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The film opens with John Paul George (Kevin Downes), who's named after the three members of the Beatles, and his fiancee, Cynthia (Candace Cameron Bure). They're about to be married in three weeks. While going through some boxes in the garage, John finds his deceased father, Steven's, military possessions in a box. He also finds a letter where his father mentions a man named Eddie George. 

John decides to search for Eddie, since he might be able to answer some questions about his father. After calling everyone he's found by that name, the final number on the list is Wayne George (David A.R. White), Eddie's son. John calls Wayne, but Wayne is very anti-social and doesn't choose to speak to John.

Seeking answers, John flies down to Mississippi to talk to Wayne face-to-face. When he gets there, Wayne shoots at John, telling him to leave. John says that he won't leave until he gets some answers. He waits until nightfall. Wayne then lets him into his house for dinner. When asking him about why he made him wait all day until he let him in, Wayne says that he wanted to see how serious he is about talking.

Wayne says that they will talk in the morning. John calls Cynthia and tells her that he is going to be a little longer than expected. Cynthia wants John to come home as soon as possible so that he can help with the wedding preparations. John tells her that Wayne is crazy. At that point, Wayne comes up right beside him. John cuts Cynthia off and goes to sleep on Wayne's couch. 

In the early morning, John wakes up from a loud noise. He walks outside in his boxers and sees Wayne taking the roof off of his old Ford. John asks him what he's doing and Wayne says that he's already packed and ready for the road trip. John doesn't know what Wayne is talking about. Wayne says that they're going on a trip to Washington D.C. to go see their fathers' names on the Vietnam War Memorial wall.

Wayne says that if John goes with him, he will give John a letter from Wayne's dad where he mentions John's dad. With no choice, John sets off with Wayne on the trip.

The film goes back and forth between John and Wayne and their fathers in Vietnam. Steven (Sean McGowan) is wanting to become a minister after his tour of duty. Eddie (Scott Whyte) doesn't think highly of Steven. When their commander, Mansfield (Stephen Baldwin), takes them and their squad to go rescue some troops in a downed aircraft behind enemy lines, the two men bond and eventually become friends.

On the road, John and Wayne get into some misadventures, including a fight with some hillbillies at a gas station. Wayne picks up a couple of hitchhikers on the road, to John's dismay. After finding out that the local motel has run out of rooms, they camp out. The two hitchhikers appear to be friendly. In the morning, John chats it up with the female hitchhiker, Annie (Rebecca St. James), who's travelling with her cousin. Annie suggests that they all go out for coffee, but John doesn't want to leave Wayne behind, since he's still sleeping. Annie says that her and her cousin will be back with the coffee. John doesn't want to, but he is persuaded by Annie. After they take off with the car, Wayne wakes up and gets mad at John for letting them steal his car.

They walk down the highway where they spot an old Volkswagon for sale in a yard. John goes to knock on the door of the house. When the door opens up, a young girl is there. She says that the car is worth $1200. John says that all he has is $600. She slams the door in his face and he eventually persuades Wayne to pitch in the other $600 for the car.

After they get the car, Wayne decides to test out the car. He drives really fast and almost gets into an accident. They are eventually pulled over by a cop. Before the cop arrives at their door, Wayne tells John that he has a suspended driver's license and is wanted for a few crimes. He also says to call him by a different name.

When the cop asks Wayne what his name is, he hesistantly says a different name. The cop asks John if that is his real name. John says "no" and that his real name is Wayne George. The cop takes them both in and they end up spending the night in jail. John calls Cynthia to help him with bail, but she is appalled at everything that has happened with him on the road with Wayne and she hangs up on him. 

Wayne tells John that this isn't the first time that he tried to take this trip. He says that years ago, he went with his mother to Washington D.C., but on the way there, their car was hit at an overpass bridge by a drunk driver. The car flipped over the bridge. Wayne survived, but his mother died.

In the morning, John and Wayne are released, as it is revealed that the Volkswagon was a stolen car and was meant to dupe some innocent people out of money. Wayne wants to continue on to Washington D.C., but John doesn't want to. He says that the money he has left is just enough for a bus ticket back to California. On the bus, John sees Wayne approaching a convenience store with a gun. He hurriedly gets off the bus and heads into the convenience store. 

Inside, Wayne pulls the gun on the elderly attendant and demands money. John comes in and tries to urge Wayne to drop the gun. At that moment, a State Police officer comes in and Wayne drops the gun, which is shown to be fake. The officer takes John and Wayne and puts them into the back of his squad car. The officer is revealed to be Mansfield, who knows who the two men are.

He tells them that he heard on the radio that two men were taken into custody (for the stolen Volkswagon) and that they were headed to Washington D.C. to visit to Vietnam War wall memorial. He says that he knew it wasn't coincidence. He takes them to his home where he shares that their fathers were both great men. He tells John that Steven's words about the Lord ended up changing his life after his wife died. He also says that before Steven died, he gave him a letter to hold in case he doesn't make it. He gets up and reaches for a Bible on a shelf. It was Steven's bible and in it is the letter, addressed to John.

John goes outside and reads the heartfelt letter, which brings tears to his eyes. John goes back inside and Mansfield gives the two men one of his motorcycles, since they don't have a ride to get to Washington D.C. Before they go, John asks Mansfield about how his father died.

A flashback shows Steven and Eddie approaching the downed aircraft, along with Mansfield and their platoon. Inside, they are ambushed. Steven and Eddie are shot. Before they die, Eddie asks if there is still time for him to accept the Lord, which he does. The enemy throws in some grenades into the aircraft and it ignites in a massive explosion.

Cynthia calls John and apologizes for the way that she acted. John and Wayne continue on towards Washington D.C. They stop at the bridge where Wayne's mother died. Wayne reveals to John that he buried his father's final letter there, but that he never read it before he did. They both see the smashed vehicle still there after all these years. Wayne walks over to a rock and lifts it up. He starts digging. There, he finds the letter. He hands it to John. John notices that the letter is addressed to Wayne. He says that it might be better if Wayne read it. 

Wayne is shocked, since all these years, he never knew that his father wrote that letter specifically for him. In it, his father tells him that he wishes that he could be there with him, but that he wishes for his son to "go with God". Wayne is surprised that his father actually began reading the Bible before he died. (During the entire movie, Wayne criticizes John because of his faith, since he knew that his father never believed himself.) Wayne begins crying and the two men have basically become brothers.

The final scene shows the two of them at the wall memorial, where they find their father's names.

The film is dedicated to all members of the military who die in the service of their country.


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Two men (Kevin Downes & David A.R. White) meet and find out that their fathers were friends while serving in Vietnam. They take a road trip together to Washington D.C. where they have a series of misadventures and they end up bonding and become friends, and eventually brothers.

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