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X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine


NOTE: This spoiler sent in by William.

Northwest Territories, Canada, 1845

Two boys are in a room talking to one another, one is near the fireplace whittling a chunk of wood, the other bed-ridden and apparently very ill. The younger boy is James Logan (Troy Sivan), and the older one is Victor Creed (Michael-James Olsen); they appear to be friends. An older man, the younger boy’s father, comes in to tend to him. While James’s father is giving him some meds for his illness, there is a commotion downstairs, and it appears to be Victor’s dad on a drunken rampage.

James’s father runs downstairs to confront Victor’s dad, along with Victor while James stays in bed. James hears a few moments of arguing, then a gunshot. He runs downstairs to see his father dying, and his mother watching helplessly. The man with the gun, presumably Victor’s father, confronts James, telling him that its time that he learned the truth. However, James is far too angry to listen, and slowly, three bone-like claws begin to emerge from his clenched fists. James lets out a pained scream and charges the man, impaling him with his claws. The man, with his last breath, tells James that the man he killed was not his father, and that HE is in fact James’s father. James is confused, angry and scared, and upon looking to his mother, she appears to be afraid of him, asking, “What are you”?

James runs outside, pursued by Victor, who tackles him. James claims that he did not mean to kill the man, thinking that Victor is angry about his father’s death, but instead of accusing James, Victor tells him that the man got what he deserved. Victor notes that they are in fact brothers, and they must look out for each other now, and get rid of anyone who gets in their way. The two brothers flee into the forest and the opening credits roll.

As the brothers run through the forest, time progresses forward and their appearances change to their adult forms. Logan is now played by Hugh Jackman, and Creed played by Live Shrieber. The two brothers continue to run and now charging towards the confederate army (it’s the Civil War).

The fighting continues, but now it is World War I and the two brothers continue to fight side by side, taking on the Germans.

Now, its World War II, and they are charging towards the beaches of Normandy. The odds are not in their favor, but Victor and Logan are both impossible to kill so they are able to make it to the German bunkers. Victor uses his more animal-like agility (he can run on all fours) and charges a bunker, then brutally killing everyone inside with a machine gun.

Another transition occurs and they’re in Vietnam. Victor appears increasingly vicious, slaughtering and raping innocents, and even turning on his own men when they try to stop him. James tries to stop his brother and protecting him, even though it’s obvious that Victor is losing control of his animalistic tendencies. The two are finally caught by the US army (still during the Vietnam War), and brought in for execution on the firing line. Facing down the guns, Victor says, “Wake me when it’s over,” knowing that guns wounds won’t actually kill them.

The pair are now in prison, chained, visited by Major William Stryker (Danny Huston), noting that they have been incarcerated for decapitating a superior officer. It’s obvious that Stryker knows of their secret, that he knows how special and valuable they both are. He gives them a choice, between being locked up forever, and being part of a specialized team, with “special privileges.”

The next scene shows the brothers on a transport plane along with other individuals with “special talents.” One of them, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is sitting across from the brothers, sharpening his katana (Japanese sword). Wade and Victor trade verbal barbs and it looks like Victor is about to tear him a new one, but Logan calms him down.

Logan trades a few words with Frederick J. Dukes/The Blob (Kevin Duran), who has gotten a tattoo of a woman he only spent one night with. They are approaching their destination and Stryker tells Barnell Bohusk/Beak (Dominic Monaghan) to land the plane, Bohusk does so, but without even being in the cockpit – using his mutant power over electronics to control the plane. This doesn’t sit too well with Logan, who appears airsick, and gets into an argument with David North (Daniel Henney), however, John Wraith (Will i Am) is able to calm them both down, and jokingly offers Logan a bucket.

The plane lands in Lagos, Nigeria for their next mission (note: it appears that the team has already been together for some time now and they all seem familiar with one another).

