car chase scene with one of Kahl's men. Casey crashes into a car, and Kahl's man gets out of his car with a machine gun and begins shooting at Casey. All of a sudden, a speeding police car shows up, smashes into Kahl's henchman's car (launching it into the air in dramatic fashion), which proceeds to also smash into the car Casey is driving.

Casey notices some money sticking out of one of the back passenger doors. He looks into the door and notices blocks of money have been hidden inside the doors of the car (which also explains another reason why Kahl and his men are after him). Casey puts a good amount of the money in a sack and takes off as Kahl's main henchman shows up. An extended foot chase erupts through a bar, a building, a house and across a rooftop. Casey gets cornered in the house and has a brief fight with the henchman before he knocks him out for a few moments, giving Casey a chance to escape.

Casey makes it to the street where he encounters a police car heading his way. To avoid being detected, he poses as a homeless man, sitting on the street. The police car makes its way to him, and once it has passed by, Casey takes off in the other direction. Kahl's henchman spots Casey again, leading to another foot chase. This time, Casey makes it to another car, steals it and takes off, leaving the henchman behind. Casey calls Matthias and tells him to get Juliette out of the hospital by taking her out for coffee or to see a movie. Anything that will get her out of the hospital and will keep her away from Kahl's clutches.

At the hospital, Juliette passes by two of Kahl's men, who then turn around and start following her. Back where Casey stole his latest car, the driver of that car starts shouting at police saying that his car has been stolen, attracting the attention of Kahl's henchman, who asks the driver about the car.

Casey gets a call from Kahl, who subtly tells Casey that he knows Juliette's address, urging Casey, even more, to get to her before Kahl does. Casey calls Geran and tells him that everything went really wrong. Geran asks Casey if he sold him out, but Casey tells Geran that he didn't. Casey tells Geran that he can have the money that he took from Kahl's car (estimated to be around $5 million) and all he needs is $200,000 and for Geran to protect Juliette, which Geran agrees to do. Casey is then chased by more of Kahl's men on the freeway, leading to another prolonged car chase scene. Casey ends up eluding Kahl's men but ends up wrecking his car and imagines Juliette in the car with him as it's flipping over numerous times. This is revealed to be the scene from the beginning of the film.

Casey wakes up and notices a small mini-suitcase inside the car, which he empties and places the money inside. Casey steals another car. As he's driving, he calls Matthias and asks him if he's with Juliette. Matthias says no, and that somebody must've got to her first since he went to her place and no one was there. Casey notices that the car he stole is running out of gas, so he stops at a station and notices that it only takes cards, not cash.

Casey goes inside and tries to pay with a large bill, but because of security reasons, they won't take large bills. Casey pleads with the owner to let him pay with it, to which the owner relents and lets Casey pay with it. Casey notices Kahl, and his men pull up to the station. Casey hides the case under a shelf of chips, but one of Kahl's men finds it anyway. A friend of the gas station owner sees Kahl's men with guns, so he grabs his shotgun and heads inside. He comes into the gas station and points his gun at Kahl's men. Kahl, himself, comes to the store and talks to the man. Kahl asks the man what his name is. The man replies that his name is Wolfgang. Kahl asks if it's like Mozart. Kahl says that Wolfgang will be seeing Mozart soon when he pulls out his gun and shoots him.

Casey begins quietly laughing at Kahl. Kahl says most men cry or pray when they're about to die, but that laughing is original. Casey then tells Kahl that he is still in control because he still has Kahl's truck. It is then revealed that Casey switched trucks and that the truck that crashed earlier was a decoy. Wolfgang wakes up and shoots one of Kahl's men and takes cover behind a counter, giving Casey time to steal Kahl's car and escape.

Casey calls Geran and asks about Juliette. Geran tells Casey that someone got to Juliette's place before they did and that she's dead. He's lying to get a rise out of Casey. Geran tells Casey that his men have her and they're on their way back. Casey drives to Geran's horse track and goes with him to a barn to see Juliette. Inside the barn, Geran brings out a woman, revealing her to be another woman, not Juliette. Geran got the apartment number mixed up. Casey threatens Geran, but Geran rebukes him with a gun. While this is going on, a man at the track texts Kahl.

This same man goes into the barn, shoots Geran and knocks out Casey. He ties up Casey, but Casey escapes and kills the man with a large hook. Casey takes the money, gets into Geran's car and dozes off for a few minutes where he dreams that Juliette is in the car with him. Casey wakes up when his phone rings. It's Kahl, who tells Casey that he has something he wants. Casey arranges for a trade-off: Juliette for the money. Back in the barn, Geran wakes up, still alive.

Casey makes it to the location of the trade-off: a local bar, and reunites with Juliette. Casey shows Kahl the money. After having seen the money, Kahl tells Juliette that she can go, but for Casey to stay, so that they can "sort some matters out." Geran bursts into the bar and holds a gun on Kahl. Geran tracked the car via GPS, which is how he found out the location of the trade off.

Geran sits down at a table across from Kahl. Geran orders Casey to get him a drink. The police show up outside, to which Casey admits to having called them. The police launch a smoke grenade into the bar, leading to Geran exchanging fire with the police. Casey and Juliette escape out the back of the bar with the money, while Kahl escapes out the back of the bar into a waiting car. Geran stays to exchange gunfire with the police, who promptly kill him.

Being pursued by Kahl's main henchman, Casey and Juliette escape to a train station. Casey tells Juliette to get on a train with the money as he gives himself up to be arrested and Kahl's henchman is gunned down by the police. Casey is interrogated by the police and gives them the location of Kahl's truck to the police, so that Kahl can be exposed as a drug lord (since his name is on the truck itself) and can be arrested, which is what happens.

Some time later, Casey watches as Juliette goes in for her surgery at the hospital.

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