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The movie begins showing a scroll as it unravels to show the two kingdoms: Fairy Kingdom and the Dark Forest which has a border of Primroses that kept each side separate from each other. It soon changes to the Flower meadow where Marianne, heiress to the throne of the Fairy Kingdom, makes a flower to give to her fiancé, Roland, on their wedding day (Song: Can't Help Falling in Love). While finding and making the Flower Brooch she accidentally stumbles into the Dark Forest where she is nearly attacked by the goblins, but gets away in time. The goblins inform the Bog King about a fairy trespassing their territory who had a primrose and he orders every last Primrose to be destroyed because Primroses. Marianne meets with Roland, but doesn't want her to see him for it was bad luck to see the bride on her wedding day-the two talk about their lives together: Marianne wants to be a great ruler and dreams of going to the Dark Forest to talk to the creatures-hoping to establish a bond so the barriers between the two realms can be brought down and the two sides can live in harmony-along with having some adventure in her life. YET Roland wants only the crown and an army to protect the kingdom (But he has more in mind which you'll read on). Soon Marianne heads off where Dawn finds her and tells her the wedding was going to begin soon, she helps Marianne with the brooch with some magic help from the fairy servants. Excited, Marianne wants to go give the brooch to Roland, yet Dawn worries something will happen and she was indeed right.

She finds him in the middle of the woods and sees him embrace and kiss another fairy girl (TOTAL MAKEOUT CGI session people). Heartbroken, she locks herself in her room, secluding herself from her loved ones even her sister, calls off the wedding and vows to never fall in love again. She spends her time sharpening and honing her sword skills, has a compete makeover with new outfit of a rose style, but it has the feel of the warrior outlook and she keeps a constant watch over her sister so nothing happens to her (Never Fall in Love Again). A few years later, her younger sister Dawn is getting ready for the spring ball. She is nervous that none of the other male fairies will want to dance with her. Sunny, a short elf who is her best friend, tries to cheer her up with a song (Song: Three Little Birds). The singing awakens a giant lizard that almost eats them, but Marianne comes in right in time to save them as she lures the lizard to the blueberry bushes where she swings the branch back, causing the branch to hit it right in the eye and she scares it off. In the process Sunny obtains and then hides a primrose petal under a root after he fell into the dark woods which Marianne pulls him out in time and tells him and Dawn the dangers of the forest. The group separately heads off to the Spring Ball which was an annual Spring Event for the fairies.

The king, who is also Marianne’s father, tries to get her to make up with Roland. At the ball, Marianne is shocked and horrified when Roland appears at the ball to ask for her forgiveness, but she rejects his advances and shuts a door on his wing (Song: Come on Marianne/Stronger) . Not giving up, he decides to plot a plan to get Marianne to fall for him and marry him and thanks to one of his cronies jokes about making a love potion-Which sparks a brilliant and sinister plan. He then teams up with Sunny, who is in love with Dawn but is unable to express his feelings, to get a love potion that will make Marianne fall in love with Roland and Dawn fall in love with Sunny. As the more inconspicuous member of the two because Roland was big and had armor which light reflects on would make him spotted right away while Sunny was smaller and fit in, Sunny is sent into the Dark Forest to find the Sugar Plum Fairy, who is the only one who can make the potion; she was imprisoned by the Bog King a long time ago for an unknown reason. A mischievous imp helps Sunny find the Bog King’s castle, where the Sugar Plum Fairy is being held. Yet unknown to the imp and Sunny, mushroom spies whisper back to the Bog King through his two loyal lackeys (Angler Piranha and Fin Ears I like to call em) who informs him of the Elf and how he has a PrimRose petal which makes the Bog King very angrily and sends out his loyal subjects to go track him down (Song: Trouble). Meanwhile Marianne is training with her fairy servants when her father comes and talks about finding a boy for he doesn't want her to be alone-yet Marianne believes she needs no man and is strong on her own.

After locating the Sugar Plum Fairy, Sunny makes a deal with her: she will make the potion for him if he releases her-she and the Plumettes begin concocting the potion with Griselda (The Bog King's mother who believes in love and wants love to return to the forest after the Bog King banned it) tries to set her son up with a few bachelorettes she found around the kingdom-EPIC FAIL on each candidate: One was a beetle, the other was a Horned Goblin and the other was a cochroach creatures-yet during the matchmaking the Bog King overhears the Sugar Plum's singing (Love is Strange). She finishes the potion and tells Sunny that the potion is dangerous and that he must not let it fall into the hands of the imp, who wants to spread it everywhere to cause mischief. She tells him he must sprinkle the potion on his love's eyes, wait in front of her to await her to open her eyes and she will fall for him for he will be the first thing she sees. After he gets the potion, Sunny helps the Sugar Plum Fairy to escape, but their soon discovered and Sunny manages to escape, but the Bog King captures the Sugar Plum Fairy and learns that Sunny has the love potion.

