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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Moviebug28 who who calls it..."an adorable movie! "

The movie begins with a voice-over by a girl who introduces herself as Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes). She has lived her entire life in a fifth-floor walk-up in Chinatown with her wedding singer mother, Libby (Kelly Preston). Daphne celebrates her birthdays at the Chinese restaurant downstairs from her apartment and wishes every year that her father, Lord Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth), would show up. When he doesn’t show up, Daphne gets Libby to tell her the story of how her parents met.

Libby’s story sounds like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, a very cool singer (Libby) went out to see the world. She ends up in Morocco, where she is saying hello to a group of men on a bus when she trips and falls down a sand embankment. Henry, with long hair and sideburns, catches her and they fall in love. Libby and Henry marry in a Bedouin ceremony and then return to England (where he is from). They plan to marry in a legal ceremony, but Dashwood advisor Alastair (Jonathan Pryce) has other plans. After Henry’s father dies suddenly, Libby says that she knows Henry is supposed to take over for him. Alastair tells Libby that Henry wants her to leave and tells Henry that Libby is leaving him for another man. Sadly, Libby leaves Henry behind. A few months later, Libby was blessed with Daphne.

On her fifteenth birthday, Libby kisses a picture of Henry that was taken in Morocco. Daphne graduates from high school and waitresses at weddings where her mother sings. She does not know what comes next or where she is going to college and she becomes incredibly sad during the father-daughter wedding dance. Daphne feels as though a part of herself is missing and that she cannot truly know who she is until she meets her dad. One day, she buys a plane ticket, packs her bags, and flies to England after leaving Libby a taped message explaining her motives.

Once in London, Daphne goes to a hostel. At the hostel, she meets adorable musician Ian Wallace (Oliver James).

She is chatting with Ian when Henry comes on the TV. Henry has removed himself from the House of Lords in order to run for the office of MP as a commoner.

It is also announced that he is preparing to marry Alastair’s daughter, Glynnis (Anna Chancellor), and become stepfather to her daughter, Clarissa (Christina Cole). Daphne is confused by English words (like lew for the bathroom) and so Ian offers to teach her the ropes. Daphne explains that, now that she knows about Glynnis and Clarissa, she should probably just go home. Ian does not support the idea. Daphne shows up at the front gate of the Dashwood Manor, but does not go in.

Inside the manor, Glynnis and Clarissa are eating breakfast and discussing their position in society, which seems to be all they think about. Clarissa calls Lady Jocelyn Dashwood (Eileen Atkins), Henry’s mother, an old bat, which she overhears and to which she makes a snarky reference. Clarissa notices Daphne fall over the stone wall and then screams when she sees her at the window. Henry thinks it is the paparazzi again. As Daphne races around a corner, she runs right into Henry’s arms. He pulls her inside the house and demands that she take her picture and get out. Daphne tells him that she already has a picture of him and shows him the Morocco picture. She says that Libby gave it to him and announces that she is his daughter. Glynnis and Clarissa do not believe Daphne, but Henry does because she has his picture and his eyes. Lady Dashwood suggests that Daphne stay with them in the manor. That night, Henry calls Libby, who wants to know if Daphne is all right. He is angry at her for not telling him that he had fathered a child. They argue a little, but it is obvious that there is still love between them.

Ian calls the Dashwood Manor, but Clarissa tells him that there is no one by the name of Daphne living there. Ian looks sad as he walks away from the phone booth. Henry invites Daphne to a fashion show where Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry will be. Clarissa is offended that Henry has asked Daphne to go and sets out to sabotage her by lying to her about the proper dress code. Glynnis and Clarissa then manipulate Henry into leaving without Daphne, who then arrives after the doors have been closed. She enters through the back door and winds up on the stage in a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top. She makes the best of it and then falls off the fashion runway and right into the lap of Prince Charles. She also catches the eye of Amistead (Ben Scholfield), the jerk Clarissa wants to marry. After the fashion show, Daphne informs her evil stepsister-to-be, Clarissa, that she’s read Cinderella, and that she (Daphne) wins. She then makes friends with Princess Charlotte and her cutie-pie dog.

Henry announces that Daphne will be staying with them for the entire summer.

