NOTE: This original spoiler was deemed too offensive so I am using the CUT TO THE CHASE version only... submitted by Tornado Dragon

After Jay and Annie delete almost all of the copies of their sex tape from the special iPads, their neighbors’ son Howard reveals to Jay in private that he has a copy of it and has just uploaded it to YouPorn, and he wants $25,000 in exchange for him removing it.

After Jay remote wipes the last copy of the tape from the last iPad, he tells Annie about Howard’s blackmailing scheme. They agree not to pay him and decide to break into YouPorn’s headquarters that night to destroy their servers. They cause very minimal damage to them before being caught by the owner and his wife, but after the wife finds out that Annie writes the Who’s Yo Mommy blog, she admits to being a fan of it and convinces her husband to be lenient with them. He lets them off the hook in exchange for $15,000 to cover the damages, and also informs them that, if they wanted to have their video taken down, all they had to do was send him an e-mail requesting that.

The next night, after Jay and Annie refuse to let their son Clive hang out with Howard, Howard comes over to the house and gives Jay the only existing copy of the video on a USB flash drive in exchange for being allowed to hang out with Clive again, since he is his only friend. Jay and Annie then watch the video once together before they destroy the flash drive.

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