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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by zestysp who says... "This is an awesome movie! Much, much better than the original. This movie has nonstop action! If you have any intention of seeing this film (which I think you definitely should), please don't read this! I realize that this is really long, but this movie is complicated, and amazing!"

The movie begins in the White House, and a lady is telling the story of a portrait of Abe. Lincoln. All of the audience members seem to be interested, except for a mysterious blue man at the back of the crowd. As the crowd moves along around the White House, the blue man remains behind. He runs into a security guard, and knocks the guard, but not before the guard calls for back up. Dozens of bodyguards rush to the rescue, but the blue man teleports from one person to the next, leaving puffs of blue smoke behind. The President's closest guards lock down the Oval Office; however, the blue man knocks down the door, and knocks out, literally, dozens of security guards by teleporting from one to the other.

He then forces the President on his desk, and just as he is about to kill him with the knife that he took out with his tail, a "half-dead" security shoots him in the arm, and he disappears.

The X-Men crew are at a museum with all the students from Xavier's school. Jean Grey is suddenly frightened because she can hear everyone's thoughts in the room. She tells Scott (Cyclops) that her dreams have been gotten worse, and she suspects that something horrible is about to happen. The camera cuts to Rogue, Bobby (Iceman), and John (Pyro) at the foodcourt. Two guys are very upset because Pyro refuses to let them borrow his lighter. One of the guys forcibly takes Pyro's lighter, Pyro then controls the fire from the guy's cig. and causing his entire arm to catch on fire. Suddenly, the entire museum freezes. Professor X comes in on his wheel chair and he tells Pyro, "The next time you feel like showing off, don't!"

Wolverine is in the middle of a bunch of mountains. He arrives at a place called Alkline (I think that's what it's called) Complex. It's an abandoned dam. He sees there's nothing here and that it's abandoned, he leaves.

In the White House, the President is having a meeting with General William Stryker and Senator Kelly (Mystique in disguise). Stryker has photos taken from space of Xavier's school. He immediately catches the President's attention when he mentions the jet being hidden under the basketball court. Despite Senator Kelly's strong objections, the President allows Stryker to raid the school. Meanwhile, Stryker also revealed that he has access to a captured mutant "Magneto," and Senator Kelly is obviously intrigued by that fact.

Professor X is trying to locate the mutant who tried to assassinate the President. Unfortunately, he can't use Cerebro because the mutant keeps jumping from one place to the other.

Rogue is now dating Bobby. They haven't even kissed yet because of Rogue's powers. Just as Rogue prepares to kiss Bobby for the first time, she hears the sound of a motorcycle, and rushes off. In the hall way, she meets Wolverine (Logan), and she's very excited to see him. Logan sees everyone else, and is also very happy to be back. Especially when he sees Jean Grey. After the "reunion," Logan rushes to the Cerebro to see Professor X. Logan tells him that he went to find his past, and found nothing. Logan also requests to have the Professor look into his mind again. However, Professor X tells him, "Sometimes, the mind needs to discover things for itself." At the same time, Professor has finally located the "jumping" mutant.

Magneto has been locked in a plastic cell since the last movie. The guard comes into his cell. As Magneto retorts some comment about the guard's uselessness, the guard knocks Magneto out, Stryker comes into the cell, and gives Magneto a shot in the back of his neck. Moments later, Magneto becomes extremely docile. The guard releases Magneto, and Stryker begins his questioning, "What can you tell me about Cerebro?"

Professor X. sends Jean Grey and Storm to retrieve this new mutant in Boston, and he also says that he and Cyclops will go visit an old friend. Senator Kelly rushes out of an office complex, and as he walks he morphs into Mystique, and then into Stryker's "assistant" (Kelly Hu's character, Deathstrike) Mystique heads into Stryker's office, and begins to download files on the prison that Magneto is locked in. At the same time, she also notices a file named Cerebro.

Professor X and Cyclops visits Magneto in his plastic prison. Magneto asks why hasn't Professor X told Logan about his past. He also reminds Professor X about Stryker. It is revealed that Stryker's son is also a mutant with extreme mental powers (similar to those of Professor X's). Suddenly, gas is passed through the holes of Magneto's prison, and Professor becomes extremely afraid. He asks, "Oh Eric, what have you told Stryker?" Magneto answers, "Everything." Both of them then passes out. Cyclops has just realized what has happened, but Deathstrike suddenly appears and pins Cyclops to the wall and knocks him out.

