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Paul Newman plays a jailed bank robber who suffered a stroke and now doesn't move or open his eyes. The prison has no room for him so they transfer him to a nursing home. Linda Fiorentino plays the nurse put in charge of him. She doesn't believe him for a minute and tries everything she can to catch him slipping up. She even does a lap dance for him but gets no reaction out of him. Finally, she takes him on a picnic and pushes him and his wheelchair off a pier. He swims back to the dock and is pissed that she caught him. They develop a friendship as she keeps his secret between her, Newman and her husband played by Dermot Mulroney.

Fiorentino and Newman plan a bank heist but decide to rob an armored truck instead. Her husband reluctantly joins in on the deal.

Fiorentino finally finds the perfect truck with two inept guards. They take the armored truck leaving the guards tied up in a second van. They make the truck's regular rounds, collecting all the money of 19 different stops. They then head back to the van to untie the guards and get Paul Newman back to the nursing home. When they get to the van, the guards have escaped. It seems that Dermot's knife had accidentally slipped out of his pocket when they were tying them up. They have to quickly change the plan.

Paul Newman goes back to the nursing home. Dermont takes the van to the airport so the authorities will think the thieves took a flight out of town. Linda picks him up and they go home.

Everything looks good for them except the next day, when Linda goes to the nursing home, the prison authorities are there to take Paul Newman back to prison since he was only staying at the home temporarily. When she sees the prison transport drive off with Newman inside, she jumps in her car and stops the prison transport and frees Newman by pretending to be in an accident and pulling a gun on the guard when he comes to help her. She calls her husband telling him what she's done and they're coming to her house.

When they get there Paul Newman realizes that her husband has ratted them to the police. He had made a deal for he and Linda to get lenient treatment and for Paul to get the harsh sentence. When he looks out the back window he sees a dozen police cars waiting for him.

Her husband gives himself up but Linda refuses. Newman drives the husbands car through the garage wall to make his escape. While he's escaping, Linda runs through the woods with all of the money. Newman drives his car off a concrete bank overlooking the river and the car sinks and the police give up looking for him.

Several weeks later, we see Linda in a jewelry store asking the jeweler to cut her wedding band off her finger. He says to do it he'll have to go in the back room and lock the front door since no one else is in the store except her paralyzed father (Newman). He obviously is not paralyzed and as soon as they go in the back, he starts eyeing the jewelry.

The end

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Paul Newman and
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Paul Newman poses as a armored car driver and picks up 2 million dollars.