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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Beth.

The movie opens with Beth (Kristin Bell) who is working a Gala at the Guggenheim museum in New York. She is congratulating her staff on a job well done and joins them at a nearby table, and grabs one of their salads to eat. Her co-workers are talking to her about getting back "out there" and when she claims she's fine, they tell her that they're not yet over her breakup. She tells them that she's fine and how her ex was simply unable to deal with how often she worked and says that when she finds a guy that she loves more than her job she'll know it’s real. As she's spouting off about her crazy ex, her coworkers try to warn her that's he's behind her. She turns to talk to him smiling, with lettuce stuck in her teeth. He's happy to see her because he tells her that he now understands and that's he's ready to jump back in again. Beth believes that he's talking about her, and her co-workers can hear what is being said on her headset. As she's ready to take him back he tells her that he's getting engaged. Her co-workers hear this and shout jubilantly and the word echo's on other ear pieces around the room to the DJ who announces that their leader and curator Beth is engaged. Everyone claps and cheers and Beth and her ex look around really uncomfortably. She is forced to tell the crowd that no, actually she's not, and that she still might be one day. As she's explaining all of this with the lettuce still stuck in her teeth her heel breaks.

She limps home muttering about her worst day ever. Her baby sister Joan runs into her apartment screaming how she's engaged to a man that she just met named Umberto, and she's getting married that weekend in Rome.

At work the next day Beth is telling her assistant Stacy about the wedding saying that she doesn't think her sister should get married, and how two weeks isn't even long enough to run a credit check on someone. She is accused of being jealous and protests that she's actually very very happy as she walks into a full boardroom meeting in session by her boss Celeste (Angelica Houston). Her boss is not impressed with Beth, who we are told is the youngest curator, and demands to know where they are with their upcoming circle gala in just two weeks. The main piece that they need is still causing some trouble which does not go over well, even worse when Beth tells them that she will need to leave for 48 hours to attend her sisters wedding. She is warned that if she messes up the gala she will never work in art again.

Fast forward to Beth in the backseat of a taxi attempting to get service as she's late for her sisters wedding and her cab driver takes her on an impromptu tour of the city's highlights. Beth keeps trying to reach her assistant on her blackberry. She gets to the church where everyone including the bride is waiting outside for her arrival. She quickly changes and has a couple of quick words with her parents. Her dad is especially happy to see her and wants to know when he's going to get to throw another one of these parties for her benefit. He tells her to be open to the possibility of love.

Inside, waiting at the altar for the bride, everyone is seated when a latecomer to the wedding comes rushing in. It’s the groom's best man and friend from Syracuse University, Nick (Josh Dumel) who, as he's walking into the church his phone rings, playing "she's my cherry pie" lyrics for 10 full seconds in the dead quiet of the church. There is amused tittering and the priest is seen singing the rest of the lyrics as the bride comes in. Beth just wants to know how he gets service here.

At the reception Nick is interested in Beth. He comes to her rescue when she tries but can’t seem to break a vase for luck for the couple.  He breaks it for her. Then as she is asked to give a toast, he offers to use his minimal Italian skills to translate. Her words are too much for him to translate though so he makes up his own in the hopes of playing along. When she tells the crowd how proud of her sister she is, he tells the crowd that she hopes that her sister will share the groom with her. Finally he tells the crowd if we all clap loudly maybe she will stop speaking. It works. Nick is waylaid by the priest who wants to play more poker with Nick and Umberto. It seems the priest cleaned them both out at the bachelor party the night before.

As they are dancing several people refer to Nick as "The Hit". Beth asks him why they call him that, and he says it is because he was hit by lightening...she smirks.... during a college ball game...she giggles.... while holding the football…. running in for a touchdown.  It was the last game he ever played. She tells him that she was sorry. He says he's unlucky in a lot of things, but that he loves what he does now, working as a sports writer. They talk about how they feel about Joan and Umberto getting married and Nick remarks that it’s too quick, and Beth agrees. He says that two weeks isn't even long enough to run a background check and Beth is sunned that she's met someone of a similar mind.

