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The Replicants were humanoid robots designed by the Tyrell Corporation to be used for slave labor due to their enhanced strength. Some Replicants became dangerous and were sent off-world. In the mid 2020's, an event known as the Blackout occurred and devastated society, until an industrialist named Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) came forward and produced a solution to end famine. Wallace manufactures new Replicants, while some of the older Nexus-8 models are still active. Those sent to eliminate (or "retire") those Replicants are known as Blade Runners.

California 2049 - A Replicant detective, Officer K (Ryan Gosling), travels to a farm operated by a Nexus-8 Replicant named Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista). Sapper knows K is there to bring him in or retire him. He takes out a knife to attack K before throwing him through a wall. After a fight, K prepares to retire Sapper, who says he knows what K is and mentions that he has "never witnessed a miracle before." K shoots Sapper dead. K leaves the house and reports to his superior, Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright). One of K's scanners then picks up a box buried next to a tree outside Sapper's house.

K undergoes a post-trauma baseline test to ensure he hasn't been emotionally compromised and can continue to perform his duties without complications. He goes to his apartment that he shares with Joi (Ana de Armas), a holographic program that serves as K's girlfriend. He gives her an emanator so that she can be with him outside the apartment. They go outside in the rain when K receives a message from Joshi regarding the contents of the box.

K returns to the station where Joshi and two forensics experts examine what was inside the box - the bones and hair of a woman who died giving birth to her child. A Replicant serial number is then spotted on the bones, to the surprise of Joshi. She orders K to find the child and retire it for fear of what might happen should the child fall into the wrong hands.

K goes to the Wallace Corporation to identify the Replicant using the DNA samples provided. K meets Wallace's Replicant assistant Luv (Sylvia Hoeks), and they play a recorded message from the Replicant's memory archive. The Replicant was Rachael (Sean Young) and the man she is heard speaking to was Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).

K meets with Deckard's old partner Gaff (Edward James Olmos). Gaff says that Deckard has long since retired, finally being alone like he always wanted.

Wallace creates a new female Replicant that he quickly kills shortly after she is born. He has learned about the child born from Rachael and a human, something he has not been able to do himself with other female Replicants in an attempt to expand his brand off-world. Wallace orders Luv to go out and follow K as he looks for the child.

In the city, a Replicant named Freysa (Hiam Abbass) alerts three human prostitutes to K's presence. The three approach him, but he is not interested in either of them. One of the girls, Mariette (Mackenzie Davis), stays behind to chat with K briefly.

Luv gets into the police department's forensics lab to recover Rachael's bones. One of the doctors, Coco (David Dastmalchian), sees her, and she kills him by chopping the back of his neck and causing him to choke on his own blood.

K returns to Sapper's farm where he finds date written down somewhere - 6.10.21. This triggers a memory involving a wooden toy horse. He then burns down Sapper's house. When he gets back home, he mentions the date to Joi, who says K has told her this story. The memory in question shows K as a young boy being chased by another group of boys at an orphanage who wanted the toy horse. He threw it in a furnace and was beaten afterwards.

K flies to a junkyard with Joi to locate the source of the memory. Scavengers hook onto K's vehicle with a kite, which gets hit by lightning and causes it to crash down. The scavengers try to attack K, but he manages to fight back and kill a few. Missiles then start raining down, sent by Luv to get the scavengers away from K. He then proceeds further through the yard to find a group of children in an orphanage. The head of the orphanage, Mr. Cotton (Lennie James), finds K and leads him to the furnace where he finds the toy horse that was thrown in there. The same date is written on its hoof.

Back home, K analyzes two birth records he recovered, with Joi looking on with him. When he finds a match, he determines that boy and girl twins were born, but only the boy survived.

K visits Dr. Ana Stelline (Carla Juri), a memory designer contained in a room behind a glass wall. She explains to K how she can implant memories, but it is illegal to do so on Replicants. Ana demonstrates her work by creating a scenario involving kids at a birthday party. With this information, K starts to think the memory of the toy horse is really his own, and that he might be Rachael's son.