That night, Henry is looking for food in the refrigerator after everyone has gone to bed and is startled to find Daphne in the kitchen. Over bowls of cocoa puff cereal, Henry asks if Libby has ever remarried. Daphne says no. Henry also tells Daphne that they will have to plan a coming out party for her, since she is now a debutante like Clarissa. She attends the coming out ball of two girls names Peach and Pear Orwood, two frumpy twin sisters whose father is obsessed with his Napoleanic chandelier. Clarissa and her two snobby friends always make fun of Peach and Pear, but Daphne is very nice to them. Glynnis had picked out a truly awful gown for Daphne, but she cuts it up and makes it into a lovely lavender number. Amistead swoops in and asks Daphne for a dance. While she is dancing, Daphne notices that Ian is the singer with the party band. They meet up again on the terrace and make a pact to liven up the party. Ian sings a James Brown song and everyone dances. Unfortunately, Daphne turned the bass up on the stereo and the chandelier crashes to the floor.

The next morning, Glynnis makes a comment about the James Brown song, asking where it possibly came from. Out of nowhere, Henry spouts out a whole bunch of information about the song, and then, surprising himself, says he has no idea from where that came. As Glynnis watches with wide eyes, Daphne and Henry butter and jelly and fold their toast in the exact same manner. Henry is then practically pushed out the door by Glynnis. Ian shows up to take Daphne out and introduces himself to Henry, who shows fatherly suspicion. Daphne and Ian speed away on his motorcycle and spend the day in a marketplace, where he buys her bracelets and teaches her how to curtsey. It turns out that Ian’s mother was a debutante who married below her, but he went to the best schools thanks to his grandparents. He decided that he didn’t like that life, and so now he lives the way he wants. At the manor, Henry calls Libby to yell about how Daphne has been gone with a boy on a motorcycle for five hours. Libby thinks it’s funny and reminds him of all the time she spent on the back of his motorcycle. She then comments about how easily worrying comes to him.

Daphne accompanies Henry to a regatta party, where Ian is parking cars. Amistead tries to kiss her and behaves like a prat, so she pushes him in the water. Henry grabs Daphne and takes off with her on Ian’s motorcycle as she press hounds them. They spend the day barefoot in the park on the swings and he asks if Libby is happy. Daphne says that she is, but that she gets lonely sometimes because there’s never been anyone she’s loved after Henry. Daphne takes Henry to the marketplace and he gets a Henna tattoo. They return to the manor, where Daphne teaches him to climb over the back wall she initially used to gain access to the property. Later, he pulls on a pair of tight black leather pants from his youth (for Colin Firth fans, this is a dream come true!) and dances around in front of the mirror. Glynnis whines about how she wants her Henry back. He ignores her and goes back to dancing.

Henry soon learns that he is slipping in the polls and casually suggests that Daphne change in order to be more like the type of daughter he is expected to have.

Daphne says that she understands and proceeds to get a more conservative wardrobe and attend all the society functions. Ian comes to take her to the Strokes concert, but she says that she cannot go because she has to go meet the Queen. Ian gets angry and tells her to call him once Daphne has reinhabited her body. At the garden party, Princess Charlotte’s dog comes over to Daphne, but she refuses to pet her.

At Daphne’s coming out party, she looks lovely, but is stiff. Luckily, Libby shows up because Lady Dashwood called her. Henry and Libby dance as Daphne discovers that Alastair manipulated Henry and Libby years ago. Glynnis then locks Daphne in a closet so that Henry will have to dance with Clarissa during the father-daughter dance. Libby lets Daphne out of the closet and Daphne hands Clarissa the tiara given to her by Lady Dashwood. She tells Henry that she just wants to be who she really is. The next day, Daphne and Libby return to New York. Daphne sees a motorcycle and is reminded of Ian.

In England, Henry decides that he is not going to run for MP and also that he is not going to marry Glynnis. He finally punches out Alastair for lying to both Libby and him. Libby is singing at another wedding and Daphne is filling out college applications. Henry shows up during the father-daughter dance and tells Daphne that he loves her. They dance and Libby is too moved to sing. Henry says he brought Daphne a big present and Ian cuts in. Ian and Daphne dance as Henry approaches Libby. They have finally realized that they never wanted to be apart and share a kiss. Ian and Daphne and Henry and Libby are all dancing even after everyone else has left the dance floor.

Henry and Libby are remarried in another Bedouin ceremony. Daphne gets into Oxford and still dates Ian. In the end, Daphne, Ian, Libby, Henry, Lady Dashwood, and the butler having dinner at a table outside and they all live happily ever after.

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