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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Dukes.

The film begins with Zeus (Liam Neeson) explaining that he offered his son, the demi-god Perseus (Sam Worthington), a place in Mount Olympus, but Perseus chose to live as a human instead. Even when Perseus’ wife died, he refused to pray to the gods for help. However, Zeus says, “The time of the gods is ending, and the son of Zeus cannot hide from his fate forever.”

Cut to Perseus fishing with his son Helius (John Bell). Helius is making a dagger out of wood. Meanwhile, a storm is blowing in. Perseus knows that means a god is near, and indeed, when he looks in on his sleeping son, he sees Zeus watching him. Zeus says, “I need your help. Calamity is coming, and it will affect us all. The people no longer pray to the gods, and without prayer, we lose our power and all our works come undone. We will become mortal and die, and Kronos will escape, and chaos will reign. We need all our children to help us.” Perseus declines, saying, “I will never leave my son.”

That night, Perseus dreams that Kronos has risen and is killing everyone, including Helius.

Meanwhile, Zeus has descended to the underworld prison of Tartarus to meet with Hades (Ralph Fiennes), Poseidon (Danny Huston), and Ares (Edgar Ramirez). Zeus tells Hades they must forget the past and unite, but in the midst of his speech he is attacked by Hades’ demons. Poseidon is hit hard, and Ares turns and attacks Zeus, stealing his thunderbolt and knocking him out. Hades says, “It has begun,” and a bunch of monsters are released from the underworld.

One of the monsters, a huge two-headed dog dragon, attacks Perseus’ fishing village. Perseus digs up his sword and armor and runs to save Helius. The dog dragon spits out venom that bursts into flame, so Perseus wraps a chain around its heads and pins one head to the ground with a spear, so when it spits the fire venom it sets its own heads on fire.

With the dog dragon defeated, Perseus takes Helius to the Mount of Idols, so they can speak to Zeus. The temple has fallen into ruin because hardly any humans come to worship anymore. When Perseus calls for Zeus, Poseidon arrives instead. He is weak and injured, and he informs Perseus that Hades and Ares have joined Kronos. He says, “You must go to the underworld and free Zeus. You will need another demi-god to help you – find my son Agenor, and tell him to take you to The Fallen One.” Poseidon gives Perseus his trident. Then, Poseidon turns to stone and crumbles away to nothing.

Meanwhile, Hades and Ares have chained up Zeus at the edge of Kronos’ pit. Hades tells Zeus that Kronos has offered them a deal – if they free Kronos, he will preserve their immortality. Zeus laughs at them because they can’t trust Kronos.

Back at the fishing village, Perseus prepares to leave, and Helius gives Perseus the wooden dagger he’s been making. Pegasus flies down from the sky, and Perseus takes off, calling to his son, “I love you!”

Perseus flies to Queen Andromeda’s camp. Andromeda (Rosamund Pike) is dressed in armor, planning her next battle. She’s extremely happy to see Perseus. He tells her he is looking for Agenor. Andromeda knows exactly where Agenor is – she recently imprisoned him for trying to steal her crown jewels.

Perseus visits Agenor (Toby Kebbell) in jail, and at first Agenor is reluctant to help. However, once Andromeda offers him a royal pardon and his weight in gold, Agenor becomes more amenable. Andromeda supplies them with a ship, and all three set out to find “The Fallen One.”

On the boat, Perseus asks Agenor who The Fallen One is. Agenor says it is Hephaestus, the god who created the three great weapons that Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon wield: Zeus’ thunderbolt, Hades' spear, and Poseidon’s trident. Perseus explains to Andromeda that those three weapons together form the Spear of Trium, the only weapon they could hope to use against Kronos.

Agenor uses the trident to direct the boat to Hephaestus’ island. As Perseus, Andromeda, and Agenor disembark with a few soldiers, they are disturbed to see that giant trees have been ripped up and tossed around all over the island. Even though the soldiers are scared, Perseus warns them not to pray to Ares, the god of war, as they usually would, because “If you pray to Ares, he’ll find us and he’ll kill us.”

As Agenor examines one of the uprooted trees, he hits a trip wire and is snatched by a giant wooden cage. Two huge Cyclops come bursting out of the woods, and Andromeda and a female soldier do battle with one while Perseus attacks the other. The Cyclops is impervious to arrows and spears, so Perseus uses its own snare to knock the Cyclops to the ground, and threatens it with the trident. When the other Cyclops sees the trident, he calls for a third Cyclops to return Agenor, and all three lead Perseus to Hephaestus.

Meanwhile, Ares has chained Zeus in front of the huge pit containing Kronos, and begins to drain his power. The power flows out of Zeus’ body like lava, and begins to trickle into Kronos, who looks like a massive statue frozen in rock.

Back on the island, Perseus meets Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), who appears to be somewhat crazy. Hephaestus says he can’t help them because he has no godly power anymore. He says “Zeus took it away when I sided with Hades long ago.” Andromeda tells Hephaestus “Humans have power too – we hope when there is no hope.” Hephaestus says, “Zeus is likely held in the heart of Tartarus. Luckily, I’m the one that designed Tartarus. I built it from the outside in, so it would be impregnable, but I had to leave myself a passageway to escape when I was finished. It’s a labyrinth.”

