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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna

Main Story/Tape 56
The film starts as a video tape of “found footage.” A man is sitting on a bed looking into the camera. Cut to men in masks in a car. They are in a parking garage and see a man and woman walking together. They get out of the car, with two men video taping, and attack the girl from behind. They hold back her boyfriend who is with her and pull up her clothes showing her breasts for the camera. Then we cut to an out house that the men are breaking into and destroying with bats and spray paint. We randomly cut back to the guy sitting on the bed undressing with his girlfriend and beginning to have sex. The girl doesn’t know they are being taped. She discovers it and is obviously upset. One of the guys took the tape they are filming on from another one of the guys.

The men are watching the tape of the girl in the parking garage saying that they hooked up with a reality porn company, and they’ve done this about 30 times, getting paid $50 each time they do it. They get back in the car discussing a mission – they are getting paid to break into a house and steal a VHS tape. They get to the house and say that there’s an old guy that lives there, and they have to be quiet – they will take care of it. They walk through the house and see the old man. They think he’s dead, and he smells. There are a lot of TVs and VHS tapes in the room where the man is. Some men leave to check the basement, and one man stays back to check the tapes. He sets the camera on top of the VCR and starts watching a tape.

Amateur Night
The first VHS tape involves three men, Shane, Patrick, and Clint. They seem to be in their 20s and have rented a hotel room for hooking up with girls later that night. Clint is wearing a pair of glasses with a hidden webcam inside of them so they can videotape their sexual escapades which they test out in the hotel room. They head to a bar and seem to be very perverted immature men. They start talking to some girls named Lily and Lisa. Lily is pale and kind of creepy looking. Meanwhile, they get kicked out of the bar for some reason. They get the two girls to go with them back to their hotel room. They’re all hanging out in the room drinking. Lily is sitting next to Clint and starts making weird noises at him telling him that she likes him while Shane is making out with Lisa and Patrick is laughing. Lily seems to be hissing at Patrick. Lisa is passed out, and now Shane is pissed. He now goes after Lily instead. He invites Clint over as he kisses Lily on the bed and takes her clothes off. Patrick now takes his clothes off as well, but Clint is having trouble with the whole thing. While Clint is in the bathroom, Patrick runs in having been severely bitten on the hand by Lily. They leave the bathroom and Lily reveals to have vampire like teeth. They run back to the bathroom and hear Shane screaming. They open the door and see her eating him. They panic for a while, take the towel rack and try to attack Lily and wake up Lisa. She jumps on Patrick and starts to eat him as he screams. Clint manages to get out and run down the stairs but falls and breaks his wrist. He tries to crawl away and sees Lily there crawling down the stairs to him. She tells him that she likes him, now fully transformed. Since he doesn’t like her obviously, she hides in the corner and cries. Clint escapes but no one will help him as he begs. She becomes a winged succubus and carries him into the sky causing his classes to fall.

Main Story/Tape 56
After the first VHS tape is over we see the guys who traveled into the basement exploring. They find a stack of VHS tapes and decide to just take all of them. They hear a noise and see a man walking by. The one man, Gary, doesn’t believe the other guy. Cut back to upstairs, the guy puts in the second tape.

Second Honeymoon
Sam and Stephanie are a married couple who go on a “second honeymoon” roadtrip out on the west coast. They go to the Wild West Junction attraction and film their encounters there, such as petting a white horse. They go to their hotel room, and Stephanie investigates the “dirty room” while Sam showers. That night they go to the shops and she gets a fortune from a machine like in the movie Big that says she will be visited by a love one. Later in the hotel room there is a knock on the door from a girl. It’s not shown, but we learn that it was a woman asking for a ride in the morning and he told her no. While they sleep there is someone in their hotel room with a camera filming them and touches Stephanie with a switchblade. The person steals $100 from Sam’s wallet, goes into the bathroom, washes his toothbrush in the toilet and when she looks in the mirror we see it’s a woman in a mask. She leaves.

The next day in the car Sam notices that all his money is gone and accuses Stephanie of taking it which she denies. They go to the Grand Canyon. That night in the room they are talking about where to go next. Sam decides he wants to go to Vegas for one night so he can play craps. While they sleep the woman comes back and stabs Sam in the neck killing him. In the bathroom, she washes off the knife, takes off the mask, and kisses Stephanie – the loved one. In the car, the girl asks Stephanie if she erased the footage.