The team arrive at a heavily guarded apartment complex, with people inside sorting diamonds. Stryker orders Agent Zero forward, who slowly walks up the barricade with his hands behind his head, feigning surrender. The guards all point guns at him, but Zero had guns attached to the back of his body armour, and proceeds to gun down everyone in the vicinity with superhuman aim and agility.

Victor is next, scaling up the side of the building while Fred is sent to take care of a tank guarding the area. Fred just stuffs his arm into the tanks cannon, plugging it, and upon firing on Fred, the tank explodes – Fred is completely unharmed.

The rest of the team pile into an elevator, but the leader of the diamond cartel deactivates the lift, stranding the team of mutants. Wade makes small talk, irritating Stryker, who notes that Wade is up next. Stryker then tells Barnell to use his ability to make the elevator move up to the top floor where the cartel leader/boss is.

As the elevator approaches, the cartel boss orders his men to guard the entrance, with all their guns trained right at the elevator door. The elevator opens and Wade charges in, deflecting machine gun bullets with his sword, and even able to deflect bullets back at the enemy. All the henchmen are dead, and Wade gives the all-clear. The Boss, behind his desk, quietly reaches for his gun, but before he does, John appears out of nowhere (he’s a teleporter), and stops him. The boss surrenders and tells Stryker to just take all the diamonds and leave him alone, however, Stryker is after something else, and reaches for a hunk of metal on the desk. The boss tells him that it’s just a hunk of useless metal, a souvenir paperweight, but Stryker is very interested in it and demands to know where it was taken from.

Having gotten the information he needed, Stryker takes the team to a remote village to track down the metal. The villagers are herded up at gunpoint and questioned. One of the villagers (presumably the town leader) rambles on and on that the rock came from the sky and not from mine. Logan notes that the man is telling the truth. Stryker threatens the lives of all the villagers, saying that he will kill them all unless they tell him where the rock was found. They say it’s sacred and refuses to tell him, and so Stryker gives Victor the permission to slaughter everyone, who complies with alacrity until Logan stops him. Logan is able to calm him down, as the villagers escape. Logan, realizing what he has become, decides to quite and asks Victor to go with him. Victor refuses to leave, and says that they can’t let him just walk away; Logan ignores them and walks off into the night.

Six years later

Up in the Canadian Rockies, Logan is living in peace with his girlfriend Kayla (Lyn Collins). They appear very much in love, and live far away from civilization. Logan is working as a lumberjack and leaves in the morning to go to work.

In a carnival held in Springfield Ohio, a young couple and stumble upon Barnell, who is now scamming people for money as a carnie. The game he runs is simple, turn off the light bulb and win a prize, but Barnell uses his power over technology to keep the light lit, so now matter what you do (unplug, pull out the bulb, etc.) the bulb stays lit. Later that night, Barnell is back in his trailer. Barnell keeps himself company with lots of electronic toys that he keeps active with his powers. There is a knocking on his door and it’s Victor. Barnell invites him in and they talk, but is clearly afraid of Victor, and he seems to know that Victor has come to kill him. Barnell says that he is not afraid of dying (although he clearly is), and Victor comes at him.

Back at Logan’s home, he wakes from a terrifying nightmare, his claws embedded into the bed. Kayla comes in, and seems to know about his mutant powers; she helps calm him down even though she was scratched by his claws during his nightmare.

At work, Logan notices a military Jeep arrive (even before he sees it), with Stryker and agent Zero. Logan mocks Zero, who replies by shooting the cigar right off of Logan’s mouth. Stryker offers Logan a job, but he refuses, liking his new job and life.

Stryker reveals that Barnell has been killed, and several days before that, Wade as well. It seems that someone is hunting down and killing members of their old team. Stryker tells him that Victor is safe so far. Logan replies that he can take care of himself, and drives off. Stryker tells him that the country needs him, but Logan replies that he’s Canadian.

Logan drives to Kayla’s school where she works as a teacher. On their way home, Logan tells her about Stryker returning to recruit him. The road in front of them appears blocked by two trucks. A confrontation occurs between one of the men and Logan, and as Logan is about to start a fight with the man, Kayla touches the man on the shoulder and asks him to calm down and just move his truck – which he does, to Logan’s surprise. It seems that Kayla has the ability to hypnotise people through physical contact.

