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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Ellen.

“Okay, settle down. Got your ears open. This is a story of a sad flute, a laughing baby, and a weeping sword. A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, there lived a warrior, a warrior with empty eyes…”

We see the reflection of the warrior with empty eyes in a lake. He throws a dagger into the water, killing an assassin. Another group of assassins rise out of the water to stand in front of him, ready to strike. He kills them all with one slice of his sword.

The warrior has trained his entire life to become the strongest of his clan and to kill every last person of his clan’s enemy clan. The last enemy is standing in front of him. They attack each other and the warrior kills him. His duty appears to be done, but he feels no differently. When he walks to a chest and takes off the lid, he sees a baby – the last of his enemy’s clan. He can’t bring himself to kill the child and so he becomes hunted by his own clan.

He decides to leave his home, his clan, and travel to “a faraway land” to visit a friend from his past. He reaches Lode, where he sees dead gardens and a town wary of strangers. He meets “Ron” the drunkard. He meets “Eight Ball,” the first friendly face in town. He goes to bed, but can’t figure out why the baby keeps crying. Suddenly, a girl “Lynne” hits him with a rod, breaking it in two – the warrior doesn’t flinch. It’s decided that the warrior will take over the laundry duties of his old friend “Smiley” who is no longer there. It turns out that the town and its people make up a traveling circus. The warrior is curious about the girl, who seems stubborn and hardcore, but has a soft side.

Time passes, and the warrior learns to appreciate and enjoy the simpler things in life. Clean laundry, playing games, listening to opera, having friends, but mostly the joy of growth over destruction. He’s given the nickname “Skinny” and he wonders what happened to Lynne to make her as distant as she is.

Flashback: The quiet town once was a growing town, but it was ransacked by an army troop. The men pull a young Lynne into a room with a colonel, as they hold Lynn’s father to the ground. As the colonel starts to take off his holster, she throws a pan of hot oil on his face. She runs away and the captain shoots her in the back. Her father pushes the men off him and runs toward his daughter while the colonel kicks the girl, who is still living. The colonel shoots Lynne’s father, mother and baby brother. Lynne, to everyone’s surprise, survives and recovers very quickly.

We find out that the warrior joined his clan because their mortal enemy killed his father. Lynne sees the warrior’s sword in his closet, but notices that it’s been sealed shut. He sealed it because the weeping of his sword from all the souls he’s taken can be heard by his clan and he will be tracked down.

The warrior begins to train Lynne, continuing where Smiley left off. He brings up the baby like she’s his own. Lynne gets better and better, fighting faster and faster, and at the same time they start falling for each other.

One night, the burnt colonel, now wearing a mask to cover his scars, and his bandits return to the town and begin terrorizing the town again for the night. He sends his bandits onward, but stays behind to revisit “some memories.” The townsfolk tie Lynne up to protect her and the town from more danger. The colonel lines up the women, looking at each one. He finds a woman who is up to his “nice teeth” standards, but ends up killing her and taking her daughters instead. As his troops wash the daughters, Lynne comes in posing as a girl happily willing to give herself to the colonel in place of the girls. As she seduces him, the rest of the town search for her, and the warrior knows what must be done, unsealing his sword.

The colonel knows Lynne is the little girl from so long ago, and as he and his men pin her to the bed, the warrior bursts into the window, killing all of the bandits. When he’s ready to kill the colonel, Lynne stops him. The colonel escapes through the window and Lynne chases him, throwing her knife into his back. But the man killed wasn’t the colonel, and the colonel gets away.

The warrior knows he has to leave because now his clan must be coming after him. But the circus folk won’t let him leave, since they know that the colonel will be back soon with more men to kill them all. Eight Ball brings his men to the cemetery and starts digging up a grave with boxes of guns and dynamite. Ron proves himself to be quite the sharp shooter. Ron tells the warrior that he used to have someone he loved, but because he didn’t leave soon enough, she died. And Lynne tells the warrior that when he leaves, she wants to come with him.

The town gets ready to fight the bandits as they return with rifles and horses. As the bandits ride in on their horses, Ron shoots at dynamite hidden in the garden, and blow groups of bandits up. The ones who are still standing are killed by the warrior. The rest of the bandits run into town, where Ron starts taking them out from the top of the ferris wheel. They blow up the ferris wheel as a final attack on the bandits. The townsfolk come out, excited they’ve won. But the bandits, hiding under dead bodies, start shooting them dead. Suddenly, the warrior’s old clan arrives and begins killing the townspeople and bandits, focusing in on the baby. The warrior tells Lynne to run with the baby, as he attacks his old clan. The colonel steals the baby and hides in a room, with his men outside in the hallway. The warrior kills the men and enters the room, saving the baby girl, but spares the colonel’s life so that Lynne could kill him. The warrior stands by and watches as the fight ensues. After a few missteps, Lynne kills the colonel.

They leave the room, where they meet the head of his old clan – the man who trained him, who made him the strongest of his clan. He tells the warrior that he does not belong in this new life, that this new life looks much like the old one, and that he must kill the baby.

Flashback: Scenes from when the warrior’s master trained him so long ago. When they fought in the rain, when he trained him as a little boy in the snow, and when he taught him that “he is an assassin – all that he loves, he will destroy.”

He kills his old master. As the petals from the garden fall from the sky to the ground, scenes are shown of the town burning, and of dead townspeople lying on the ground. Lynne looks into the warrior’s eyes and realizes that he won’t let her come with him. As she hands the baby to the warrior, the warrior shakes his head and Lynne realizes the warrior will leave them both behind to keep them safe. The warrior walks into the sunset, away from Lynne and the baby, and the town.

The last scene shows that no matter where the warrior goes, he is always and forever will be hunted, but will always remember the family he almost had.

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