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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by paul0889 who says... "Wrong Turn was absolutely terrifying! It was very gory and the mountain men were HIDEOUS!"

The film starts off 2 college students, Halley(Yvonne Gaudry) and Rich(David Huband) mountain climbing. As Rich makes it to the top first, Halley watches from below in horror as he is slaughtered by unknown killers and is then thrown from the cliff. Just then, the killers start pulling her up by her rope before she cuts it only to fall down. She starts running as we see the trees moving and hear three freaky laughs as if something was chasing her. She then trips over a piece of barb wire and the killers drag her away screaming. The credits roll and we see various newspaper clippings about West Virginia inbred mountain men and missing people.

Then the film cuts to Chris Finn (Desmond Harrington) who is a busy med. student on his way to a very important meeting. He is traveling through West Virginia and on his way he runs into some serious traffic. So, he decides to take a backwoods road thinking it's a quick way around all the traffic. While driving he sees a dead deer and then runs right into an SUV parked in the middle of the road. The owners of the SUV, Jessie Burlingame (Eliza Dushku), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui), her fiancé Scott (Jeremy Sisto), and boyfriend/girlfriend Francine (Lindy Booth) and Evan (Kevin Zegers). They apparently ran over a long piece of barb wire in the middle of the road.

While Francine and Evan stay back at the SUV to smoke pot, they are stalked by what we now learn are three mountain men who are very hungry. The others decide to look for help. While walking, they stumble upon a very strange cabin belonging to the cannibalistic men. They find all sorts of nasty things such as human skin and organs in the fridge, a junkyard filled with the other victim’s cars that have gathered over the years, and other nasty things.

Back at the SUV, Evan is murdered and Francine finds his ear and his shoe. Just then, she is strangled with a piece of barb wire by one of the mountain men. The mountain men come home while the other teens are still inside the cabin. The teens hide and watch in horror as they see the men bring home Francine and begin to cut her up(This scene is very intense and disturbing as we see the men cut off Francine's head and her limbs for dinner).

A few hours later, the men are asleep and Jesse, Chris, Scott, and Carly all try to escape as quietly as possible without waking the men. As they are going out the door, Chris turns around and in a very scary moment, we see one of the men staring at him! They all begin to run for there lives as the hideous men chase them throughout the woods. Along the way, Chris is shot and injured in the leg while Carly and Jesse steal the men's truck that they have been driving. They help Chris into the truck while Scott, who was acting as a decoy in order to steal the truck, is shot three times with arrows by the men. Carly, Jesse, and Chris crash the truck and take refuge in an old abandoned watchtower where they try calling for help on a radio.

The mountain men find them and try to burn them out with their fire logs. The three teens jump out the window and catch the tree branches while falling. They all land fine in the trees but now the mountain men spot them and one of them climbs up to try and kill them with his axe(this is a very long tree scene that lasts for about 10-15 minutes). In the trees, the one mountain man shoves an axe into Carly's mouth (REALLY GORY). The axe still rests in the tree as Carly's top half of her head rests on it while her body is sent plummeting one hundred feet below. The mountain men then chase Jesse and Chris through the tree tops with his axe but they then manage to push him down(not killing him though).

The other 2 mountain men below are really pissed off now!! Jesse and Chris run away from them and find a hidden cave behind a waterfall. The fall asleep for the night.

When they wake up, they find a road and just before they go down the hill, the men spot them! They push Chris down the hill and take Jesse to their cabin. Down the hill, Chris is ok and finds a police car with a cop in it. The cop says he heard them calling for help earlier on the radio. As the cop is walking with Chris, who is trying to explain what has happened, the cop is shot in the eye with an arrow by one of the men up top. Chris isn't spotted though and the mountain man gets down the hill and in to the cop car with the cop's body in the trunk. While he drives off, we see Chris actually hanging on to a part of the car below. The mountain man drives to the cabin, not realizing that Chris is underneath the car. The mountain man gets out and takes the cop’s body inside. Chris hears Jesse's screams from inside the cabin. We then cut to the cabin where we see Jesse tied up and the mountain men cutting up the cops body (REALLY GORY AGAIN!). Chris bursts in the cabin and unties Jesse. Together they blow up the mountain men and drive off. Just as the credits start rolling, we cut back and see another cop searching through the burned down cabin where he finds his gutted partner. We see a shadow from behind and as he turns around, we see that it's one of the burned mountain men with an axe still alive somehow.

He swings his axe at the cop with a haunting laugh.


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