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The movie starts at St. Mary's Prep where Tiffany (Diamond White) and her friend Gabriella (Inanna Sarkis) are getting out of class. It's Tiffany's birthday, and she knows her dad is going to do his lame tradition like every year. Sure enough, Brian (Tyler Perry) is waiting outside with a birthday hat on, along with his gift for Tiffany. She was expecting him to get her a car since she's turning 18, but Brian says she doesn't know how to drive yet. Tiffany's mother Debrah (Taja V. Simpson) pulls up with her husband Calvin (Akende Munalula) and surprises Tiffany with a new car, to her excitement and Brian's dismay.

Brian goes home to Madea, Joe (both also Tyler Perry), Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and Hattie (Patrice Lovely) to complain over Debrah giving Tiffany a car when she can't drive it and for not working for it. While they agree with Brian, they razz him for getting Tiffany only headphones as her big gift.

Tiffany takes her new car out for a test drive, and Gabriella realizes Joe was right - Tiffany can't drive. The girls show up at a frat house to talk to the frat's heads over getting invited to their Halloween party. Jonathan (Yousef Erakat) and Dino (Mike Tornabene) don't want them there after what happened at the previous year's party, and they can't even have the party at their frat house. When they find out that Tiffany is 18 now and she convinces them that she can make it a fun night, Jonathan tells the girls that the party will be at Lake Derrick, which was the site of a series or murders 15 years earlier. Although a bit reluctant, the girls agree to go to the party. Moments later, a crazy girl named Anna (Hannah Stocking) drives on the lawn to find her boyfriend Horse (Brock O'Hurn) and flip out on him for being with another girl.

Tiffany returns home to find that Brian has thrown her a surprise party, which doesn't surprise her and is also super lame. Brian got a petting zoo and performers, and just about everyone else thinks the party isn't great either. Brian hangs out with Gabriella's father Victor (Tito Ortiz) to discuss their growing daughters. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Gabriella, joined by their friend Leah (Lexy Panterra), ask Debrah if she can let them go to the party, since Brian would never say yes. Debrah says yes but warns them to be careful. Madea overhears the whole thing and goes to tell Brian where the girls are going, just after Victor let Gabriella go to the party. Brian and Debrah argue before Brian and Victor resolve to do something about this.

The girls go to Lake Derrick where Rae Sremmurd is performing. Anna has another freakout over seeing Horse with another girl. Soon, partygoers begin to get picked off by two large men in masks and a small girl that resembles Samara from the "Ring" movies. The girls think they are being haunted by the ghost of Derrick and his daughter.

Madea, Joe, Hattie, and Bam drive out in pursuit of the girls. They come across Leah, who just ran away after one of the men took Horse. The ladies split up while Joe stays in the car. Quickly, they are also terrorized by the large men and the girl.

Eventually, after much screaming and hollering, Brian and Victor find Madea, the girls, and everyone else. Brian approaches the ghost girl and reveals he and Victor were pranking them as the two masked men, and that the girl was a pair of twins he hired for the birthday party earlier.

Everyone meets with Debrah and Calvin at the police station, where all the partygoers have been locked up for trespassing and having drugs on them. Tiffany apologizes to Brian, and Debrah admits that she and Brian should co-parent better. Pleased with himself, Brian and Victor leave and find a real masked man outside. They hop in the car and flee.

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Brian's daughter Tiffany turns 18 and wants to go to a Halloween party at Lake Derrick, the site of infamous murders. After going behind her dad's back with her friends, Madea and the gang head off to find them before they are terrorized.

Masked men appear to be killing off the partygoers while a small ghost girl appears to haunt them, but it was all part of a prank orchestrated by Brian and his friend Victor to teach the girls a lesson.

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