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The Universal Studios logo plays but starts breaking up, an homage to the broken Skype video that will take place in the film.  The movie starts with someone’s video desktop.  They are on LiveLeak website being told that the video they are about to watch is disturbing and they must agree to be 18 or older to view it.  They accept.  The description top says this is a response to a YouTube video anonymously posted (with a link).  The blurry video is played, showing a girl on a school’s baseball field with a gun pointed at her face.  People scream out at her to drop the gun but then she shoots herself.  Everyone screams.  The video is stopped as people run to her.  The YouTube link is clicked and begins to play.  We see Laura Barns at a party, drunk, lying on a table with a guy on top of her.  The video is interrupted as an incoming Skype call comes in – it’s a shirtless guy lying on his bed named Mitch.  He asks the girl whose POV we are seeing the film from to show off her body.  She shows off her knees.  He tells her to go higher.  He picks up a large knife and demands that she take off her top.  She tilts the camera up and unbuttons her shirt – she is not wearing a bra but does not pull the shirt open – and then tilts the camera down to show off her panties.  All the while she tells him to keep threatening her with the knife, (i.e., “Take off those panties or I’ll do it for you”).  We see her face – she is Blaire, the pretty heroine of the story.  She tells Mitch that she is ready to have sex for the first time with him, the night of formal.  This conversation is interrupted when three other people pop up on the Skype call.  Their videos freeze – her in her underwear and him, jumping up in his boxer shorts.  His best friend, Adam, points out that Mitch has a boner.  Jess, Blaire’s friend, is there, too, along with their wisecracking pal, Ken.

They notice that there is a mysterious person on the Skype with them.  Ken jokes that he probably learned about their chat on the Boners & Farts website.  He holds up his blender and says he’s going to make his salsa and then there will be farts.  They keep asking who invited the stranger but nobody knows who it is.  They all disconnect to try to get rid of him.  Blaire messages Mitch and asks who the guy is.  He says he doesn’t know.  She continues talking but he disappears from the conversation.

They all reconnect in the Skype but the mysterious person is still there.

They try to disconnect him but there is no option on his video to do so.  Laura continues messaging Mitch privately on Skype, asking where he went.  He says he was distracted by a weird message from Laura Barns.  Just then, she gets a Facebook notification saying she got a new message from Laura Barns, too.  Laura asks her, “Hey, Blair, who posted the video?”  Blair asks, “Who is this?”  It says, “Laura is typing” but there is no reply.  She continues asking questions and types “Why would you do something so messed up?” but doesn’t send.  On the Skype messenger, Mitch tells her that maybe the dead is trying to contact with them and sends her a link to a website forum where people are posting pictures and telling stories about how someone they knew was contacted by the deceased and then ends up killing themselves.  It says people can be possessed and that they should not respond to any contact from the dead.  Blaire begins freaking out with Mitch, asking who this person is and what she should do.  He tells her she should unfriend her.  She goes on the Facebook profile but both “Unfriend” and “Report/Block” are unclickable.  She tells Mitch this, freaking out, asking him for help.  He calmly replies, “Try refreshing the page.”  She does and it actually works – she unfriends her.  She then gets a message saying “Nice try.”  Laura is still listed as her friend.

Mitch and Blaire go back in the Skype room, nervous.  The others say they want to bring Val into the conversation but they all groan, saying they can’t stand her.  Val connects with them and Ken loudly calls her a slut and starts teasing her.  They begin talking about the concert tickets Val is getting them.  Blaire continues messaging with Mitch, telling him she couldn’t unfriend her.  He suggests it’s her brother.  She says her brother wouldn’t do that.  He tells Blaire to turn her account into a Memorial page.  She does a Google search on how to memorialize a Facebook account.  She stumbles upon a RIP Laura Barns Facebook community page with thousands of likes, realizing that Laura is now more popular and loved than ever.  Blaire fills out the form – typing in Laura Burns’ name, the date of her death, and finding an article on Google about her suicide as proof she is deceased.  She lists herself as a friend, opts for it to be made into a Memorial Site, and then clicks Send.  Immediately, all her answers change to “WEGOTHER WEGOTHER WEGOTHER WEGOTHER” written over and over which causes the form not to send.  Now she realizes she isn’t dealing with just a normal person.  Laura Barns messages her and asks “What are you watching?”  Blaire clicks over to the paused Laura Barns YouTube video she was watching at the beginning of the film – paused at Laura passed out (with half of the video un-played).  She quickly clears her History (note: one of the Tabs above is a link to MTV’s “Teen Wolf” which the actress who plays Blaire is on).