At night, at their home, Kayla and Logan share a tender moment together, and she tells him a Native American story, of Coacuatchoo (at least that’s what it sounded like). The story goes as so: there were two spirits, the Moon and Coacuatchoo, and they were in love. One day, a trickster spirit tricks Coacuatchoo into going to the mortal realm to bring back flowers for the Moon spirit, however, having left the spirit realm, Coacuatchoo can never go back, forever longing for his lost love. Logan laughs at the story, and Kayla reveals that Coacuatchoo means “wolverine.”

The next day, Logan is at work, cutting down trees, while Kayla drives to work. On her way to work, Kayla is stopped by Victor. Logan, still in the forest, notices signs around him that point to Victor’s presence (decapitated animals, claw marks on the trees). Logan runs after Kayla’s car, but he’s too late, she’s gone. He follows her trail towards the shore and finds her lifeless body covered in blood. Logan lets of an angry roar.

Later, Victor is in a bar carving a smiley face into a table with his claws and makes small talk with the bar owner. Outside, there is a faint sound of Logan yelling Victor’s name. Victor jokingly asks if the bar owner has insurance on the place, as it’s about to get messy. Just then, Logan charges in and faces down Victor. Logan lets out his claws and asks why Victor killed Kayla, who replies that it was just to get his attention. The two charge at each other in slow-mo and proceed to beat the snot out of each other, causing massive injuries to each other, healing, and injuring some more.

The fight moves out into the parking lot, and it seems that Victor has the upper hand – he seems stronger and more vicious than Logan. Victor jumps on top of a lumber truck and cuts loose the chains, causing a large pile of logs to fall on top of Logan. Logan is incapacitated, and Victor lifts him, throwing him into an oncoming truck. Logan is badly injured, and struggling to get up. Victor tells Logan that they are the same, and different from everyone else, then stomps on his hand, shattering the claws on Logan’s right hand.

Logan is found and transported to a local hospital. As the doctors prepare to operate, Logan comes to and demands to know where Victor is, but they don’t know. Stryker appears and tells him that he can help. Logan threatens to kill Stryker, but he claims that he did not know the person hunting them was Victor. Stryker tells Logan that after Logan left the team, Victor felt abandoned and began to grow more vicious as time went on. Eventually, Stryker had to lock him up, but he escaped and began hunting down his old team.  Stryker offers to make Logan stronger, so that he can beat Victor. Logan agrees, but as long as there are no rules to govern him.

The next scene shows a helicopter flying towards a mountainside with a waterfall, and cut to Logan on a table suspended above a tank of water. The doctor notes that when the procedure starts, Logan should think of why his is putting himself through it, and maybe that will make it easier to endure (its going to hurt, a lot). Stryker tells Logan that the procedure will make him indestructible, but first they have to destroy him. Stryker goes on to tell him that he finally found what he was looking for in Nigeria, an indestructible metal called Adamantium. He tells Logan to become as much as an animal as Victor to beat him. Stryker offers to give Logan back his dog tags, but Logan says that he wants new ones, with “Wolverine” written on them.

In front of a large number of generals, Stryker presents Logan and the Weapon X program, which attempts to bind Adamantium to a human skeleton, which requires Logan’s healing ability to ensure the survival of the subject.

The scientists begin, and in the pool, a large number of drills bore into Logan’s body, injecting the metal into his bones. It appears extremely painful, and they could not use anaesthesia on him due to the nature of his mutation, that’s why he had to volunteer for the procedure. Logan’s body is very stressed out, his heart rate reaching 300, and starts to hallucinate about his life, the last image being Elizabeth telling him about the story of the wolverine. Logan flat lines (dies) and everyone seems disappointed, but then, there is a pulse occurs, and then another one – he comes back to life. The procedure was a success, and Stryker orders for Logan’s DNA to be extracted and used on XI (eleven), then orders to have Logan’s memory erased. While Stryker talks to Agent Zero about getting rid of Logan, he has regained consciousness, and even under water, can hear everything they’re saying.

