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The film starts with a little 8 year old girl playing with her Barbie and Ken dolls and pretending they are getting married.

The scene cuts to the now grown up girl (Jennifer Lopez) at a wedding. She is the head wedding planner and is taking care of last minute problems. The bride is getting nervous and thinking about not going through with the wedding. Jennifer calms her fears. The father of the bride has disappeared but Jennifer finds him and gets him in place on time. The wedding goes through without a hitch thanks to Jennifer.

We then see Jennifer at the wedding planning company that she works for. She is an expert at planning weddings and can even predict how long marriages will last.

The daughter of a wealthy family is getting married and Jennifer thinks she can convince the bride's parents to use her company's planning service. She makes a deal with the woman who owns the service that if Jennifer can get the wealthy couple to hire her as the planner, she will be made a partner in the company. The owner agrees.

Jennifer invites the parents and the bride to be to another wedding that she has planned and they are very impressed so they hire her.

The next day, on her way to meet the bride and groom, she walks across the street and the heal of her shoe gets stuck in a manhole cover. At the same time, a cab driver drops his ice cream and is distracted, causing his cab to bump a trash dumpster which starts rolling towards Jennifer. She takes her foot out of her shoe but decides she wants her shoe and doesn't get out of the way. She's about to be hit when Mathew McConaughey sees her and pulls her to safety, both of them falling to the ground.

While lying on top of her, he asks her questions about how she feels and if she remembers anything. Turns out that he is a doctor. Eventually, she gets up but faints. Mathew picks her up and carries her off. We next see her in a hospital bed with lots of children around her. It turns out that Mathew is a doctor at a children's hospital. Jennifer is okay and is about to leave when her assistant shows up. Her assistant knows that Jennifer hasn't had a date in years so she clumsily arranges for the doctor, Jennifer and herself to go to a park where they are showing an outdoor movie on the wall of a building.

When they get to the park, the assistant conveniently remembers a prior engagement, leaving Jennifer and the doctor alone. Mathew and Jennifer are attracted to each other. They dance and almost kiss but it starts to rain, which ends their date and they each go back to their homes.

Jennifer goes to a dance class and meets with the bride. The bride introduces her to her fiancé, Mathew McConaughey. Both Jennifer and Mathew pretend that they don't know each other. When the bride is called away, they dance a very hot tango.

It is decided that the wedding will take place at a vineyard and Jennifer, the bride and groom and the mother and father will all go visit it over the weekend to check it out.

While all this has been going on, Jennifer's father who is worried that his daughter will never get married, has brought a man her age from Italy to the United States. This man is someone that Jennifer and her folks knew when they all lived in Italy. Her father has essentially told the man that Jennifer will be his bride. Of course, Jennifer is very upset by all of this.

Back to the vineyard…
Jennifer and the family are walking around the vineyard, thinking what a great location it will be when the man from Italy shows up. He tells everyone that he and Jennifer are engaged. Jennifer is upset at Mathew because he is engaged and Mathew is upset at Jennifer since she's engaged.

They all go out horseback riding and the mother is singing is so bad that it scares Jennifer's horse and Mathew rides after her and once again saves her.

Tey decide that they will not use the vineyard because one of the father's friends had his daughter's marriage there.

They all go back to San Francisco and decide to get married at one of the local parks. The bride has to leave for a week on business and leaves the plans for the wedding to Jennifer and Mathew. While shopping for statues for the wedding, Mathew manages to knock one of the statues over, breaking off the penis. When he tries to glue it back on, he somehow, accidentally glues it onto his hand. Jennifer finally gets it off and keeps it for a souvenir.

While looking for flowers with Mathew, Jennifer sees her ex-fiancée (not the Italian guy) and his very pregnant wife. She's very upset by this because they broke up a few years earlier after she found the two of them together in a car. The wife was once her best friend. Jennifer needs a drink

Later, Mathew takes Jennifer home and she is very drunk. He gets her up to her apartment and talks with her about how the man wasn't worthy of her. He calms her down, then leaves.

He immediately comes back and asks Jennifer if she ever thinks about their evening together in the park. He tells her it was the best evening he'd ever had in his life. She reminds him that he's engaged and tells him to get out.

Jennifer's father is having a birthday party for a friend and Jennifer is there along with the Italian guy. Although it's not her birthday, the man has a present for her. He has made a large dollhouse and in one of the rooms on the upper floor is a diamond engagement ring. He gets down on his knees and tells her that if she says yes, no one in the world will ever be kinder or love her more than he. She says okay.

The plans for both weddings proceed. Jennifer is made a partner of her company

On the day of the Mathew's wedding, Jennifer turns over all the chores to her assistant. She is going into town to be married herself. Mathew and his fiancée talk and decide that they don't want to get married after all.

Mathew gets into the cab to head downtown to stop Jennifer's wedding. Meanwhile, at Jennifer's wedding, when the judge asks if anyone objects, her FATHER says yes. He wants Jennifer to marry for love and to please herself, not him.

Mathew eventually gets to the courthouse and the Italian man, the father and a few friends are standing out front. He asks where Jennifer is. The Italian man says that as much as I love her, I know she really loves you. He takes Mathew to her on his little motor scooter. (Equipped with a just married banner). They ride through the streets and even get stuck in a gay pride parade. Of course, everyone cheers for them as they ride by.

Jennifer is at the park watching another movie. Mathew walks up to her and asks her to dance. The movie ends with them dancing. The movie showing on the wall of the building has a married couple getting into a car and driving off.


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Jennifer Lopez
Matthew McConaughey

He saves her from being run over by a dumpster. He eventually cancels his wedding to be with her...
Jennifer Lopez.
Her father stops her wedding to some Italian guy so she can follow her heart and be with Mathew McConaughey.
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