Main Story/Tape 56
The dead man has now left the chair, and the guy does not notice as he’s like, “Wtf was that!” and switches the tape. The other men leave the basement with the tapes.

Tuesday the 17th
A girl named Wendy takes her friends Joey, Spider, and Samantha to her hometown. They travel through the woods. Suddenly we see what looks like a dead body or inside of some kind of animal. The tape skips and we see weird things like random dead bodies. Wendy tells Joey, who is taping, that everyone is going to die up there. They go to the lake and smoke pot. Wendy starts telling them about murders that happened there. Wendy says “I don’t remember what he looked like,” before laughing as if it’s all a joke. Spider, now filming, and Samantha go away, and we see weird things on the tape like static. Suddenly some weird figure that we don’t really know is throws a knife through the back of Wendy’s head and kills her. Then, the figure grabs Spider and stabs his forehead until he dies. Wendy comes and grabs the camera. She goes to back to Joey at the lake and talks to him about having sex. He questions her about the murders again, and she says the guy was “evil.” We see the weird static again and a figure moving closer. She tells Joey she needed bait because no one would believe her who the thing was everywhere. She tells him that Spider and Samantha are dead as it approaches and slashes his neck. She runs away into the trees, and we see the static again and hear the same noise as before. The figure gets caught in the traps she has set but then escapes. She says to the camera that she came back for nothing and tries to run away. She falls and tells to the camera not to come there. We randomly see Joey with a slashed neck walking around behind her before he falls dead. The killer comes and gets caught on another one of her traps. She turns for a second, and he has escaped. The killer jumps on Wendy and guts her completely with a knife for the camera.

Main Story/Tape 56
The old man is back in the chair. The guys come into the room and realize that their friends who were in the room are gone. One guy says he will look for them and for the other guy to stay and watch the tapes. Another tape goes into the VCR.

The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger
A woman named Emily is video chatting with her boyfriend James. She is showing him a bump on her arm that has been bothering her. They have been friends for years. She takes her clothes off for him. The next time they chat she gives him a tour of her apartment and tells him about footsteps she heard and other types of weird “haunted” type things. He doesn’t seem to believe her. She video chats with him in the middle of the night telling him there’s something there. She keeps telling him that her apartment is haunted. While video chatting visions of children walk by and she wants to know if little kids ever died there. He tells her that no one died there, and her arm is bothering her more and more. At night, they are chatting, and she hears the noise again. He guides her through her apartment as she investigates and uses the flash on her camera. There are little kids there. The next day she is cutting her arm on camera, digging in it to get whatever is in it out. That night they chat again. She decides to close her eyes so she won’t get scared and James can figure out what’s going on. The ghost children attack her, and she’s unconscious. James enters the room (he has been there the entire time!) and cuts a fetus type thing from her back. He asks the kids how many more times they need him to do this before they don’t need it anymore. He breaks her arm and bruises her to make it look like an accident. The next time they talk Emily has her arm in a splint and a black eye. It seems like James has visited her and returned home. She tells him that she her doctor diagnosed her with a type of schizophrenia which explains why she doesn’t remember running out into the middle of the street which is why she thinks she is hurt. They hang up, and now James is talking to another girl, repeating the same thing with her as he did with Emily.

Main Story/Tape 56
The old man is gone again. The other guy comes into the room and sees that his other friend, Zack, is now missing. He goes looking for him and finds one of his friends decapitated. He sees the old man who starts chasing him down the stairs. It looks like he eats him.

Some friends, Chad, Matt, Tyler and Paul go to a Halloween party, but the house is deserted. They think it’s a haunted house attraction since no one is there. Tyler is dressed up like a nanny cam in a bear costume. They see weird types of ghosts on the camera. They hear chanting coming from the attic and head up there. There are a bunch of people that appear to be assaulting a woman who is tied up. They realize it’s not a joke and start to see hands coming out of the walls. They try to rescue the girl, not realizing that an exorcism was going on. They can’t get out through the front door because everything is blocked via the paranormal events such as hands coming out from the walls, flying objects, and doorknobs being blown off. They get out through the basement, but the woman, who is in the car with them, disappears. She appears outside their car as a demon-like person. The car moves by itself and the woman disappears. They realize that they are on train tracks and cannot move the car as they are locked in. A train comes and kills them.

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