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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by The Nhgvfgvp Cnaqn who says... "This is my second time writing a movie spoiler for this great website. However, it's been weeks since the theatrical release of You Got Served, and NOBODY, *NOBODY* has submitted a spoiler for it. Well, I've chalked up all of my initiative and wrote one myself. I have some little disclaimers: (1) Although I call/spoil the majority of the movie as I see it, I give little or no description about the choreography and such during the actual dancing. This is because I am NO expert in dancing. I did not write this spoiler under the supervision of a street-type dancer person. If you want to know the smooth moves these guys have, I suggest you actually watch the movie. (2) I made sure that I didn't really "review" the movie. With that being established, you might notice some, say, 'riffs', for lack of a better term, on the movie.

The movie starts out in a dance battle between two crews, or groups of dancers/b-boys/b-girls/pop-lockers/whatever. It seems that it takes place in an otherwise abandoned warehouse. Of course, those not dancing are cheering for one crew or the other. As the battle ends, the host, Mr. Rad (Steve Harvey), determines the victors based on audience applause.

The crew that consists of David (Omari Grandberry, AKA "Omarion" of the disbanded boy band, B2K - Boys of the Millenium) and his best friend, Elgin (Marques Houston, from another boy band, Immature/IMX) won, along with the battle prize of $600 contained in a hat. As an act of sportsmanship, David extends an olive branch to the 'captain' of his opponent's crew, Vick (DeMario Thornton, AKA "Raz-B" of B2K). Vick begins to quarrel, disputing who actually won the battle. Mr. Rad immediately tries to calm things down, telling Vick that if he has a problem with losing, he should practice more and re-challenge in a future battle. Afterwards, two girls approach, and they want to get down with David & Elgin's crew. One girl's named Toya (Tuere 'Tanee' McCall), and the other's Kiki (apparently uncredited).

Cut to a basketball court, nighttime. David & Elgin play an unorganized round of one-on-one. Despite the victory that he had in the street dance battle, Elgin is worried because of his future and what to make of his life and financial trouble. His mother is working double shifts because of the increase of rent. His sister has been accepted to go to Princeton, but even with the scholarship, she couldn't afford to go. Instead, she's saving up by simultaneously working and attending LA Community College.

The boys go off and do some kind of illegal business as a means of income (their titles are apparently "Delivery Boys"). They report to work at a billiard/pool room, and their boss is some kind of a criminal kingpin, Emerald (Michael 'Bear' Taliferro). His previous employee had to "retire" because he was "running his mouth off too much". David & Elgin figured that their jobs would take them until late night, so Elgin offered his friend to sleep over at his crib.

The next morning, at Elgin's house, his 'mama' (Jackée Harry) tells his sister, Liyah (Jennifer Freeman), to wake David & Elgin up.

Mama leaves for work. David & Elgin are asleep in front of the TV, and some kind of basketball tutorial video/documentary is on. Liyah wakes David up, but not Elgin. She's making him coffee right before she leaves for her job as a nurse at South Central Hospital. She seems like a dull person; all work and no play, with her work and college and all, and the only workout she gets for her 'amazing' physique is her walk to work. Thus, she refuses David's offer for a ride, but accepts an alternative offer to walk with her to work. They bug each other out, as if they're 'flirting' or something... David puts Liyah's nurse blouse on her in a manner that could make him a future governor of California. Afterwards, David walks Liyah to work. Her cell phone rings, and it's Elgin. He's looking for David. He tells him that a white boy from the county (Orange, to be precise), a guy named Wade, is challenging him to a street dance duel of sorts. Wade, who's partnered up with a another boy named Max, competed the summer before in San Diego.

Back at Elgin's home, he shows David a video. It's Wade & Max (Christopher Jones & Robert Hoffman, respectively), challenging the boys in a crew vs. crew, anytime, anyplace, for $5000. The reward money causes a lapse of sanity in both David & Elgin.

