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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Gabriela.

The movie begins with Diane & Terry (Sharon Leal & Tyler Perry) at home with their kids, they see Marcus is now a sportscaster on "Sports Shuffle" on the TV they then say bye to their kids as they are going to the Bahamas for their annual couples reunion. At the airport, Terry comments on the fact that Diane has a certain "glow" to her and she seems really happy, when he asks why she brushes it off saying she's just happy with their relationship. They try to hide themselves behind their newspaper as they hear Marcus and Angela, arguing and yelling as always. They greet and Terry & Marcus go on to check on the status of their flight, as it is currently delayed. This in turn causes a BIG scene as Angela notices the info lady in openly flirting with Marcus.

Sheila & Troy arrive at the Bahamas beach house and are in awe of it. They walk around and the couple discuss how they spent the last of their savings for this trip. They have recently welcomed their first child, moved from Colorado to Atlanta to be closer to Sheila's mother and Troy has had a hard time finding a job but they hope that the trip does them well. Troy goes off to ride the jet skis and Sheila walks in right in time to welcome Gavin & Patricia (Malik Yoba & Janet Jackson). Gavin goes on to join Troy. Diane & Terry are next to arrive as Angela & Marcus stay behind outside, arguing. Everyone comments on Diane's "glow'. The men go on to join Gavin & Troy. The ladies stay inside having a couple of drinks and discussing their current situations, especially Angela who is obviously jealous of her husband's new job and is in constant fear of his infidelity. Mike, Sheila's ex-husband has decided to show up, as he owns part of the time-share; he has arrived in hopes of getting Sheila's attention. The ladies are very upset about the situation. Mike goes outside to join the men who are having a conversation of their own regarding the state of their marriages. Troy is very upset to see Mike and the men are not comfortable with the situation either. When they are all inside they agree to "act as grown ups" about the situation. Troy speaks to Sheila privately and asks her to not share with their friends the fact that he is unemployed and their economic situation, something that Sheila has already shared.

Later on that night, the couples are privately having conversation of their own. Angela is trying to get password to Marcus' phone. Sheila is trying to communicate with Troy about their situation and make him feel better. Diane & Terry are talking when she accidentally calls him 'Phil', which she plays off by saying she meant to say she was going to 'fill the tub'. They also hear Patricia & Gavin arguing, which is denied by Patricia. The next day, the ladies meet a couple a couple who are scattering the ashes of a deceased friend, they land on Angela who run to the beach to wash off. They invite the couple for dinner the next day. Later on, Mike, Terry, Marcus & Gavin are on a boat and Mike is trying to find out if Sheila still talks about him to their spouse's; all the men say no and he admits that he misses her and regrets letting her go. The following morning, Mike finds Sheila making breakfast for Troy. He tries to reminisce with her about the first apartment they lived in and he incorrectly says that the kitchen was painted orange. Sheila corrects him and tells him that it was actually yellow and she remembers this because he hit her once and the blood stained the yellow wall. At dinner the couples give their "why-did-I-get-married" speech, Angela & Marcus decline to go up and when it is Patricia & Gavin's turn she announces that they're getting a divorce, much to everyone's surprise including Gavin.

Back home, Patricia and her lawyer, Diane & Gavin and his are meeting to discuss the divorce settlement. They agree to divide everything in half but Gavin decides he wants to divide another account, which holds all of Patricia's book royalties. She refuses to divide that money and they argue, each promising a fight. Troy still hasn't had any luck finding a job and he finally lashes out at Sheila because it was because of her that they moved. Diane arrives home with dinner and a flower bouquet, when Terry asks about them she gets really nervous saying that she got them from the flower shop. Gavin decides to move out he then gets into a huge fight with Patricia while he is drunk, burning their dead child's pictures. The next day, Sheila meets with Mike to ask him to speak to his friend, the police chief, to get Troy a job. Angela is informed by her neighbor that every Tuesday & Thursday she hears sexual noises coming from Angela's bedroom. In rage, she shows up at the TV studio to confront Marcus who denies an affair and gives her his phone, revealing that his password is her birth date. The ladies meet up and they try visiting Patricia but she doesn't open the door, she is inside smoking. Marcus and Terry go to help Gavin move out. To their surprise Gavin uses a flowerpot to break the door glass because Patricia has changed the locks. They try to rush everything out but Patricia walks in on them, she has an emotional break down and smashes all the glass in their house.

Sheila meets Mike at a diner and yells at him for calling her house and telling him that she is going to tell Troy herself that she asked Mike to get him the job. However, he tells her that he called to ask her for a favor. It is Tuesday and Angela decides to catch "Marcus" in the act at her house, it turns out it is her gardener and her housekeeper. Troy finds out that Mike got him the job as a favor to Sheila, he shows up at Mike's condo and Sheila opens the door. Assuming she is there having an affair, he runs and punches Mike but Sheila reveals that she is there to take care of Mike because he has cancer. The ladies then show up Patricia's and they console her.

The men meet up at a bar and Troy apologizes to Mike. Gavin then leaves to work, where Patricia decides to surprise him with a huge fake cake for his birthday in front of all his partners (it's not his birthday), out of the cake pops out a cross-dresser to which Patricia yells "You wanna act like a b****? Here's your man!" Gavin takes off to avoid Patricia, she runs after him. As he is leaving the parking lot he is hit by an 18-wheeler. At the hospital, Patricia is regretting everything she said and did, she is crying and nervous, she urges the couples to fix things. Gavin's doctor shows up and informs them that he has passed away. The couples decided to have a memorial service for Gavin in the Bahamas.

One year later. As Patricia exits a university building she approached by a colleague. She tells Patricia that she knows someone who wants to meet her, a philanthropist, but Patricia refuses. The professor goes on to tell her that she can at least say hi because the university needs funds. The man (Dwayne Johnson) tells her that her books have helped in his grieving process (divorce) and invites her to have coffee. The movie ends with Patricia smiling at him.

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