Hephaestus gives the map to the labyrinth to Agenor, since Agenor likes to call himself “The Navigator.” Hephaestus says he’ll take them to the entrance of the labyrinth, but he warns them that he designed the labyrinth to play tricks on the mind.

As the group approaches the entrance to the labyrinth, a figure falls from the sky and smashes into the ground. Perseus yells “Who prayed to Ares?” Ares starts attacking the group, flinging Agenor and Andromeda to the side. Perseus leaps on Ares, yelling “You betrayed our father!” Ares slugs Perseus, yelling “He betrayed me by choosing you!” While Perseus and Ares are fighting, Hephaestus opens the door the labyrinth, but it immediately begins to shut again.

The female soldier pleads with Ares, saying “It was I who prayed to you, have mercy.” Ares stabs her in the stomach. Hephaestus says, “I must do one last godly thing,” and he attacks Ares to give the others time to get into the labyrinth. Ares kills Hephaestus, but Andromeda, Agenor, and Perseus are able to slip inside before the door closes.

Agenor tries to use the map to direct them, but the labyrinth keeps shifting and changing around them.  Meanwhile, there are voices whispering, messing with their heads. Agenor yells, “This map is useless!” and the walls shift again, cutting Perseus off from the others. Perseus is confronted with what looks like his son Helius, but he knows the image isn’t real. While he is distracted, Perseus is hit from the side by a giant Minotaur. Perseus battles the Minotaur, and when he defeats it, the labyrinth shifts again, reuniting him with Andromeda and Agenor. They have reached Tartarus.

Meanwhile, Zeus has been almost entirely drained of power, and his hair and beard have turned white. Kronos is starting to move and break out of the rock. Zeus says, “Hades, I’m sorry for banishing you. Can you forgive me?” Hades says, “Why?” and Zeus says, “Because I forgive you for this.” Hades is about to release Zeus, when Ares tackles him.

Perseus bursts in and uses the trident to break Zeus loose. Ares attacks again, but Andromeda and Agenor manage to hold him off momentarily. Zeus says, “Hades, come with us.” As they are escaping, Ares throws Hades’ spear into Zeus’ back, but Hades flings Ares down into the pit where Kronos is busting out of the rock.

Perseus, Andromeda, Agenor, and Hades carry Zeus down to the base of the mountain where Andromeda’s army is gathered. Zeus is almost drained of power, and extremely weak. Perseus joins together the trident and Hades’ spear, but they still need Zeus’ thunderbolt, which is on Ares’ back. Perseus prays to Ares, saying, “Meet me at the Temple of Gods. You say we’re not equal – prove you’re right.”

While Perseus flies to the temple on Pegasus’ back, Andromeda and Agenor prepare the army to hold Kronos back as long as possible. The soldiers cover themselves with mud to help protect against Kronos’ fire, but the first thing to come out of the mountain isn’t Kronos, it’s an army of double-bodied, six-armed Titans. The Titans plow through the army, wreaking havoc and cutting the soldiers to bits.

Up at the temple, Ares has brought Perseus’ son Helius. Perseus begs, “Don’t hurt him.” Ares says, “I’m not going to hurt him, I want him to watch. I want him to know how it feels when someone takes your father away from you.” Then Ares starts beating the crap out of Perseus.

Back in the camp, Zeus is practically dead. Hades says “Brother, I do forgive you.” He takes Zeus’ hand and gives Zeus some of his power, so Zeus revives and color returns to his hair and beard. Zeus says, “We have no weapons, but we have some power left.” They leave the tent and start blasting the double-bodied Titans.

Back at the temple, Perseus is in rough shape. Ares has beaten the crap out of him, and Perseus is lying on the ground practically dead. Helius picks up his father’s sword and points it at Ares. While Ares is distracted, Perseus stabs him with the wooden dagger that Helius made. Perseus uses every bit of his strength to choke Ares to the ground, then he grabs Zeus’ thunderbolt off Ares’ back and impales him. Ares turns to stone and crumbles away to nothing.

Just then, Kronos comes bursting out of the mountain. He is a massive stone monster, spewing lava everywhere. He starts ripping the mountain to bits and burning up the army with his lava. Zeus tries to hit Kronos with a bolt of lightning, but it’s not enough. Perseus flies towards Kronos on Pegasus’ back, bearing the newly-forged Spear of Trium. Zeus turns to Hades and says “Together, brother.” Hades uses his powers of darkness and Zeus uses his lightning to blast Kronos, giving Perseus the opportunity to fly right down Kronos’ throat. Kronos lets out one last blast, and Zeus jumps in front of Hades, taking the brunt of the force. Perseus flings the Spear of Trium into Krono’s guts, and Kronos disintegrates. Andromeda’s army cheers.

Perseus flies down to Zeus and Hades. Hades says, “He’s waiting for you before he goes.” Zeus says, “Your boy gave you strength. As did mine. The gods are done – use your power wisely. Thank you, my son.” Zeus turns to stone and crumbles and dies. Hades says, “All my power is spent too. But who knows – I might be stronger without it.” He walks away.

Perseus rejoins his friends in the camp. Helius is talking to his “Uncle Agenor,” and Andromeda is already planning her next battle. Perseus walks up to her and kisses her on the mouth. Then Perseus takes Helius to survey the damage from Kronos. Helius says, “I’ll be glad to go home.” Perseus says, “We don’t go back home.” He hands Helius his sword.


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