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This film has outraged Hindu and nationalist (anti-Pakistan) sentiments with a god-man Baba Ramdev leading the crusade to ban it.

The movie begins with a narration by the female protagonist, Jaggu aka Jagatjanini (Anushka Sharma). She asks the audience why it is not possible that as humans look for alien life elsewhere, aliens could be looking for humans too. PK is an alien who has just dropped out of a space-ship with nothing on but a shiny medallion hanging around his neck by a chain. He spots a train in the arid Rajasthan desert and a man walking along the tracks with a portable boom-box (as seen in the poster) around his neck. With anticipation of making his first contact with a species on the planet, PK runs (albeit in a funny manner with his arms pointing down absolutely straight) toward this human. The man looks him up and down. PK stares back and smiles. Suddenly the man snatches the medallion from around PK's neck and runs. PK chases after him but he climbs on to a wagon of the goods train. PK is unable to catch him but snatches the stereo off the man's neck. Jaggu says that without his remote (control) the alien was stranded on earth. He had no means of contacting his planet and space-ship.

Jaggu is shown cycling through Bruges, Belgium in a sun-dress with an equally fluffy song playing in the background. She has come to hear Amitabh Bachchan recite his father's ( Harivansh Rai Bachchan ) poetry. Unfortunately, the show is sold out and she walks back disappointed. A man is holding up a pass and wants a hundred Euro for it. The male protagonist, Sarfaraz ( Sushant Singh Rajput ) also wants the pass. Both haggle about the price and finally decide to go dutch. She loves the poetry while he is a fan of the actor. She could watch the first half and he could watch the second. They are just four Euros shy of a hundred and spot an Indian old man licking an ice-cream cone. They both beg the man for four Euros. The man asks the duo to wait while he takes the seller to task over duping genuine fans of the Indian actor. To their surprise, the old man reneges. They both go to remind him of his promise to get them the pass. Jaggu loses her temper and is led away by Sarfaraz. The pair is shown getting away from the scene, with Jaggu riding pillion on her own bicycle. This too is followed by a song. By the end of the song, they are shown falling in love and kissing. The old man makes a reappearance, only to be kissed by both on either cheek. The duo is madly in love.

Scene shifts back to India where Jaggu's little sister breaks the news of her love-affair to their parents. Sarfaraz is a Muslim (as most Pakistani are) and works part-time in the Belgian Pakistani embassy while studying architecture. Jaggu's dad (played by Parikshit Sahani) takes the laptop with the same Skype session still running to the god-man, Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla). Tapasvi advises Jaggu to forget Sarfaraz as ( important later ) Muslims betray and her dad warns her that if she went ahead, he would throw her out of his house. She shuts down the laptop and session while Sarfaraz comes and sits down next to her. She asks him if he would marry her the next day. He replies in the affirmative. The next day, she is in a church waiting while the last couple get married and leave. A bride gives Jaggu a basket with a kitten ( also important later ) to hold while the minister calls out her name. A little boy gives Jaggu a letter ( important later ) which is signed simply "I'm sorry". Jaggu leaves Belgium heart-broken.

In India, her dad makes good on his threat and she has to rent an apartment. She works as a television news reporter. She is shown unhappy with the quality of stories ( dribble ) her boss has her read out of a prompter. Jaggu spots PK in the tube/metro distributing pamphlets with images of various Hindu gods, asking people to contact him if they find one. Fascinated she suggests to her boss that they air a story about PK instead of one about a puppy that is alleged to be suffering from ADHD, suicidal thoughts and various other psychological problems. Her boss Cyrus (Boman Irani) warns that airing religious stories had Tapasvi poke him in the left buttock with a trishul (pronged spear wielded by the Hindu deity, Shiva).

A cop he complains to God about, asks PK if he is drunk - "pee ke ho kya ?" Being asked the same question repeatedly by various people, the alien assumes that this must be his name and calls himself PK on the hand-outs, one of which Jaggu uses to trace him to his address.