K undergoes the baseline test again but fails it this time. Joshi suspends K before he lies to her and says that his mission to retire the child has been completed.

K returns home where Joi has invited Mariette to come over so that Joi may sync herself to Mariette's body for K to enjoy a more authentic experience with her. After K sleeps with Mariette, she plants a tracking device in his jacket.

Luv finds Joshi in her office and questions her over K's whereabouts. Joshi pours herself a drink, but Luv crushes the glass in Joshi's hand. Joshi won't say a word and knows what's about to happen. Luv stabs Joshi to death and uses her body to get into her security system to locate K.

K visits a man called Doc Badger (Barkhad Abdi) to inspect the toy horse. It is discovered that the horse contains traces of radiation that lead K to his next location.

K goes to the ruins of Las Vegas. He comes across a large home with a booby trap that he manages to step over. K sees a dog and then hears the voice of Deckard from behind him. Deckard aims a gun at K's head. K gets away from Deckard and runs into a room that features holographic projections of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Deckard fights K until they decide to stop and have a drink. K asks Deckard about Rachael and what they did with their child. Deckard says he left the child at the orphanage for fear over what someone like Wallace would do to the child if they found out how it was born. Before Deckard can say more, Luv and other Wallace agents arrive and attack. Deckard is taken while Luv crushes Joi's emanator to get rid of her, and she leaves K for dead.

Deckard is brought to the Wallace Corporation to speak with Wallace in helping him with continuing Replicant reproduction. He even brings out a Replicant made to look like Rachael to convince him. Deckard refuses, and Luv executes the Rachael copy.

K is found thanks to the tracking device. He meets the Replicant freedom movement team, led by Fresya, with Mariette being part of it as well. Fresya says she knows of the child, revealing it to be a girl. From all the clues mentioned earlier, it is shown that Ana is really Deckard and Rachael's daughter, with K being somewhat disappointed that it wasn't him. He realizes that she really did implant a memory of hers in his mind, making him a complete Replicant. Fresya then tells K to prevent Wallace from learning anymore of Replicant reproduction, even if it means killing Deckard.

K is walking alone back home when he sees a gigantic holographic ad for another Joi program. It appears as though she is really speaking to him, even if he knows it's not true. This does end up inspiring him to go complete his task.

Luv takes Deckard to head to one of Wallace's off-world outposts to torture him. K intervenes and sends their flight pods down near a body of water. K fights Wallace's goons before going to save Deckard. Luv attacks and fights K, stabbing him in the side. The pods then start to take in water, with Deckard going under. K gains the upper hand and holds Luv underwater until she drowns. He then pulls Deckard out but makes it look like he died so that Wallace can't find him.

K takes Deckard to Ana's office so he can finally meet her. As Deckard walks inside, K lies down on the steps to look up at the falling snow, knowing his wounds are fatal. Deckard comes upon Ana's room and stares in astonishment as he sees his daughter for the first time.

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A Replicant Blade Runner known as K discovers a box containing the remains of the Tyrell Corp Replicant Rachael, who died giving birth to a child. K is tasked to find the child and retire it.

Niander Wallace, a Replicant manufacturer, wants to find the child to find out how to expand his Replicants off-world. He sends his Replicant assistant Luv to follow K as he tracks down the child.

K meets Rick Deckard, the former Blade Runner who has gone into hiding after giving his and Rachael's child up. Luv finds the two and kidnaps Deckard to bring him back to Wallace. Despite Wallace trying to use a copy of Rachael to convince Deckard to help him, he refuses. K finds Deckard and rescues him after killing Luv, but he sustains serious wounds in the fight.

Deckard and Rachael's daughter is Dr. Ana Stelline, a memory designer who secretly implanted her own memories into K's mind (which made him believe he was Deckard and Rachael's son). K is implied to die while Deckard goes to meet Ana for the first time.

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