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Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudiekis) and Dale (Charlie Day) are on a Good Morning Los Angeles television show about to promote their new product The Shower Buddy.  Much like an automated car wash pumps out different soaps through the same hose, The Shower Buddy does the same in the shower.  During this scene, it’s established that Dale is now married to Stacy (Lindsay Sloane) and they have triplets.  The demonstration doesn’t go too well.  Dale has to prime the pump for the mock shower and through silhouette it looks like he’s giving Kurt a handjob.  Also, they find out that the name of their company NickKurtDale sounds a lot like N!ggerdale when said out loud.

In spite of this, an investor from a catalog company wants to meet with the guys.  The investor, Rex (Chris Pine) is in an insanely decorated office complete with dinosaur bones.  He tells the guys he wants to make them a “respectable offer” to buy their company.  They consider it, but Nick decides that they formed their company so they’d never have to have another boss.  They decline the offer.  Rex clarifies that his “respectable offer” was three million dollars.  The guys jump at that, but Rex has rescinded that offer. 

Rex’s dad, Burt Hanson (Christoph Waltz) arrives on the scene and we find out that the office actually belongs to him and Rex is just sort of a clown.  His dad makes an offer to buy 100,000 Shower Buddies, but he wants exclusive distribution rights.  He also offers to put them in touch with a bank that will give them a start up loan as soon as they drop his name.

Montage!  The guys find a location, hire employees.  Kurt hires only hot women and is disappointed then Nick tells him he can’t sleep with any of them.  They fill the order and go to meet with Burt on the golf course to present him the first Shower Buddy as well as a cake.  There, Burt tells them his real plan is to cancel his order, which will mean the guys can’t pay back their loan and then Burt can buy all the units below cost.

They guys go to meet with David Harken (Kevin Spacey) in jail to see if he can help give them a solution.  Harken tells them there is something they can do, but they’d never do it because they don’t have any balls. 

The guys end up deciding to kidnap Rex, so they meet with Motherf*ckah Jones (Jamie Foxx) who, in exchange for Nick’s watch, suggests they “roofy” Rex so he never knows he’s been kidnapped.  Jones tells the guys that his dream was to open a Pinkberry so he understands how much it sucks to have their dream crushed.

Now, it’s on to Dr. Julia’s (Jennifer Aniston) office to steal some nitrous oxide.   Dale still knows the alarm code so the break in is easy.  Nick is the lookout and sees that Julia and a group arrive at the office while Dale and Kurt are still inside.  He can’t radio them to warn them, because they’re horsing around on their walkie talkies trying to come up with code names.  So Nick goes inside as a diversion and crashes what he thinks is an AA meeting, but is really a Sex Addict meeting.  Julia thinks Nick is gay and believes she’d be unable to get his wiener, which makes her want it so bad that she falls off the wagon and dismisses her group.  She and Nick get on while Dale and Kurt escape. 

The guys meet up and go to Rex’s house.  They don’t have a plan.  Dale was hoping the door would just be unlocked.  Fortunately, Rex’s maid Lupe shows up and goes inside.  The guys sneak in behind her.  Rex shows up too.  He’s Lupe’s horrible boss, orders her to clean water out of the sink and throws his shoes at her face.  The guys hide in a bathroom closet and catch Lupe sticking Rex’s toothbrush up her butt.  The nitrous goes off and the guys giggle themselves to sleep.

The next morning, they wake up, the house is empty so they leave.  They reconsider the kidnapping plan, but it’s too late because Rex is in their trunk.  It turns out that he was able to piece together their plan and he wants in because his dad was about to cut him off financially.  Rex already sent the ransom note to his dad.  When the guys go to their factory, the cops, lead by Detective Hatcher (Jonathan Banks) are there and question them.  Nervously Dale keeps volunteering too much information, but luckily Nick and Kurt are able to cover it up.

When the cops leave, the guys go inside with Rex, who beats himself up in their office to show them just how serious and nuts he really is.  He also blackmails the guys into going along with his plan. 

Julia’s employees note that the alarm was turned off twice the night before.  Julia reviews the security cameras and sees Nick, with Kurt and Dale. 

The plan everyone devises is to send Burt to a bridge where he’ll find a “burner phone” taped to the bottom of a bench.  They’ll call him and tell him the drop off for the ransom money is in the bottom floor of an underground parking garage. 

The police will lose the signal off the tracking device they’ll undoubtedly put on the ransom bag, there they’ll jump out in scary costumes and force Burt to swap the money.  Kurt will disguise himself as Burt, take the bag with the tracking device to the Staples Center where he’ll drop it off in a trash can, then walk away, remove the disguise and blend in with the crowd.    Nick and Dale will walk out of the hotel, dressed as bellhops with the money.  Then everyone will meet up at a resort and celebrate.

The guys end up bonding with Rex.  Rex even gives Dale a claw from the movie Predator as a sign of friendship.  Dale hasn’t been home in two days and his wife has been calling.

They call Burt to start the plan.  He goes to the bridge, but Kurt messed up and put his own phone underneath the bench.  The cops hear that the ring tone is Roar by Katy Perry.  They comment on how ballsy the kidnappers are.   Julia shows up at the hotel where the guys are watching the bridge.  She still wants Dale.  The guys realize they’re going to have to give in, if they’re going to be able to get out and get to the parking garage.  They all agree to have a foursome.  Julia goes into the bathroom to get ready.  The guys argue over who gets which hole and which one makes Dale the least amount guilty, but unfortunately Stacy shows up.  She gets angry and leaves.  Dale locks Julia in the bathroom with a chair, and the guys escape. 

They go to the parking garage and find Burt, who isn’t intimidated by their ridiculously awful masks.  He doesn’t want to give up the money, but too bad, because he’s shot.  Turns out Rex is going to double cross the guys and frame them for murder.  Again, Dale keeps giving up information as to why he won’t get away with it like the fact that his dad’s blood is on his pants.  Also that they recorded the whole exchange.  Rex changes pants with Kurt and takes the recording and leaves.  All is not lost though because "MF" Jones shows up (possibly to double cross them) and tells them that if they can lead the cops to the place where Rex is supposed to be before Rex gets there, the Rex will clearly be found guilty.

There’s a big police chase back to the warehouse, but Rex still manages to get there first.  The guys realize that Rex has Kurt’s phone in his pocket so they call it so the cops can see that Rex was really behind the whole thing.  They do, Rex grabs Hatcher and puts a gun to his head so he can escape.  Dale pulls out the Predator claw and charges Rex, who shoots him.  The cops apprehend Rex.  Dale confesses that he didn’t think his plan through and notes that the claw wasn’t even sharp.  Hatcher says that the gunshot wound doesn’t look so good.  "MF" Jones has disappeared.

Dale is in the hospital.  We hear his life support flat line.  He wakes up.  The sound was really just Kurt f'ing with him.  Dale has been in a coma though for a few days.  Nick tells him that because of his heroic deed, most of the charges against them have been dropped.  Dale asks if they managed to keep the company, unfortunately they did not.  Stacey shows up with Julia and tells Dale she forgives him because Julia told her he’s the only guy to ever resist her.  When Stacey leaves, Julia tells Dale that guys can still get boners in comas and she had coma sex with him.  She’s also super touchy feely with Stacey now.  She tells Dale she’s going to f*ck his wife.

Harken bought the Shower Buddy company, so once again Nick works for him.  "MF" Jones escaped with all the money and opens three Pinkberry locations.  The guys go to a company meeting with Harken in jail and he continues to yell at them.

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