Blaire and Mitch message each other privately.  He tells her he can’t stand Val and that she is a floozy.  When they go back in the chat, “Billie” calls Val a floozy, infuriating Val who demands to know who “Billie” is.  Blaire is relieved and tells Mitch he scared her to death with his pranks but he promises her that he isn’t behind “Billie."  Blaire then gets a notification on her Facebook that Jess has posted a photo album with Val tagged in it.  She scrolls through to see tons of pics of Val drunk at someone’s house, smoking a bong.  Everyone looks at the pics the same time and laughs at Val.  She is upset, saying her mom is one of her Facebook friends, and yells at Jess.  Jess says she thought the pics were funny but she didn’t post them.   Val begins to fight with Jess and Ken says he will pick them up and they can fight outside a Wendy’s.  Jess continues that she didn’t post the pics but she will delete them.  She then tells everyone, every time she clicks delete, she refreshes the page and it’s back again.  Finally it works.  But then a notification comes that Adam has posted the same pics.  Val yells at him, asking if he copied and pasted, but he swears he didn’t post.  Blaire tells them how Laura Barns contacted her.  They point out it’s the one year anniversary of her suicide.  Ken says that Laura was a slut and she deserved what happened to her.  The mysterious user now begins typing to them, telling them it’s Laura.  They all put their hands up to show it’s not them typing.  “Billie” (the user name of the unknown Skype account) tells them if they hang up, they’re going to die.  She then tells them “Lights out” and the lights simultaneously go off in their rooms – now they know it’s not a joke.  They start screaming at “Billie” and Adam grabs his father’s gun and threatens to come over there and kill “him.”  “Billie” continues taunting them and Val tells her she’s going to come over there and mess her up.  “Billie” replies, “You wouldn’t like it where I am.”  Val gets a message (via email) and freaks out, saying that she has now been threatened.  She calls the police and gives her address saying she is being threatened by someone online.  The police say they’ll be there shortly.  Val signs off.

“Billie” then plays the Laura Barns YouTube video on everyone’s computer.  They try to close it but the video pops up over and over and it will not click off.  We now see the end of the video where Laura is drunk on the ground, lying in her own feces.  She shows a meme of her labeled LEAKY LAURA and individual YouTube comments from anonymous users – which “Billie” points out is them.  Blaire messages Laura Barns on Facebook saying she’s sorry.  She explains that everyone was posting comments so they all did it too.  She adds, “But they’re good people.”  Blaire looks at the profile of “Billie” account and it is listed as Laura Barns – she now remembers she used to chat with her on there and never deleted her from her user list.  “Billie” threatens all of them and begins to count down, saying she will start to kill someone at the end of 60 seconds.  Ken tells everyone to mute their computers and call each other on the phone.  Jess freaks out because she has no phone.  They all start talking to each other, oblivious that “Billie” is telling them that she can still hear them.  They devise a plan to install a Trojan virus remover that should get rid of the user if he is a troll.  Everyone is told to download “the game” Ken sends.  Blaire downloads the Trojan Remover software along with everyone else but her Trash won’t empty because a torrented episode of SNL is still in her QuickTime Player.  Right as Billie is finishing with her countdown, Blaire closes down QuickTime, runs the program, and empties the trash.  They all disconnect again and when they come back, the user is gone.  They’re all relieved and they laugh about the paranoia.  They tease Adam for grabbing his dad’s gun and he points out that his dad’s out getting drunk with Mitch’s dad (a way to explain that all their parents aren’t home).  Then Blaire gets an email from someone named “Bill ie” – it is a link to the picture on Instagram that Val had been sent.  Blaire begins freaking out.  Her friends tell her to send the email to Ken because he can track down the user via their IP address.  But there is no Forwarding button.   Adam complains, “Girls with computers” and they try to tell her how to Forward but she says there is no option.  She sends a screen shot to Ken instead and he manually types in the Instagram link.  They look at the Instagram picture – it’s a screen shot of Laura emailing Val a year earlier, where Val ignores Laura’s attempt at friendship and instead writes, “KILL URSELF LAURA!”  The Instagram picture is already filled with comments from other students, telling Val she is a horrible person and that she is the one who killed Laura.  (Everyone now loves Laura after the cyber-bullying led her to kill herself.)

Val sends a request to chat and the group accepts.  Val is standing, mindlessly, in her laundry room, next to a bottle of bleach – but the video appears frozen as she is not moving.  They notice the mirror behind her is messed up as if there’s been some sort of struggle.  Val continues standing still, frozen, unresponsive… but we hear her dog barking.  Blaire calls her phone.  Val’s phone begins to wiggle on the screen proving that the screen is not frozen – Val’s just not moving.  BAM – Val’s computer gets knocked down to the ground.  We hear police officers entering the house.  They start yelling out codes.  Blaire goes on Google and looks up police codes.  The first one is for a time check.  The second one she mishears and thinks it’s a call for medical help.  She figures Val is just having a seizure and remembers that she mentioned she had a medical condition that causes seizures before – the others don’t know if this is correct.  Blaire tries to find previous conversation on Facebook where she talked to Val about her seizures.  But then Ken points out that the code was repeated as 10-56 – Blaire looks it up and it means suicide.  They all freak out and Blaire tries to convince herself Val just had a seizure.