It's at night. Logan and Bobby are having a drink in the kitchen. A kid walks out of the family room, and runs into a military man. The kid says, "Hi!" And the military man tranquilizes him. The fight for the school begins. Most of the children are tranquilizes, though some escaped with the help of Colossus (a "bulletproof" mutant). Wolverine sends Rogue, Pyro, and Bobby through a secret exit. Stryker enters, and recognizes Wolverine. He says that Wolverine definitely does not remember him. Rogue persuades Pyro and Bobby to go back and help Wolverine. Just as Stryker is about to tell Wolverine about his past, an ice wall forms between them. Wolverine yells "No" but it's too late. He turns around and tells Rogue them to go, and says he'll be fine. But Rogue tells him that they won't. Wolverine, Rogue, Bobby, and Pyro heads into the garage and take off in Cyclops' car. Since Bobby's parents live in Boston, and Storm and Jean are also there, they decide to head to Boston. Meanwhile, Stryker finds Cerebro and orders his men to take whatever is necessary.

Jean and Storm arrive at an abandoned church. Jean tells Storm that this new mutant is a teleporter. Storms calls in dozens of lightning, and the mutant (Nightcrawler) falls from the roof. Jean catches him just as he is about to fall on the floor. Jean and Storm question Nightcrawler about his assassination attempt, but he says he doesn't remember anything before it. He turns around, and we see a scar marked by a needle like the one Stryker used on Magneto.

Professor X wakes up in a factory of some sort. Stryker enters, and the Professor quickly recognizes that Stryker had planned the assassination. Stryker's plan is to build his own Cerebro, and using Professor X, he will kill all the mutants in this world with Professor X's mental power. Stryker brings in his son, Jason. We see that Jason is fully controlled by his father. Stryker will use Jason's mental powers to control Professor X.

One of the guards of Magneto's prison is at a bar. He spots a hooker, and is immediately hooked. The hooker takes 2 jugs of beers to the guard, and we see that one of them has 2 pills on the bottom. The hooker gets the guard into the bathroom stall. The guard passes out before they can have sex. The hooker morphs into Mystique, and she gives the guard a shot. Next day, the guard arrives at work. He brings Magneto's food into his cell. Magneto immediately tells him that something is different about him. Magneto gets up, holds his hand out, and the guard is raised into the air. Magneto tells him that the iron in his blood has increased. He then sucks all the iron out of the guard's blood, turns them into iron balls, and breaks out of the prison.

Wolverine, Bobby, Pyro, and Rogue arrive at Bobby's house in Boston. They meet Bobby's parents and Bobby "comes out" to his parents. His brother, Ronny, doesn't understand why Bobby has to be a mutant and calls the cops. Storm and Jean has persuaded Nightcrawler to come to the school with them to see professor X, but they can't find a signal to land. They contact Wolverine, and he tells them what has happened at the school, and that they are now in Bobby's house at Boston. As he finishes the phone call, he notices FBI hiding behind the trees. Wolverine quickly gathers the others and tells them to get ready to go. They walk out the door and they are surrounded. The cops tell Wolverine to drop his knives, he says he can't. Wolverine gets shot in the head and falls down. Rogue and Bobby gets down on the ground like cops asked them to. Pyro, however, opens his lighter, spreads fire, and as he prepares to kill off all the cops, Rogue takes off her glove and sucks all the energy out of him. Wolverine has healed himself, and the X Jet has arrived to save them.

Everyone is now on the jet and is heading back to the school. Suddenly, Storm notices there are 2 F-16 jets following them. Storms summons hundreds of tornadoes. One of the pilots is forced to jetison out of the plane due to the tornados. The other one however, continues. He fires 2 missiles at them just before he releases him from the plane. Jean Grey desperately tries to stop the missiles, and she succeeds in destroying one of them. The other one, however, strikes the X Jet. The jet plunges, and Rogue is sucked out of the jet. Nightcrawler immediately teleports him out of the jet, grabs Rogue, and teleports back in. Seconds before the jet crashes, it stops. We see that Magneto is with Mystique, and has prevented the jet from crashing.

Magneto, Mystique, Jean Grey, Storm, and Wolverine are having a meeting. They discuss why has Stryker captured Professor X. Magneto tells them that Jason was once one of Professor X's students, but the Professor was unable to help him. Stryker's wife killed herself because of their son's mental powers, and now Stryker wants all mutants dead. He also says that Stryker's factory is below the Alkline Complex Wolverine visited earlier in the movie.

The mutants travel to the factory on the X jet. Outside the factory (it's also a dam) Magneto decides that Mystique should enter the dam since she was the only one that could get in without the tunnel being flooded and she can morph into anyone. Knowing from earlier in the film that Stryker wouldn't harm Wolverine, she uses his form. Inside the dam, Stryker's people have "Wolverine" in handcuffs, and just then, Stryker realizes that the person in handcuffs is not Wolverine. Mystique morphs into herself, and knocks down every guard around her and takes control of the control center. Stryker immediately takes all the guards with them and head to the new Cerebro Stryker has just built. Inside Cerebro, Stryker whispers into his sons ear, and then his son tells Professor X to begin to find all the mutants in this world and kill them. The Professor begins his work.