Logan, having figured out that Stryker has set up the whole thing, breaks through the containment vessel in a fit of rage. Agent Zero tries to gun him down, but it doesn’t work as he is indestructible now, along with shiny new adamantine claws. Logan is able to escape the complex, jumps over the waterfall, and is swept away. Stryker gives Agent Zero the order to hunt down Logan (and take his head off – only way to make sure he’s dead).

Cut to a truck driving across the country side, with an elderly couple returning to their farm. Along the way, they see a naked Logan run into their barn. The elderly man finds Logan in his barn and confronts him with a gun. After exchanging a few words, the man offers to give Logan some old clothes and to let him stay a bit. Later that night, Logan checks out his new claws in the bathroom, which appear razor sharp (accidentally destroying part of the elderly couple’s bathroom). The couple gives him dinner, and offers to let him sleep in the barn.

At night, Logan thinks about Kayla, and the story she told him. The next day, Logan is brooding over his life while crouched on the elderly man’s vintage motorcycle. The elderly man comes in and talks to Logan about life and choices, and that we always have a choice no matter the situation. He then offers Logan his son’s old jacket (which appears to be Wolverine’s trademark jacket). The elderly woman comes in with breakfast and they make small talk right before the woman is surprised by a bullet hole through her chest, and she drops to the floor. Before the elderly man can react, he is repeatedly shot as well. Outside, far away on a grassy knoll, Agent Zero notifies a military chopper that Logan has just murdered two civilians, even though it’s blatantly obvious that he had shot them (he’s still holding the smoking sniper rifle).

The helicopter comes around and fires missiles into the barn, which explodes spectacularly just as Logan rides out on the motorcycle. The chopper circles around and picks up Agent Zero and they chase after Logan, who heads for the forest, making it difficult to hit him. As Logan continues to makes a run for it, two humvees chases after. Logan manoeuvres around one of them and knocks out the gunner, only to be faced down by the chopper and Agent Zero. Logan heads straight at the second humvee and slashes it on the side, causing it to flip and fly towards the chopper but missing it by just a little. Logan then jumps into the other humvee, and opens fire on the chopper using its top mounted machine gun. Agent Zero reacts by firing a missile at the humvee with Logan in it, and just as it explodes, Logan uses shockwave to throw himself onto the chopper, cutting it up and causing it to crash. Logan is fine, and finds a wounded Agent Zero trapped in the wreckage. Logan grabs the radio, with Stryker on the line, and tells him that after he’s taken care of Victor, he’s coming after Stryker. Logan accuses Zero of killing innocent people, and he just laughs. Logan walks off, and ignites a trail of fuel with his claws, exploding the chopper with Zero still in it.

Back at base, Stryker looks at a case containing a large revolver and six adamantium bullets, the only thing that has a chance of killing Logan at this point. He then orders to move everyone to another location as the current base has been compromised.

General Munson admonishes Stryker regarding the failed project. Just then, Stryker’s aide comes in and tells him that they’ve found the young mutant that they’ve been looking for.

At a high school, a young Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tim Pocock) is in a Spanish class, wearing red tinted sunglasses, and seems to be having a bad headache.

Cut to Logan arriving in Las Vegas to find John Wraith, hoping to get information regarding where to find Victor. John reveals to Logan that after he left, Victor felt that he had been abandoned and betrayed, and became much more animalistic, killing and slaughtering anyone/anything he was pointed at. Shortly after Logan left, the team was put to the task of rounding up supposedly dangerous mutants for Stryker in order to protect humanity, or so they were told, but later knowing the truth, John seems to greatly regret his participation. After that, the team disbanded to live civilian lives.

Logan asks about “an island,” having overheard this during his transformation/surgery. John does not know, but claims that agent Zero and Fred were friends, and maybe he may know. John points Logan to Fred, who has now gained a lot of weight (he’s The Blob now) and works as a boxer in Vegas.