Cut to another battle in the same warehouse. Before the winning crew was awarded the money in the hat, Mr. Rad says that David & Elgin's team challenged them for double or nothing. After a brief huddle, the crew accepts. However, they shouldn't have, since David & Elgin 0wnz them. As crew member Rico (Jarell Houston, AKA J-Boog from B2K) leaves for a date, David & Elgin briefly stop him for a group meeting. It was about the $5000 challenge from the rich kid from Orange County, Wade. They try to get Marty[?] (Marty Dew) to recruit a street dancer named Oscar to join their crew. It was said that Oscar doesn't dance for the battles any more; it was more of an artistic thing. They were all ordered to practice every day, even weekends. In addition, they all try to raise a total of $5000, $1500 each from David & Elgin, and $2000 from the other members of the crew. However, one member, Sonny (Jerome Jones), objects to the fundraising idea, even though he's not required to put up the majority of the money. He's trippin' because somehow (I think), even if they lose, David & Elgin won't lose any money, which is needed for practice/gym funds, anyways. After David exits to announce his acceptance of the challenge to Mr. Rad, Rico's little brother, Lil Saint (Malcolm David Kelley), enters, asking when he could become part of the crew. The ever-so-antagonistic Sonny discourages him by saying, "Never, punk!", upsetting Rico. The rest of the crew, however, continues to ridicule Lil Saint because of his size and his age, so Rico and Lil Saint leave for home.

The crew goes out to eat at a restaurant. Liyah comes to meet David and briefly professes her little affection to him.

Enter her crazy best friend, Beautifull (Meagan Good). It's two 'L's to accentuate the consonant rolling off one's tongue when pronouncing it. Elgin, being the concerned brother that he is, questions Liyah's presence and why she's not at work, given their financial situation and everything.

David & Elgin return to work a second time with Emerald, extorting or something that seems illegal. David promises that this would be the last time they would have to work for Emerald. Ironic, seeing how he said that last time. Right now, it's unclear to the average person exactly what they're doing, but it seems like they're transporting Jansport backpacks.

Cut back to Elgin's home the next day. He keeps watching the video Wade & Max made. Cut back to the basketball court, daytime. Lil Saint wants to shoot hoops with the crew, but Rico offers him ice cream if he waits off scene. Offcourt, Wade & Max stake out Elgin. The white boy and Wade clowned him to do the challenge at sundown. The egged on Elgin is agitated enough to take them up on it. The problem is that they currently have $3500 (David has about $1500 from hitting up the mall or something, and Elgin has $2500 from Emerald), and they need to get an extra $1500 to total the required five Gs. Elgin apparently has it taken care of; David just needs to assemble the crew.

Cut to Elgin's grandmother's home. His grandmother (Esther Scott) is doing some indoor gardening (planting flowers of some sort). Grandma can suspect any trouble from Elgin; her first thought was that he might have had sex (!), but wouldn't worry that much about it because she used to diaper him (!!). Elgin spills the beans and says he needs to borrow $1500 because he got chumped by Wade & Max. It's revealed that Elgin got his pride to borrow money for a battle, his determination to never give up, and his smooth-talking saying that he would never give up all from his grandpa. Grandma approves the loan, since she's got her stash.

Cut to the warehouse, right before the battle. Unfortunately, not all of David & Elgin's crew have arrived yet; Sonny hasn't arrived yet. Both $5000 wagers from the crews (presumably totalling $10000) couldn't fit inside Mr. Rad's hat, so instead he places it in a small safe guarded by a Mr. Chuck (apparently uncredited), an off-duty police officer for the LAPD. Thus, he has a gun, even if he's off-duty. Mr. Rad, being the down-the-middle official of the battle, tells each of the competitors that money isn't the most important thing; friendship is, no matter what the outcome of the battle is.

