The story covers 7 weeks in the lives of four friends. Three of them are single and one is married. They meet every Sunday in a diner for breakfast where they talk about their sexual conquests. The married man doesn't come to the group that often because well… he's married.

The men seem simply to live for their sexual conquests. Two of them are very successful with women but the third has almost no luck and spends every day masturbating. They try to help each other with their sexual adventures and in one scene they see three women in a park and discuss how they will meet the women. One of the men approaches the three women and starts to talk to them. They women smile, and speak with him somewhat coolly. Then one of the other guys pretends to be walking by, sees his buddy, and joins in. Finally, the third man does the same.

A few weeks later at one of their Sunday meetings the men are talking and the three of them each has met a woman that is rather special to them. We soon find out that the special woman is in fact, the same woman - Amanda Peet.

One day they are all at her apartment and are angry with each other and her, but she tells them that she cares for them all and they decide to continue to see her.

She has sex with them all, putting a great strain on the three men's friendship. This continues for a few weeks. The married man even goes to her and asks her to make a choice because she is destroying the friendship.

They all love her and one of the men (the masturbating one) is going to ask her to marry him. They get in a large argument and are fighting at her apartment when Amanda Peet gets out of the shower and is furious.

The men leave and don't see her for awhile. They have started up their Sunday meetings again and the one that proposed to her decides to get back in touch with her so they can resume their relationship. Just then, Amanda Peet walks into the diner with three Italian men, all of whom are touching and kissing her.

She sees the three friends, walks over to them and says that she'll be "in touch" when the Italians leave. The men never see her again and the group breaks up completely.

The final scene in the movie is Amanda Peet sitting in a restaurant with a group of her girlfriends. She is telling them how she picked these three men to sexually destroy them. She had seen them hitting on the three women in the park and right there decided that if men can do that to women, she could do the same.

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Everybody wants to be with Amanda Peet.
They are all pawns in her evil game of revenge