Logan confronts Fred, but he doesn’t feel like talking, and when Logan calls him “bub,” Fred takes this as calling him “Blob,” and in a fit of anger, beats the snot out of Logan. Despite his size and slow movement, Fred is a near indestructible blob, repeatedly tossing Logan around. Fred smashes his forehead into Logan’s, but Logan has an adamantium infused skull, so Fred end up hurting himself and passes out.

Back at the school, Victor has tracked down Scott Summers, who tries to run, but is tackled and ends up blowing up half the school with his eye beam power when his sunglasses come off. Victor holds him down and looks like he is about to disembowel the kid until he is told to stop…by Stryker.

Back in Vegas, Fred comes to and reveals to Logan and Victor is probably back at the island, with Stryker, as they run it together. Logan finally realises that Stryker was behind the whole thing.

At the school, Stryker tranquilizes Scott. Victor asks Stryker if their “deal” is still in place, and Stryker says yes.

Meanwhile, Fred tells Logan about the island and the mutants kept there, where Stryker does experiments on them. Logan threatens to kill Duke unless he tells him where the island is, he doesn’t know, but does know of a mutant that had escaped from there, one by the name of Remy LeBeau (Taylor Kitsch), also known as Gambit due to his penchant for gambling. Duke tells Logan that Stryker intends to extract mutant powers and combine them.

Logan heads off to New Orleans to find Gambit, with John Wraith in tow (who goes along to atone for his crimes). The two find Gambit at a pub, gambling. Wraith goes out the back to guard the exits and seems to catch sight of something in the distance. Victor comes upon Wratih and tries to kill him, but is not able to as Wraith has the ability to teleport. Back in the gambling parlour, Logan is trying to convince Gambit to take him back to the island, since being the only one to escape, only he knows the way back in.

Outside, the fight between Wraith and Victor continues, but Victor is able to predict where Wraith would teleport and slams his hand right into Wraith’s chest, grabbing his spine. Wraith is unable to move, flickering in and out of reality until Victor snaps his spine, killing him.

Logan’s is still trying to convince Gambit to go with him, but Gambit notices Logan’s dog tags and thinks that Stryker had sent him to bring him in. Gambit charges a playing card with energy and chucks it at him, causing him to fly backwards onto the stage. Gambit unleashes an entire deck of cards at him, slamming Logan through the wall and into the back alley. Outside, Logan finds Victor, taking a blood sample from Wraith’s body. Logan faces down Victor, while Gambit says that he refuses to go back, and is immediately knock unconscious by Logan. Logan and Victor fight, this time Logan has the edge with his new adamantium claws. After a brutal beating, Logan is about kill Victor, but Gambit charges in with his charged staff and blows the entire alleyway up with his powers; apparently still thinking Logan is an agent. Victor takes this chance to escape. Gambit fights Logan, but tries to escape once it seems that he cannot win. Logan catches up and grabs Gambit, telling him to lead him to the island so he can kill everyone that has wronged them both (Victor, Stryker, etc.), Gambit agrees.

At the island, General Munson looks at Weapon XI and speaks to Stryker about the mutants. Stryker seems to have a grudge against all mutants, and says that they must take the war to them first. The General decides to shut down the project, as Stryker is biased, since his son, also a mutant, killed his wife. Striker picks up a surgical knife and kills the general, he’s clearly deranged.

Gambit and Logan are flying on an old water plane, towards the island – its Three Mile Island, a perfect hiding place as people are not likely to snoop around a nuclear reactor. At the right place, Logan says goodbye to Gambit, and jumps off, skipping along the water like a thrown pebble before slowing down and swimming towards the island.