Sunny plans to use the potion on Dawn at an open-air festival that night (I Know One Thing (I Love You), but the Imp arrives at the festival and steals the potion from Sunny when the Bog King and his minions crash the party and kidnap Dawn (Placed a sack right over her after the potion hit her which causes her to close her eyes before seeing anyone). The Bog King threatens to kill Dawn unless the potion is returned to him by the end of the night (Song: Mistreated). Roland blames Sunny for getting the Love Potion (Course it was Roland's fault-but he is putting the blame on Sunny AND HE Hid when the Goblins came-He lied about fighting a horde of them). To redeem himself and set things right, Sunny and a fellow Elf set off to recover the love potion from the Imp, while Marianne flies into the Dark Forest to rescue her sister even though her Father forbids her, but she takes off anyway because she cares deeply for Dawn and will rescue her without aid. Roland assembles the fairy army and prepares to attack the Bog King’s castle by venturing into the Dark Forest

Meanwhile, at the castle, the Bog King and his minions have brought Dawn to the throne room where the creatures want to eat her, but the Bog King tells them to back off for the princess was bait so he can get the Love Potion. Dawn is let out of the sack used to kidnap her and falls in love with the Bog King, as he is the first person she sees (Song: Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) Annoyed with her constant singing and proclamations that she loves him, he puts her in the dungeon-course he and his cohorts are annoyed by her constant singing while Griselda finds it sweet and thinks she hears wedding bells. Dawn gives Bog a Flower Brooch that she made for him as the Bog King was touched, yet tells Dawn that she is under the Love Potion's spell making her think she loves him and tells her to go to sleep than singing. She calls him her Boggy Woggy Kingy Wingy before falling asleep, at that time his minions arrive and tell him news of the Love potion being sprinkled around the forest and so he wants his minions to round him up while he seeks the Sugar Plum Fairy's wisdom for an antidote for the potion . Meanwhile the Imp is causing mischief by spreading the love potion around the forest effecting the creatures he sprinkled it on, yet Sunny and the Elf chase after him first on Dragonflies, but they end up tied up to a tall stick or cat tail-then if things couldn't get worse the Lizard appears and almost eats them, but falls prey to the Love potion and he falls for the Elves (Thus the three forming an unlikely friendship), yet together they track down the Imp and Sunny recovers the potion from the imp, head off-but not without the Imp for the Elf didn't want him to be all alone and meets up with Roland riding the Lizard with the Imp and Elf beside him; they plan to march on the castle and give the potion to the Bog King in exchange for Dawn and Marianne.

Marianne, overcoming her fear of the creepiness and scariness of the Dark Forest that kept her from going there after her incident long ago, arrives by crashing through the glass roof of the Bog King's fortress and begins sword fighting the Bog King while complimenting each other on their skills and throwing slick insults, which ends in a stalemate when the two are too exhausted to continue (Straight On). Dawn starts singing to the Bog King again, horrifying both him and Marianne when he takes her to the dungeon where the other lovestruck victims are kept and he explains she is under the love potion's spell. He demands that the Sugar Plum Fairy create an antidote, but she tells them only if she had the necessary "ingredients"-While awaiting the gathered ingredients, Mariannae is introduced to his mother and their brought upstairs to a dining room where Griselda and some of the goblins decorate it to be romantic (After Griselda saw how the two were interacting and sensing chemistry), yet the two are disgusted and destroy the decorations while pointing out how people don't understand them which strikes up a conversation between the two especially after the Sugar Plum Fairy explains how the Bog King used the potion to make a Frog Goblin fall for him, but she loved someone else and was horrified by him. Thus explains why he forbid love in the forest and believed nobody would love him because he was hideous-yet Marianne doesn't believe it and that he is different. The two share a tender eye gaze moment before figuring out that true love is stronger than the potion to break the spell. Marianne and the Bog King go on a romantic flight through the Dark Forest where the Bog King shows her around his land and the secret wonders that it holds, yet the two were slowly, yet surely falling for one another even as the Bog King placed a flower in her hair (Strange Magic), which goes smoothly until he sees the fairy army on the doorstep of his castle. Thinking that Marianne set him up, he knocks her into a spider web and hurries back to his castle.

He finds Roland waiting for him in his throne room, potion in hand. Roland refuses to give the potion back until he gets both princesses, and the two begin to fight. Roland disarms the Bog King and prepares to kill him, but Dawn stops him. Marianne arrives and helps the Bog King fight Roland. Cornered, Roland gives his henchmen the signal to destroy the castle’s foundations. Sunny goes off to rescue the Sugar Plum Fairy and the lovestruck victims and getting them out in the nick of time before the dungeon falls to pieces. Griselda is nearly crushed-but is saved by the Sugar Plum Fairy. Everyone escapes except the Bog King and Dawn. The Bog King throws Dawn to Marianne and holds up the crumbling door to allow them to escape, resulting in his apparent death. As Marianne and Dawn mourn the Bog King’s supposed death, Sunny hugs Dawn, causing the potion to wear off. The Bog King emerges from the ruins of the castle, but Roland uses the potion on Marianne to try to become king. She pretends that it works so that she can punch him into the valley below, getting sprayed by the potion as he falls. The Bog King and Marianne have an awkward moment, but thanks to the help of the opposite sides (Elves and Griselda speak to Bog King while Dawn and Goblins talk to Marianne)  confess their love for one another, yet Marianne tells Bog King through Wild Thing as he follows her melody and a Kaledoscope effect happens at the end just as the two end as everyone lived happily ever after. (Tell Him/Wild Thing)

During the end credits, Roland flies out of the valley and kisses a bug, having fallen in love with it-grossing out his Cronies when they were searching for him.

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