“Billie” is back and tells them she knows all their secrets and is going to reveal them all.  If they hang up, she will kill them.  She then sends them all a file called NOTBOYFRIEND.JPG to download.  Everyone is told not to click it but Blaire does and looks at it.  It’s a picture of her lying romantically with Adam (not Mitch, her boyfriend).  A second photo appears and she downloads it – it completes much faster and is another pic of Blaire and Adam together.  In the chat, the mysterious user pops up again but now, instead of an icon, it’s a video.  They all shout – “We can see you.”  But they aren’t quite sure what they’re looking at.  It looks like it’s from inside a crate.  Ken says he’s not going to just sit there and they see movement through the crate.  The others tell him to go back to the computer and then stand up – they realize the video is filming from a crate inside Ken’s house.  In both the crate video (from “Billie’s” account) and Ken’s video, we see him moving towards the crate and staring at something inside.  Then his video becomes static-y and we start seeing, in broken flashes, him putting his hand in his blender, his face in a blender.  It’s not very clear what’s happening because it’s only shown in flashes but there is blood and he is killing himself.

Now it’s just Blaire, Adam, Mitch, and Jess.  “Billie” says they’re going to play a game – “Never Have I Ever.”  Jess notes it’s the drinking game but Blaire has never heard of it so they explain she holds up five fingers and if she has done something, she puts one down.  “Billie” tells them, in this game, the loser doesn’t drink – they die.  “Billie” starts listing statements– NEVER HAVE I EVER SPREAD A RUMOR ABOUT BLAIRE HAVING AN EATING DISORDER.  “Billie” counts down from 10 until Jess finally admits it was her who started it, defending herself by saying it’s kind of true since Blaire always says things like “I’m not hungry.”  Blaire is furious with her.  “Billie” says NEVER HAVE I EVER TURNED A FRIEND INTO THE COPS FOR POT and begins to countdown.  Mitch admits it was him who told the cops about Adam because they both would have been in trouble otherwise.  Adam is furious with him and starts going berserk.  Blaire messages Mitch privately to be careful with Adam because he has gone haywire before.  Mitch points out only when he’s drunk and Blaire tells him Adam is drunk now.  “Billie” suggests NEVER HAVE I EVER OFFERED JESS’S LIFE FOR MY OWN and counts down from 20.  Finally, Adam admits it was him (apparently as an exchange between him and “Billie”/Laura Barns).  Everyone begins fighting with each other.  Blaire tells them that “Billie” is trying to make them all turn on each other and not to give in.  Mitch then starts shouting out things – NEVER HAVE I EVER DRUGGED ASHLEY.  NEVER HAVE I EVER FORCED ASHLEY TO HAVE AN ABORTION.  To upset Mitch, Adam suggests one – NEVER HAVE I EVER HAD SEX.   “Billie” counts down, repeating “5” over and over until Blaire finally admits she has had sex (in the beginning of the film, she alluded to Mitch that she was a virgin and that formal is when she’d finally have sex for the first time).  Then “Billie” writes NEVER HAVE I EVER CHEATED WITH MY BOYFRIEND’S BEST FRIEND.  Mitch goes haywire.  Blaire tries to explain that it was an accident, she was drunk, and it didn’t mean anything; “Billie” begins to play a song on Spotify called “How You Lie, Lie, Lie.”  Blaire tries to turn it off but the entire playlist is the song and it can’t be clicked off – it plays as Blaire continues to defend herself, saying it was something quick.  Blaire sobs and Mitch is furious.  “Billie” says one of them is going to be the loser. Then all of a sudden, something prints on Adam’s printer.  He reads it to himself and then gets very uncomfortable and quiet.  Mitch continues yelling at him but Adam is now stone-faced.  They ask what the note says and he says he can’t say.  Mitch becomes paranoid.  Then Blaire’s computer sends something to the printer and she gets a piece of paper printed.  She reads it and also gets very uncomfortable.  Mitch begins to ask her questions, asking how deep their affair went.  Blaire says they did it a second time for a few seconds just to see if there was anything between them.  “Billie” begins to play a YouTube video on all their screens showing Adam and Blaire having sensual sex.  Mitch begins to scream, “What does the note say?” but they say they can’t tell him.  Mitch says, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll hang up.”  “Billie” writes, “If he hangs up, I’ll kill him.”  He is just about to hang up when Blaire finally shows him the piece of paper – it says “IF YOU SHOW THIS TO THE OTHERS, I KILL ADAM.”  Immediately, Adam shoots himself.  His piece of paper is revealed – “IF YOU SHOW THIS TO THE OTHERS, I KILL BLAIRE.”