Weapon XI is being completed, and if successful, will listen to Stryker’s commands. Logan has made his way into the complex, and witnesses Scott Summers being dragged off into a cell.  Logan approaches Weapon XI’s operating table, and Stryker. Logan declares that before he kills Stryker, he wants to know why he did all of this. Stryker says he needed Logan’s powers for the “pool,” “deadpool” to be exact – the ultimate mutant. Just then, Kayla comes in, Logan can barely believe it. Turns out she was a plant sent by Stryker, her death was faked – this is shown in a flashback, with Victor injecting her with a serum that causes simulated death, then covering her in blood from a bag. Stryker tells him that none of his love was real, but it seems Kayla does have feelings for Logan, but is unable to express it.

Logan says that he thought she was the moon, and he was the wolverine, but in fact, she was the trickster. Logan had doubts, but he ignored his instincts, and now that he knows the truth, he will never let it happen again. As he walks away, Kayla sheds a tear. Kayla turns to confront Stryker, and they had a deal, to let her sister go if she cooperated, but Stryker doesn’t seem to want to hold up his side of the bargain. Victor also confronts Stryker about their deal, which is to make him like Logan, but Stryker notes that Victor will not survive the experiment and that its better for him to serve as his henchmen rather than become another Weapon X subject. Kayla tells Victor that Stryker is just using them and tries to confront him, but Victor attacks her, causing her to let out a scream.

Outside, Logan hears Elizabeth screaming and hesitates.

Logan charges in and brutally attacks Victor, causing both of them to crash into the lower floor. Logan has Victor at his mercy, who tells him to do it, to kill him, but Kayla tells him that he is not an animal, so instead, Logan knocks Victor out.

Kayla comes down to reveal why she had to trick him, because of her sister, and that she really did love him. The two seem to reconcile and leave to go find the other captives while Stryker attempts to wake Weapon XI, even though the bonding process is not yet complete.

Inside the holding area, there are a large number of cages and Logan runs though, cutting through all the cages with his claws and freeing all the mutants, and Kayla is able to reunite with her sister. Logan seems to forgive Kayla, takes her hand, and leads the mutants towards freedom. However, as they get close to the exit, they come upon Deadpool (formerly Wade Wilson).

Logan prepares for battle and extends his claws, while Deadpool extends a katana from each wrist. Deadpool is being controlled by Stryker from his command post and begins to fight Logan. Deadpool has had his mouth fused shut, but appears to have all the powers of the mutants that Stryker has taken powers from.

Meanwhile, the other mutants are trying to escape but held down by guards and guns. Kayla’s sister, Emma Frost (Tahyna Tozzi) defends the other mutants using her ability to change her skin into a diamond-like material, acting as a shield. While Emma shields him, Scott uses his eye beam ability to take out the surrounding guards.

Back with Logan and Deadpool, they are evenly matched, but with Weapon XI having an advantage due to his numerous abilities.

Emma continues to lead the rest of the mutants through the tunnels, along with Scott who seems instinctually know which direction to go, despite being blind (he can’t open his eyes). Along the way, Kayla tells Emma to continue their escape, and to leave her. Emma refuses, but Kayla is adamant. As Emma leaves, it appears that Kayla has been hit by a bullet to her abdomen – it looks severe.

Back with Logan and Deadpool, Logan has climbed up a cooling tower (it’s a nuclear power plant), and challenges Deadpool to come up and face him, but as Deadpool now has the power to teleport, he just pops up behind Logan and they fight some more. Logan is finally beaten down and Stryker gives Deadpool the order to decapitate Logan, but just as he is going to do so, Victor jumps in and pushes Deadpool over the edge.

However, Deadpool has the power to teleport, so he just pops back up to where the brothers are. The brothers have no choice but to fight back-to-back so Deadpool cannot sneak up on them. The brothers are able to injure him, but he just heals. Deadpool then jumps to the other side of the tower and uses the Cyclops power to fire on Logan. Logan blocks the sustained beam with his claws, but is slowly losing ground. While Logan blocks, Victor tries to flank Deadpool, running along the rim of the tower on all fours. As Victor approaches him, Deadpool focuses his beam on him and forces Victor into the ground (well, the floor of the tower). As Deadpool prepares for a finishing blow on Victor, Logan lunges forward, claws glowing red-hot from blocking the beam, and slices right through Deadpool’s neck, decapitating him. As Deadpool falls, his eye beam power is still active, cutting large gouges into the sides of the cooling tower.