Right before the battle, Sonny arrives... but being the dissenter that he is, he sells out and jumps ship to Wade's crew!! During the battle, with Sonny in Wade's crew, Wade plagiarizes David & Elgin's moves. Of course, I can neither provide an accurate either a play-by-play or a color commentary on the battles nor am I a crip, so I shouldn't really be offended,... but aren't they C-Walking!!? Both of their C-Walking acts mentally, if not almost physically, provoke each other's opponent's to retaliate. Sure enough, a fight breaks out between the two crews. In the end, Wade & Max's crew, along with the Benedict Arnold, Sonny, is awarded the $10000 in prize money. Based on the audience interpretation, David was either mad because his crew's moves were stolen or they because they got served.

As Wade's crew left, Mr. Rad gave David's crew a pep talk about to keep practicing their talent even though their asses were [unfairly, mind you] whooped. The crew is left with what Mr. Rad's father told him: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." They assure themselves that Sonny will get his divine retribution.

The next day, on the basketball court, David & Elgin were perturbed that they lost $5000 in ten minutes (that's like $500 a minute! DAMN!) and Sonny dissed them. Vick arrives with his own basketball. He tells David & Elgin that his crew wasn't down because they never win, so since he couldn't beat David & Elgin, he decides to ask to join them. He's accepted. David has to leave for some reason, but promises he'll meet up with Elgin again when they have to report to Emerald, 2200 hours (10:00 P.M.).

It turns out that he's picking up Liyah from work for a date. He also offers Beatifull a ride, but she apparently pushes her own wheels. They're at a restaurant, sipping some sort of latté or a smoothie or something. Liyah apologizes for not being able to do anything to cheer David up after the whole Sonny & losing thing, but says that what they were doing was satisfactory enough. They initiate a debate of Liyah saying, or at least thinking, she was in love with David. It was prematurely cut to a scene of basketball.

The game of basketball was unfortunately cut off itself by a cell phone call for Elgin. It was Emerald, and he wanted Elgin 'now'. He tries to call David, but his own sister (and now David's ball-and-chain), hangs David's phone up. David likes the attitude, and he plays a friendly game of tonsil hockey with her.

At Emerald's 'worksite', Elgin, alone, has to distribute even more merchandise. So much, in fact, that instead of fitting it in a Jansport, it's contained inside a duffel bag. David is still in his little rendezvous with Liyah. A few hours later, Elgin is still working, and David is still shooting the bull with Liyah. Elgin suddenly gets mugged in the dark for his 'merchandise', supposedly. Guess where David is? He's STILL caught up with some pu-nan-nayy... er, I mean Elgin's sister.

Still at his date with Liyah, David gets out of his fantasy world and realizes he has to hook up with his brother. His cell phone got blown up with EIGHT (8) messages!! He returns at least one of those messages with a phone call. He gets relatively shocking news. Cut to a hospital facility. David and Liyah finds Elgin with what looks like to be a broken leg. Elgin's upset because not only did David stood him up to be his partner for 'work', but he did it so he could hook up with Liyah. The level of his voice even initiated a doctor to order him to keep it down, and then kick him out of the hospital (Wha!!? HE's the injured one!). The crew seems to agree with Elgin; David seems to be something between a man-slut and a pimp, even though he proclaims true love with the case of Liyah.

Cut to Elgin's home. It's daylight, and he's been sitting in the dark for approximately 72 straight hours. [Not just] David[, but the whole crew] tries to reconcile via a cell phone call, but he doesn't answer back. He and his sister argue about what Emerald cares about (only the merchandise that Elgin got jacked for), and her relationship with David (David's just playin' her like a hoe).

Cut to the crew's danger room/training area. They're all practicing, of course with the exception of Elgin, who's on the injured list. Rico tells David that Lil Saint is insisting on joining the crew, despite his lack of ability to dance. One of the girl dancers suggests that he should be a mascot. David's cool with that, and Lil Saint becomes the newest, and youngest, member of the crew. And according to the girl who first suggested that he becomes a mascot, he's "so cute". Of course, he could only join on the following three conditions: (1) he can't curse (damn...), (2) he can't hustle, and (3) he can't get into trouble. David asks Marty if Oscar's down with the crew, but he still declines; saying that his schtick is spiritual, and no longer competitive.