Beth and Nick dance together and she keeps trying to steal his phone so that she can do some work, but he keeps taking it back because the family doesn't want phones on during the reception. They are having a good time and Beth believes that Nick is into her and deciding to be open to it, she gets a bottle of champagne two glasses and follows him outside in time to see another woman come up to him and kiss him. It turns out to be a drunk relative whom he takes inside while he continues looking for Beth. She gets upset and proceeds to get drunk while sitting next to the fountain of love. She steps in it to cool of her aching feet and eventually starts talking to the statue of Venus and asking her if she enjoyed watching (Beth) act like a fool. She then points out all of the coins of the hopeless fools who are seeking love at her feet. She swears at the statue and then promptly picks up a few at random saying that she's going to save them from love. She picks up 5 total, a euro, a penny, a quarter, a nickel and a poker chip. As she picks up each coin, you see the owner of that coin suddenly fall into a trance and see visions of Beth.  As she picks up the last coin (poker chip) we see Nick who has come back still looking for her and he's struck by the vision that she makes in the fountain. He tries to get her attention but she runs off before the police can arrest her for being in the fountain.

Back in New York Beth tries to get back into the swing of things, and stop thinking about Nick. Nick keeps trying to reach her but she brushes him off, which just intrigues him. He tells his friend that he felt changed after he saw her in the fountain that day, and that he can't stop thinking about her. His friend, a sports photographer wants to get some background on her gets Nick to agree to let him go shoot some photos for background about Beth. Beth gets a phone call from her sister Joan who informs her that she knows that Beth was in the fountain at the wedding and says that if she took the coins, then the people whose coins she took will magically be in love with her. She asks her if any strange men are interested in her all of a sudden. Beth says just Nick.

Later, Beth is going about her daily routine and she keeps running into several strange men. There's the Italian painter (Will Arnett) who chases her all over Central park desperately trying to see her feet so he can finish his portrait. There's the magician (Jon Heder) who stops her by constantly taking her watch and performing very gross magic with a deck of cards, and then there's the male super model wannabe (Dax Shepard) who stops her in the coffee house by taking off his shirt and displaying his body for her to admire. Meanwhile Nick's friend the photographer catches it all and shows the evidence to Nick saying that she's a bigger player than he is. He's not dissuaded though and heads to the museum to meet with her.

She's understandably freaked at this point and heads to work. Her boss introduces her to their newest patron played by Danny Devito (coin number 4) who asks for a private tour during which he tries to profess his love. He brings her a bright blue bag that he confesses isn't Tiffany's but is instead a package of his famous sausage, he's the meat king of Pennsylvania and he's in love with her.

Beth manages to get away from his advances to where she is met by her assistant who has to confess bad news. It seems that she was a bit too assertive to the insurance company and now they have no main piece coming in for the show. Realizing that she is going to be fired she heads over to go tell Celeste. As she comes in she is waylaid by Nick who overhears what the problem is, and as she is telling Celeste he interrupts her by saying that Beth has just agreed to exhibit an unseen Puccini, to which he has access because he is the subject. He saves Beth's job and wins her admiration in the process.

She calls her sister back and says that she believes… now, what can she do to make them go away?  Joan tells Beth that she needs to return the coin to the fountain in Rome, but Beth says that there is no way that she can leave right now with the gala coming up.

As she leaves work later that day she sneaks out hoping to avoid her other fans and is startled by Nick who she accidentally sprays in the eyes...with peppermint breath freshener. He asks her out to dinner and she agrees but is forced to run away from her other admirers who keep catching up with her.

Nick takes her out to dinner at a place that is designed to remove your vision while eating dinner and a very funny date ensues. First with the humiliation that is trying to seat oneself on the first date and just the act of walking to the table with a creepy waitress is enough to make the movie better than mediocre. They keep trying to talk privately but they are interrupted by strange events which turn out to be her other admirers who reveal themselves to Nick as all being in love with her. 

They rush out of the restaurant where Nick confronts her about why all these guys are after her. She's upset and a little scared and he takes her to where she feels safe, the museum. As they walk around and they open up a little more about themselves, Beth explains why she is so into art- because it makes you feel even when other people can't, and Nick offers to show her the piece that he wants to use for the museum.