Upon witnessing Deadpool’s defeat, Stryker goes to his office and loads the gun with the adamantium bullets. The doctor notes that it won’t work, Logan will just heal. But, Stryker replies that his brain will heal, but his memories will be gone.

On top of the tower, Logan helps Victor up, but claims that nothing changes between them. Victor says that it isn’t, they’re brothers, and brothers look out for each other. The tower crumbles, and just as a large chunk of concrete is about to flatten Logan, Gambit shows up and blows away the debris and saves him.

Logan finds Kayla in the ruins and he tries to carry her out, but Stryker comes in with his gun and shoots at Logan, who charges at Stryker, trying to kill him. Just as Logan is about to filet Stryker, he gets in two shots to the skull, dropping Logan instantly. Stryker turns to Kayla, and is about to put a few bullets in her as well, but he suddenly stops, and starts to put the gun to his mouth, it turns out that Kayla was close enough to touch Stryker, and using her abilities against him. Against her better judgement, she decides to not get him to kill himself as it would lower her to his level, so she orders him to walk, and to continue walking even after his feet bleed, Stryker complies.

The escaping mutants finally make it outside, and see a chopper. A bald man comes out and it’s…Professor X! Turns out he was the one giving Scott the ability to navigate through the tunnels so they could escape. The mutants leave on Professor X’s chopper.

Out in the rubble of the tower, Logan wakes up with two holes in his skull, but no memory of who he is, except for the dog tag that says Logan and Wolverine. Wolverine (as he is called now), doesn’t remember Gambit, but hesitantly follows him to his plane, to make their escape. On their way out, Logan sees Kayla’s body (she has succumbed to her wounds). He does not remember her, except for a faint bit of familiarity.

The authorities are arriving, and Gambit offers to take him, but Logan says he will find his own way, and they leave in different directions.

The End

Right after the initial credits:

Stryker has walked until his feet are bleeding, and continues to walk until a military truck catches up with him. The MP comes to arrest him for the death of General Munson.

After the final credits:

Logan is at a bar, drinking, in Japan. The bar lady asks if he’s drinking to forget, and he says he is drinking to remember.

After the final credits #2: (Thanks Josh):

Out of the rubble of the tower, Deadpool's blade begins to retract back into his arm. His hand starts reaching through the rubble until it grabs his head. His eyes open and he whispers "shhh".

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Wolverine (Logan) and Sabertooth (Creed) find out early on that they're mutants, leave home, fight in every major war since the Civil War, and eventually found out and arrested.

They opt to join a team led by William Stryker. Wolverine works for Stryker a while but can no longer take the violence and quits.

After living in Canada for a few peaceful years, Sabertooth shows up and kills his girlfriend, Kayla. Wolverine chooses to join Stryker so that he can be made stronger (with Adamantium) so he can avenge Kayla, but soon discovers it was all a trick to get him to undergo the procedure, so Stryker can get information and tissue samples needed to make a super mutant - Weapon XI.

Wolverine finds Gambit, who had escaped from Stryker's secret base, and eventually gets him to lead him back to the island. Wolverine gets to the island, finds out that Kayla had been working for Stryker the whole time, but she still loves him.

Wolverine, along with Kayla help all the mutants escape, and end up fighting Weapon XI, who is actually a transformed Wade Wilson (Deadpool). Wolverine is finally able to kill Deadpool after a long battle with the help of Sabertooth. The mutants escape outside to find Professor X who has come to rescue them.

Wolverine picks up an injured Kayla and walk off into the sunset, except Stryker is still alive and shoots Wolverine with adamantium bullets, wiping his memory. Wolverine comes to, forgets everything, even Kayla, who is now dead.

He leaves in pursuit of his past.

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