David and Liyah are in another 'secret date'. Liyah tries to get David to talk to Elgin again, but it's all futile because he won't listen. She reveals that Elgin was ganked before his merchandise was properly transported, and Emerald needed recompensation for the lost goods. Elgin barges in, and grabs Liyah by the hair. David, being the knight in shining armor that he is, retaliates, clocking his boy for too long that their relationship shouldn't have ended like it had.

Cut to Beautifull's crib. She and Liyah are having hot chocolate to have the pain go away. Beautifull thought Elgin's actions warranted a retaliation with her shoe (taken off; no kicking). They later go out for a girl's night out.

Cut to Elgin's in-home rehabilitation. He's working out in the dark in a sport's montage. Cut to the kitchen. Grandma was talking with Elgin, and Liyah entered. Although she was proud of her future doctor granddaughter, she sensed a sibling rivalry. Liyah accuses her brother of assault, an allegation which he denies. Liyah at first continues her desire to see David, and then suddenly goes 180° (?), and tries reverse psychology. I suppose this is just to see if Elgin would still be happy. This irks her grandmother, and causes her to refer to Elgin by his full name, which is revealed to be: Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith the 3rd (III)!!! By logic, he's the grandson of Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith [the first (I)], and the son of Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith, Jr. (or is it Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith the second (II)?). Anyways, due to her bad posture, Elgin has to walk grandma to her car.

Afterwards, a black SUV drives by and stops behind him. It's a mugger, and he's out to kidnap Elgin! It was really funny, too, 'cause this was right after he walked his grandma out to her car! You'd think they would at least have a scene of her panicking! But alas, they didn't. Inside the backseat of the SUV, Emerald complains that his money is gone since Elgin was beat down. Elgin promises to get it back, but Emerald wanted it in a few weeks, since David wanted him in one piece. Emerald threatens Elgin not so much as his life as it is with his soon-to-be-healing leg. Liyah witnesses the threat from her house.

Cut to the crew's choreography room. David proposes that Rico becomes his partner as captain of the crew, but he declines, saying it won't be the same; it wouldn't be like Shaq and Kobe or something like that. He suggests that he & Saint would just do their own thing.

Cut to a dance battle between a generic crew and Wade's crew. It seems that for the first time in this movie, I can recognize the background song; it's a sped-up remix of "Ante Up". Of course, Wade's crew wins.

Later, in the basketball court, Rico brings Elgin a flyer: the Big Bounce street dance competition with the grand prize being $50000, PLUS a feature spot in a music video. The money is at least enough to pay Emerald and Grandma back. Rico suggests that he brings the old crew together and reunites with David. Elgin, still beefing, refuses. Rico shows the same flyer to David, and suggests he reunites with Elgin. David insists that he'll go without Elgin.

Cut to a street dancing montage, David & Elgin still separated. The montage includes David tries to call Liyah, but she doesn't answer back. It's revealed here that Liyah probably uses an iMac. Her computer monitor sure looks like it. The final scenes of the montage are David & Elgin each dancing alone, shirtless, in an artificial rainy environment.

Cut to the LA Convention Center in sunny Southern California. Music Television (MTV) correspondent Alani 'La La' Vasquez makes an announcement for the Big Bounce competition. Liyah introduces Beautifull to Mr. Rad. Cut back to 'La La' Vasquez giving an update about the competition. They freak out about the money. I guess the crowd is cheering TOO hard. Liyah tells Mr. Rad about Elgin's debt to Emerald. However, David & Elgin have nothing to worry about; Mr. Rad and his LAPD buddy, Mr. Chuck, apparently gave Mr. Emerald a 'change of heart'. 'La La' gives another update. The ten crews will compete in the semifinals, but only five will make it to the finals the day after. It's also revealed here that the winners of the Big Bounce competition will appear in multi-platinum rapper Lil' Kim's video!