They go back to his place, where he shows her the photograph that was taken after he was struck by lightening and was told he would never play again. It seems that the gala that Beth is putting on is about despair, and pain and his photograph will fit right in. Beth realizes that she's fallen for Nick, and kisses him. As they are kissing she bumps against the poker table in his living room and she recognizes the poker chip as one of Nick's collection. He too is under the spell. Broken hearted she leaves him telling him that it’s not real, and that she doesn't want to see him anymore. She also tells him that she doesn't want him to send in his photo to the museum because she doesn't want to see him in pain. At this point we are to understand that she loves Nick more than she loves her job.

The next day, dressed for the gala and finishing up some last minute details at her apartment with her assistant Stacy, Beth gets a call from her sister Joan. It’s seems that there is another way to stop the spell. All she needs to do is return the coin to its owner, thereby returning the love.  Stacy doesn't believe that Beth should give up on Nick so she steals all of the coins before she leaves to go to the museum.

Beth opens the door to find her four admirers standing outside together all dressed as though they were going to escort her that evening. She invites them in and says that she wants to return something to them, but then discovers that the coins are gone. She panics a little but the guys come through for her and offer to get her to the museum because they all love her and want her to be happy. They race outside but a bad weather storm has brought rolling black outs and there are no taxi's. The painter offers to drive them in his car, and they all squeeze into his tiny 3 foot high by 2/1/2 foot wide bright yellow car. Traffic is miserable and they aren't getting anywhere when Beth screams at him to drive like he's in Rome. He starts dodging cars and racing on sidewalks and goes right up to the front door of the museum, but that isn't close enough. He wants to drive her all the way inside and promptly steps on the gas towards the glass double doors. As they are all screaming for him to stop he yells for them to believe, and as they get close the doors swing open and they drive right into the elevators, past the startled couple who has pushed the handicapped assisted door opening switch. Inside the elevator, they stay inside the car, and an embarrassed Beth asks an equally startled man in the elevator to push the top floor.

They walk inside the gala to hear applause.  Nick had still sent the photograph over. He meanwhile is trying to get to the Gala too to see Beth but he keeps getting spooked by the lightening which is raging all over the city.

Beth returns each of the coins to their owners who admitted that they each just wanted to find someone special to make them feel better about themselves, and they thank her because they each felt that they got that.  All that remains is the Poker chip, which she needs to return to Nick. As she turns to leave the magician keeps taking it from her hand magically and in trying to get it back from him it falls out of his pocket and races down the hallway to where it stops at Nick's feet. Beth catches up to it as Nick picks it up. She tells him that it’s all back to the way that it should be and apologizes because it wasn't real. He keeps asking her what she's talking about, and tells her that he loves her, and has since the moment her saw her in that fountain. Beth believes him and they kiss, happily in love.

Two weeks later - they are in Italy in the same church as her sister and Nick is waiting for Beth to walk down the aisle. Beth has invited her four other former admirers to the ceremony, and the painter and the male model discover that they are interested in each other and the sausage king is seen sitting next to Celeste who is also interested in him. Outdoors however, the Bride is meeting with the magician who apologetically hands her another poker chip. It seems that the poker chip that fell from his pocket wasn't the real one and this one is, so Nick is still under the spell.

Beth is heartbroken and heads to the church unsure of what to do. She walks down the aisle and up to Nick.  Meanwhile, they are being married by the same priest who is very unhappy too. He keeps taunting Nick saying that marriage is serious and asking that surely there must be someone here who can object. Finally Beth says that she does, and runs outside back to the fountain where she is crying and throws the poker chip back in. Nick rushes after her and asks once more, why does she keep telling him that it’s not real and she tries to explain that she doesn't want to take his love away from him. He finally climbs into the fountain with her, asking if this is real enough and kisses her.

She finally believes that he loves her and she asks him how can that be since she returned his poker chip to the fountain. He tells her that he's never thrown anything into the fountain, and as they look back towards the church they see the priest celebrating and yelling his thanks that the temptation is finally over. Beth and Nick realize that is was the priest's coin all along and Beth kisses Nick once more.

The credits roll as wedding party dances.


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