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Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) works at a radio station for popular host Wade Beaufort (Dax Shepard). After work, Judd gets a cake for his wife Quinn's (Abigail Spencer) birthday, only to come home and find her having sex in his bed with Wade. Judd asks how long this has been going on, and Quinn says a year. This is where Judd leaves her.

Judd stays in another place, growing a sad beard and ignoring Quinn's phone calls. His sister Wendy (Tina Fey) calls him to tell him that their father Mort has just died. She is in the hospital room with their mother Hillary (Jane Fonda), who is trying to mount her dead husband.

The Altmans gather together for the funeral. There, Judd sees Wendy's husband Barry (Aaron Lazar), who is too busy on his phone to notice the world around him. Judd also reunites with his older brother Paul (Corey Stoll) and his wife Annie (Kathryn Hahn). The Altmans' childhood friend Charles Grodner, AKA Boner (Ben Schwartz) is the rabbi speaking at the funeral. In the middle of his eulogy, the youngest Altman, Phillip (Adam Driver), rides in blasting a DMX song and running into the service loudly to hug his mom and siblings.

After the funeral, Boner tells the Altmans that their father wanted them to sit shiva, meaning they must stay for a whole week with each other. Phillip gets a phone call and goes outside to bring a woman inside. Her name is Tracy (Connie Britton), and she is his therapist. She is a fan of Hillary's, as Hillary is known for writing a tell-all book called "Cradle and All", which overshares a lot of the siblings' childhood, like Wendy being sexually active and Paul masturbating. Wendy's son Cole (Cade Lappin) comes in to poop in his training toilet and throws his poo at his dad (still on the phone). He and Wendy argue, and the others leave.

Guests come over and the Altmans tell everybody what they've been doing since then. Paul and Annie have been trying to conceive for a while, and it's revealed that Annie used to be Judd's girlfriend in high school. Also, only Wendy knows about Judd's divorce, though he keeps telling people she's not there because she has a bulging disk.

Judd drives to his family's sporting goods store. There, he finds Horry Callen (Timothy Olyphant), an ex-boyfriend of Wendy's that suffered a brain injury, forcing him to stay home with his mother Linda (Debra Monk). Judd also reunites with Penny Moore (Rose Byrne), a girl that used to have a crush on him. Judd drives Horry home.

The next morning, Judd wakes up to hear Paul and Phillip arguing over the sharing of the sporting goods store. Paul thinks he's entitled to a majority of the cut when Phillip thinks it should all be equal. The two of them get into a physical fight that pushes Judd into a glass cabinet, sticking him with some glass in his head.

The family later has dinner and shares their favorite stories of Mort. Wendy tells one of when she first got her period. Judd cannot think of a single memory to share. Shiva time then comes and Wendy keeps bugging Judd to tell the truth about Quinn. They argue until one lady asks Judd about Quinn, and he loudly admits that she cheated and that he's divorcing her. Also, Tracy notices Phillip talking to a younger ex-girlfriend, making her feel challenged.

The siblings continue to bond rather reluctantly, between going to drinks and joining with Penny, and having to sit shiva. Phillips drives Judd around in his car and laments being seen as the family screw-up. He drives recklessly, making Judd nervous. Phillip drops him off at the skating center where Penny works. Together, she and Judd skate to Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time".

Judd is surprised when Quinn shows up since he won't answer her calls. She starts to feel sick and goes to throw up. She admits that she's pregnant and that Judd is the father. She knows it's not Wade because he is sterile. They are concerned because Quinn has already had one miscarriage. Phillip finds out about the pregnancy as well. Judd later goes to Penny's house to talk and ends up sleeping with her.

Phillip reveals the pregnancy over breakfast, to Judd's displeasure. Annie angrily breaks a plate, upset over still not having kids.

The family goes to temple for a service. Judd and Phillip sneak out to smoke joints. Paul later joins them. Together, the brothers finally spend time and laugh together without fighting. Then the sprinklers go off and they get soaked. Boner scolds the brothers for this, but they just make fun of him.

Annie goes downstairs to find Judd so that he can try and get her pregnant. He refuses. He goes outside and walks past Wendy and Barry arguing. At night, she joins Judd on the roof of the house to express her remorse over causing the accident that caused Horry's brain injury and that she'll never love Barry the way she loved Horry.

During another shiva sitting, the family hears the baby monitor to the sound of Paul and Annie having sex. Phillip lets it keep playing until Linda takes out the backup battery.

Judd goes on a date with Penny and gets a phone call from Quinn, who says she is bleeding. This forces Judd to admit to Penny that Quinn is pregnant. She lets him go to her, but she is upset.

Judd gets to the hospital to be with Quinn, only for Wade to show up moments later. The nurse is able to find the baby's heartbeat after Quinn was told it couldn't be found. Outside in the waiting room, Judd confronts Wade about Quinn sleeping with him, leading to them nearly physically fighting. The security guards pull them apart until Wendy comes in and settles everything. She even punches Wade in the face. Outside, Judd sees Wade's car and gets a group of frat boys to push the car upside down after he says that Wade slept with his wife. Wade goes outside and sees the car. He admits that Judd was one of his few friends, even though Judd didn't see him as a friend.

Tracy asks Judd if he thinks Phillip has slept with his ex-girlfriend since they got home. Judd says no and that it's nice that Tracy seems to care about Phillip. Judd then tries going to see Penny and talking to her about his situation with Quinn, but she leaves him to go to work.

Annie goes to talk to Judd, feeling bad about her situation, when Paul catches them talking together. He mistakes this as Judd trying to sleep with Annie, leading Paul to chase him outside where they start fighting. Wendy tells Phillip to break it up, but he chooses to watch. Hillary walks over to Linda, and they kiss passionately. This shuts everyone up. Hillary tells her children that Linda has been there for her lately, and even Horry knew about it.

Judd tries fixing an electrical circuit in the basement, only to get slightly electrocuted. As he passes out, he has a flashback to when he was being taught by his father to ride a bike. Mort comforted him after he fell, and pressed his forehead against Judd's forehead (something he did with all his kids). Hillary comes downstairs to find Judd. He starts to cry as he finally misses his dad.

Judd finds Penny at the skating center. He apologizes for not being honest and promises to call her again soon. She agrees and they hug.

Wendy and her family leave and say goodbye to her siblings and mother. She passes by Horry's house and tearfully waves goodbye to him. The brothers have made amends, and Paul offers both Judd and Phillip jobs. The rest of the family goes to have a meal, but Judd decides to quietly slip out. Phillip catches him, and they hug. Judd and Hillary share as she watches him from the window. Before leaving, Judd then decides to take Phillip's car (after he left the keys in there) and go for a ride all to himself.

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