“Billie” hints that Jess is next.  Jess is told to lock herself in her bathroom and she does.  Mitch and Blaire begin to scream about what should be done while a pop-up video comes up, a variation of the “I love cams” pop-up ad selling software that allows you to record webcam videos.  Blaire and Mitch don’t notice that one of the girls shown getting undressed on a cam is Blaire from the beginning of the film.  Blaire goes on Google and looks for sites where you can chat with strangers, to ask for help.  She goes on Chatroulette but nobody takes her seriously.  She connects with men in Russia, two guys who are high, people who quickly change to a new person after she screams she needs help.  This goes on for a while but she finally connects with a nice girl in the USA who is willing to help her.  She asks her to call the police in Fresno, California and tell them to go to her friend’s house.  She types the address and presses “Send” but it does not show up (Blaire doesn’t notice).  The girl calls 911 and talks to them about the situation and the need for police assistance.  She is asked the address and Blaire types it again, not realizing it had disappeared the first time.  The girl reads the address to the police and they say they’re five minutes away.  It worked.  But then Blaire goes back to the Skype and on Jess’s webcam, she is being killed with a hair straightener hot iron in her mouth.  Blaire gets a notification -- Jess was tagged in a new pic.  It’s a meme of her, dead, with the hair straightener iron in her mouth with the words “SOMEONE FINALLY GOT JESS TO STFU.”

Now Blaire and Mitch are alone on Skype.  There is silence and they seem to be safe when a buzzing sound is heard.  But it’s just an alert from her calendar telling her to “GO TO SLEEP – TEST TOMORROW.”  She laughs about this with Mitch.  But then “Billie” comes back and tells them she has one last question.  WHO POSTED THE VIDEO?  She says if they don’t admit who did it, they die.  They swear they don’t know.  Laura messages Blaire on Facebook asking why she is protecting him.  Laura says “He didn’t do anything I promise” but then backspaces and says “He did it.”  Immediately, Mitch stabs himself in the face with the large butcher knife he was using to flirt with Blaire in the first scene.  “Billie” begins to play a song with a sarcastic title (“I Hurt Too”).

Laura messages Blaire on Facebook and tells her that was the right thing to do.  Blaire sobs for forgiveness, loading their “friendship” page on Facebook and scrolling down to show Laura all the pictures of them together, as young girls.  Blaire apologizes for them drifting apart.  Laura writes, “Drifting apart?  Is that how you remember it?”  She tells Blaire that she’s going to have to live with what she did and will never be able to live it down.  Just then, a new YouTube video is posted on the RIP Laura Barns’ Facebook page, starting with Laura drunk on the ground covered in her own feces.  But at the end, where it normally stops, the cameraman films herself and it is revealed to be Blaire.  She is laughing about what she just captured on camera and says, “I can’t believe I just got Laura Barns on tape.  We got her.”  (“We got her” is the message Laura originally changed the text to on the Facebook Memorial form).

All the comments come flooding in from other students watching the video, telling Blaire she’s the reason Laura killed herself, she’s a monster, and suggesting that she “KILL URSELF.”  Blaire is now getting the same kind of hate that drove Laura to suicide.  But the film doesn’t end there.  All of a sudden, demon hands shut the laptop shut and the lights go out in Blaire’s house.  Then a demon-faced teenaged girl appears in the darkness and lunges at the camera.

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It is one year since Laura Barns killed herself after an embarrassing video of her was leaked on YouTube, which led to cyber-bullying.  On Skype, Blaire and her five friends gather to chat but a mysterious user is there and they cannot get rid of her.  She claims to be Laura Barns who is simultaneously messaging Blaire and messing with their computers to prove she’s not just a prankster.  One by one, she plays games with them, each resulting in one becoming possessed and killing themselves.

It is revealed that all of them left anonymous hateful comments on the YouTube video.  She reveals their secrets – mainly that they all betrayed each other in some way – and when only Blaire and her boyfriend are left, she demands to know who posted the video.  Blaire finally confesses that her boyfriend did it and he is promptly killed.  But when Blaire tries to remind Laura how close they were, Laura posts the full video revealing Blaire was the one filming that night, laughing at Laura’s expense.  The demon version of Laura then appears in Blaire’s house and kills her, too.

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