It's David's crew's turn in the semifinals. There were two significant bloopers: one guy trips in the middle of his performance, and David was disgracefully thrown, as if his partners' arms were too weak to throw him or something. The judges looked disappointed, and so did Mr. Rad & Liyah. Rashann (Dreux Frederic, AKA Lil' Fizz of B2K) asks Rico where Lil Saint is, being the mascot and all, but even he can't confirm his 10-20. After Vick & Elgin's separate act, 'La La' concludes the show, telling us to 'stay tuned'.

Cut to a restaurant. David's sitting alone, but Liyah & Beautifull approach him. Beautifull is clowning David about how he couldn't figure out that he needs to be with Elgin and make the crew work. Liyah makes her sit alone so she could have a moment with David and make sure he's okay. He's disappointed because he lost to Elgin's crew. Rashann barges in, looking for Rico, telling him that Lil Saint got shot, and they need to go to the hospital to see him. It's revealed at the hospital that Lil Saint's real name is TaShaun Miller, and that he and Rico aren't blood-related. His biological family already left the hospital an hour prior, so they had to go to the waiting room. They meet up with the doctor (Dorien Wilson), and says that they should see his family. He still wants to see him, being his mentor and all. However, the doctor gives them the tragic news: Lil Saint died a few hours ago; a bullet pierced his lung and caused bleeding severe to the point that it was fatal.

Lil Saint's death sparked a motivation in Rico. He wanted to be the man Lil Saint thought he was. And he wanted to do it by winning the competition with Elgin's crew, and also reuniting him with David. Liyah and Rico set both David & Elgin up to stop the madness the two have with each other. Rico wants them reunited in memory of Lil Saint, and Liyah wants them reunited so that they can win and get the money that'll help them get out of financial trouble. They know that they can't win without each other, but regulation states that the crews can only have their default members and can't have changes within them, and in any case, Elgin won't accept David in his crew. David tells Liyah to wish his brother luck for winning the Big Bounce.

Back to the LA Convention Center. 'La La' is representing MTV on day two of Big Bounce. At first, she looked like she was wearing the same outfit she had on the day before, but upon further inspection, it looked different. Wade's crew approaches Elgin's crew, and they punk each other out. A judge of the competition orders Elgin to come up with a name for their crew. The host introduces Kimberly 'Lil' Kim' Jones (herself), as her next music video will feature whoever wins the competition. And the host reveals his name to be Wade J. Robson (himself), for those who don't know, LIKE ME.

The five finalist crews are: Wade's crew, Bugginin' Boys (I didn't hear their names correctly), the Furious Females, the Ten Foot Poles (I didn't hear their names correctly either), and Elgin's crew, who dubbed themselves the Lil Saints (after their late friend, TaShaun 'Lil Saint' Miller). During the competition, I could hear a sped-up remix of DMX's "Get It On the Floor". After the competition, the results from the judges came in. Both Wade J. Robson & Lil' Kim were disappointed; it was a tie between Wade's crew and the Lil Saints. Wanting this rivalry to come to a conclusion, the two crews were about to fight, so Mr. Rad made this Tyson-Holyfield-like bout a street-style competition. Lil' Kim tells them to get 'straight hood' on this tiebreaker with no rules.

The shirts are off before this battle starts, as everyone adapts to more of a 'hood' attire. Since the rules were thrown out the window, the crews can add members as they please. Oscar (Oscar Orosco) finally arrives, saying that he's not arriving for the battle, but for Lil Saint's memory. Rico and finally David joins the Lil Saints crew as well, finally burying the hatchet with Elgin. The five minutes (as Lil' Kim stated as the time limit) progress with the competition. According to the audience's cheering, the Lil Saints 0WN€d Wade, and won the check for $50000 and a spot in Lil' Kim's music video.

Liyah came by and hugged her brother, and then opted for the platonic handshake with David. Elgin supposedly gave his blessing, letting Liyah give a more romantic, but brief, kiss to David.

Wade & Max are mad, without a dispute, because they got served! Served! Served! Served! Served! Served! ...oh, and 'La La' Vasquez gives her MTV correspondent outro.

- C.I.A. Rankin (The Nhgvfgvp Cnaqn)


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