The X Men crew arrives at the control room. Storm and Nightcrawler will go rescue the captured kids, while Mystique, Magneto, and Jean Grey will head to Cerebro. Wolverine has already taken off after Stryker and Deathstrike. While walking through the corridors, Cyclops opens attack on Mystique, Magneto, and Jean. The 3 of them get knocked down, but Jean tells Mystique and Magneto to carry on without her. We see that Cyclops has also been given a shot by Stryker, and is now under his control. Cyclops and Jean begin to fight. Jean controls all of Cyclops' shots, but the deflected power is so great, both of them gets knocked down and the dam begins to crack. After the fight, Cyclops returns to himself, and they head out to the Cerebro.

Wolverine sees the factory that he was made in. He has numerous flashbacks. Stryker appears behind him and sends Deathstrike to kill Wolverine. After an amazing fight, Wolverine kills Deathstrike and continues after Stryker. Storm and Nightcrawler has located the children, and Nightcrawler teleports into the cage to rescue them.

Outside Cerebro, magneto puts on his helmet. At this time, Professor X has located all the mutants in the world. Suddenly, all the mutants except Magneto (b/c of his helmet) have an unbearable headache. Mystiques tells magneto to hurry has she holds her head. magneto uses his power to break open the door to Cerebro. Inside Cerebro, Magneto flies into the middle of the room, and switches the tiles in the dome. The headaches in the mutants stop, and Magneto whispers something into Jason's ear.

Inside the X Jet, Pyro is sick of waiting. He tells Rogue and Bobby to stop listening to what people tells them to do, and he heads out.

Wolverine caught up with Stryker outside the dam near a helicopter. Stryker tells wolverine that he has done nothing wrong, Wolverine still has his old personality. Just then, the dam begins to break, Stryker tells him that everyone will e dead in minutes. Wolverine ties Stryker to the wheels of the helicopter and heads back to save everyone.

Storm, Jean, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and the children arrive outside Cerebro. Jean senses that Magneto has reversed Stryker's orders. Professor X is now locating every human on this planet, and then he will kill them. As they are trying to figure out a way to get into Cerebro, the Professor locates all the humans, and every human on the planet now has the excruciating headache.

Magneto and Mystique finds Stryker near his helicopter. Magneto controls the metal chain, and ties Stryker on a concrete block. Just as he and Mystique is ascending, he sees Pyro looking at them in the forest. Pyro joins them and escapes from the rupturing dam.

Storm tells Nightcrawler to teleport her into Cerebro, and he does. Inside, Storm tells him, "It's about to get very cold in here." Then, a snow storm occurs inside Cerebro. Professor X wakes up, and all the human headaches disappear. cerebro begins to fall apart as the dam breaks, Nightcrawler teleports Storm out, and them Professor X. The X Men escapes out of the dam, but Wolverine can no longer find the helicopter. Just as they run out of hope, Rogue pilots the X jet above their heads, and come to the rescue. On the jet, Rogue asks where's Pyro, and Professor X answers that he's with Magneto.

The dam finally breaks. Water rushes out, but the power in the X Jet has ran out. Jean walks off of the jet, shuts the jet's door, and turns the power all the way on in the jet. She stands before the jet. With one hand, she lifts the jet up, and with the other, she blocks the water crashing towards them. Cyclops tells Nightcrawler to teleport her in, but Nightcrawler tells him that Jean is not letting him. Before the water rushes over her, her body is engulfed by an orange glow, her eyes being the brightest, alluding to the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix storyline that might evolve in X3. The team all think she drowned.

Inside the White House, the president is making a speech. In the middle of the speech, everyone freezes, as the X Men arrive inside the Oval Office. Professor X has manipulated time and freezes all the humans. Professor X hands him a copy of Stryker's secret plan, and the President is stunned. The Professor gives a speech about living in a society together, because the mutants will not go away, and a great war could be coming depending on his actions.

Back at the school, Professor X. is about to begin a class with the children. He suddenly turns towards the window. A student asks him what's wrong. The Professor, sensing Jean is alive again in some form tells him that he feels everything is going to be all right.

The movie ends with a scene of the ruptured dam, now a lake. Jean Grey's voice is heard. "Every thousand years, mutation moves forward." Something bright orange in the shape of a falcon appears at the bottom of the lake (again alluding to the fact that Jean Grey has become Phoenix and will be involved in the next sequel).


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