Spotting PK once again, Jaggu pursues him into police detention. PK has no place to live and often "checks-in" to the lock-up by committing petty crime like peeing where it is explicitly written not to, etc. Here, within the space of a few hours he tells her his story. He comes from a planet where no one wears clothes. Hence he has problems learning how to dress. The film's publicity has PK posing in various weird costumes - one where he is wearing a flowing skirt or "ghaghra" with a jacket. As they speak telepathically on his planet, he has to learn a language by holding hands of a human ( all night ). This is all made possible when a musician ( played by Sanjay Dutt in a cameo ) takes him to a prostitute. On learning that he had been robbed by a man who escaped on a goods train, Dutt's character suggests PK go to Delhi ( capital of India ) where such stolen goods are sold. On finding out that his remote is being touted as a bell that fell off the "dumroo" ( Indian tambourine ) of none other than the Lord Shiva, PK goes about collecting refunds from all the holy shrines for letting him down.

Jaggu does not believe a word PK tells her until he reveals that the old man who grabbed his hands was in fact celebrating his seventy-fifth wedding anniversary and she finds it to be true. She promises to return him to his home and takes him in. Jaggu takes PK to her office. She suggests that Cyrus meet PK. He refuses because of the religious bend the conversation seems to be taking. She insists that PK asks very pertinent questions and dares Cyrus attempt to answer a few. Outside Cyrus' glass cabin, PK finds a pack of condoms on the floor and goes about asking people in the office if it belongs to any one of them. They all refuse until Jaggu calls him in. PK asks Cyrus why sex is personal on the one hand while on the other, people celebrate weddings to announce that they would be doing "it" tonight. Cyrus hires PK to expose Tapasvi Maharaj.

PK is unaware that humans can be treacherous, and Tapasvi Maharaj is looting illiterate and superstitious masses off their money. He questions the basis of faith itself and the various boxes that Tapasvi has compartmentalized the world into on the basis of religion. As a result of two episodes wherein Tapasvi is dumb-founded on television, Cyrus is approached for a face-off. Elated at the opportunity to exact his pound of flesh, Cyrus puts up hoardings and airs advertisements of the television event. One of these ads grabs the attention of Sanjay Dutt who is drinking in a tavern. The robber from the beginning of the movie pooh-poohs PK. Sanjay rings up PK at the office of the television channel and tells him that his medallion/remote was sold to Tapasvi at a price of 40,000 rupees. Shocked that Jaggu knew all along, PK is also happy that he would be finally able to go home. However, this joy is short-lived. When PK goes to the train station to meet his friend, a bomb-blast kills both Sanjay and the thief. At home, the terrorist group ( Muslim outfit ) on television, says they would "protect" their God.

Tapasvi brings the medallion and offers it to PK on the televised face-off if the latter could prove his "prediction" wrong. PK asks Jaggu if she contacted Sarfaraz after having read the letter. She refuses as she too believed that Sarfaraz had betrayed her as Tapasvi predicted. The boy only gave the letter that was not even signed, to a bride with the kitten. Cyrus insists that she call Sarfaraz immediately. The hand-phone number has ceased to exist. She calls his college but the administrator refuses to reveal student's contact details. Cyrus dials the Belgian Pakistan embassy and puts the call on speaker for the television audience to listen in. Jaggu asks for Sarfaraz. The lady at the other end asks if it is Jaggu and tells her that Sarfaraz calls every morning at 9. His only query is if she had called. Jaggu's mother ( with tears welling up in her eyes ) and sister watch at home while her dad takes the medallion and gives it to PK.

Jaggu accompanies the alien to the same spot in the desert where he had landed. He is carrying home the boom-box with two trunks full of Duracells to play recordings from earth on his planet. One of the trunks is on the bus while the driver takes off. PK chases after the bus. Alone with the stereo, Jaggu hits play and realizes that all cassettes are recordings of her voice. She also finds a note ( written by PK on the back of a business card ) confessing his love for her. When he returns, she confronts him about the recordings. He lies.

All along, from the very beginning of the movie, Jaggu was reading out of a book she had penned about the experience. PK had taught earthlings to love and learnt to lie. Being telepathic, on his planet it was impossible to tell lies. A year later, the space ship lands once again bringing a group of aliens who speak the language PK had learnt. One ( Ranbir Kapoor in a cameo ) asks PK how many times he got thrashed. In reply, PK pastes stickers of images of Hindu Gods on each cheek and calls it self-defence. Hindus cannot hurt an image of God no matter where it is.

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