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Shaun the Sheep is a stop-motion animation film based on the British television series and comes from Aardman Animations.

The film begins by showing the film’s characters going about their daily routines. The farmer gets up each morning by slamming down the alarm, making a quick trip to the bathroom, and going out to tend to his herd of sheep with his dog. We see this pattern repeated day after day. We also see the sheep get shorn by the farmer, with Shaun getting a circular puff of hair on top of his head.

One day Shaun sees a bus go past Mossy Bottom Farm with the advertisement on the side, “A Day Off.” Shaun daydreams about the possibility of having a day off. Shaun conspires with the other sheep on how to pull off this endeavor of a day off.

Everything that is happening in the movie is mostly through gestures. There is almost no dialog at all in the entire film even from humans, just mutters, and grunts.

The sheeps plan involves getting the farmer's dog to chase a bone off the farm so they can’t be bothered, and then get the farmer to fall asleep. The sheep get the farmer to fall asleep by continuously jumping past him while he counts them. Then the sheep put the farmer into a wheelbarrow and wheel him into a small trailer. There, they put his pajamas on and lay him down in bed. However, it is not long before the dog catches up to them and tries to wake the farmer up. In doing so, the dog accidentally pulls the handle off the trailer door and sends it moving towards the city. The dog goes running after the trailer into the big city.

Meanwhile, the sheep take it easy in the farmer’s house. They raid the fridge and sit down to watch a movie. Before long, they start missing the farmer and the food he usually provides to them. Shaun jumps onto the bus for the city and takes off to find the farmer.

Back in the big city, the farmer’s trailer has found its way into the city, and the farmer gets hit on the head from the commotion and sent to the hospital. At the hospital, he can’t answer any questions about himself and is diagnosed with memory loss.

As Shaun arrives in the city, he looks out the window of the bus to see a dog captured by an enthusiastic animal control officer. Next to him, another bus full of the rest of the sheep pull up, and all of them must find disguises to walk around town and not be discovered by animal control. So they dress up in human clothes with brooms and mops used for hair. The sheep go into a fancy restaurant and try to fit in, but end up causing chaos. The animal control officer shows up and manages to capture Shaun.

The dog makes many attempts to help the farmer at the hospital but fails each time. The farmer decides to leave the hospital of his own accord and wanders about town not knowing who he is. While walking past a fancy salon with a celebrity inside, he sees someone using hair clippers. The clippers remind him of the clippers he uses on his sheep. The farmer goes inside and gives the celebrity the “Shaun the Sheep” haircut against his will. The celebrity loves it, and it becomes the hottest hair trend and the farmer a new stylist at the salon.

The sheep succeed in getting Shaun and the dog from earlier in the movie out of the pound while locking the animal control officer into one of the cages. The run through the city and have to hideout for a while and come up with a new plan. The sheep see the farmer working in the salon. They decide to make a large horse that they can control from inside and hide inside. The sheep once again trick the farmer into falling asleep and put him on top of the horse. With the animal control officer in quick pursuit, they go through to the city and back to the trailer. Everyone hides inside the trailer, and they use a rope to attach the trailer to a bus headed back toward Mossy Bottom Farm. The animal control officer is hiding under the trailer as they head back to the farm. The farmer remains asleep the entire time.

Back at the farm, the sheep try to hide themselves and the farmer in a shed. However, the animal control officer uses a tractor to lift the shed and attempts to dump it in a nearby quarry. Just as the shed is about to go over the edge, the farmer wakes and remembers who he is. Shaun manages to stop the tractor and save the shed. A bull comes and takes care of the animal control officer. The sheep are happy to go back to their routine again, and Shaun and the dog share a quick moment together.

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