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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie starts off in the woods of Louisiana. We see an old black woman trying to dig something up in the ground. She digs up a large brown suitcase and throws it in her car. Sounds are coming from inside the suitcase. The black woman gets in her car and speeds down the road.

We cut to a diner and meet the characters: Eden (Agnes Bruckner), Eric (Jonathan Jackson), Rachel (Laura Ramsey), Cece (Meagan Good), Ricky (Pawel Szajda), Sean (DJ Cotrona), Tammy (Bijou Phillips) and her friend Patty (Davetta Sherwood). Eden, Rachel and Cece work at the diner. An old truck pulls up in the parking lot, and out steps the town creep, Ray Sawyer (Rick Cramer). Eden gives Ray his food order in a bag to go and Ray takes off in his truck. As Ray leaves, Tammy flashes her boobs at Ray while the rest of the kids laugh. Eric talks to Sean about how Eden recently dumped him and she hates him for no reason.

Later on that night, Rachel and Eden close the diner and go home. Eden rides her bike through the small hick town of Backwater. She rides passed Ray's gas station called Happy Times. She comes across a bridge and Eric pulls up in his jeep. Eric parks his jeep on the side of the road and gets out to talk to Eden. They start to argue about why they broke up and Ray comes along in his truck. Ray asks Eden if Eric is harassing her, but Eden says everything is fine.

Out of nowhere, we see the black women's car come driving up and Ray's truck's headlights blind her. This causes the women's car to spin out of control and nearly hit Eric. This sends her car rocking on the edge of the bridge and is about to fall down into the water. Ray, Eden and Eric come to help. Eric tries to open the women's car door, but Ray steps up and says he should help her. Ray gets inside the car and the women panics and tells Ray to get the suitcase from the backseat. Ray pulls her out and Eden and Eric bring her to the middle of the road. Ray goes back into the car to get the suitcase. Suddenly, the suitcase snaps open and snakes come lunging at Ray. The car door slams shut and the car falls down into the water. Eric calls out for him, but the car sinks underwater.

Paramedics arrive and the black woman passes away in the ambulance. The paramedics take Ray's body. Cece pulls up to the crime scene and we find out that the black woman was Cece's grandmother. A cop shows up named Turner (Method Man). Cece asks Turner if there was a suitcase in the car. Turner says he found the suitcase but it was empty. Cece freaks out and says she has to go home.

Later on, we cut to a morgue where a doctor is examining Ray's body. We see that Ray's flesh has turned all green and pale. The doctor goes to answer a phone call. When he comes back, Ray's body is gone. The doctor wanders around the hallway and Ray comes out and kills the doctor.

ipod_nano_180x150Even later that night, we see Turner at the Happy Times gas station. He looks around the station and finds nothing. He goes back to his car but hears a noise. He checks it out and Ray comes popping out and slits Turner's throat as blood sprays everywhere. Ray paints a small 'S' symbol on Turner's forehead.

The next morning we see Eden at a cemetery. She goes up to her father's grave and stares at it. As she is leaving, she hears a noise by the road. She checks it out and sees Ray driving his truck down the road. Eden gets freaked out. Later that day, we see Rachel and Eden at the diner. They talk about how Cece didn't show up for work today because she is still freaked out over her grandmother's death and that mysterious suitcase. Rachel adds that she is going down by the lake later and wants Eden to come. Eden agrees.

Next we see Eric and Sean outside of the diner. Eric mentions that the whole town is talking about Ray's death. Sean says that he could care less about Ray because apparently Ray is Sean's father that he never speaks to.

Cut to Tammy and Patty driving down the road. They come across the Happy Times gas station. Patty goes inside to take some money from the cash register. Tammy says it's wrong because Ray is dead, but in the end they really don't care. Patty goes to find a bathroom. Minutes pass and Patty still isn't back yet. Tammy goes to look for Patty. She checks the bathroom and finds nothing. Tammy wanders into the garage and slips on blood. She looks up and finds Patty's dead body hanging from chains.

Ray pops out and automatically shuts the garage door. Tammy crawls under a car, which is up on a lift. Ray presses a button and the lift goes down, sending the car to crush Tammy. As Tammy is pinned down, Ray goes over to his sand blaster machine and hooks a hose up to it. He takes the hose, and sandblasts Tammy's face killing her.

We cut to all the friends hanging out at the lake. Sean is drunk and decides he wants to leave. He gets on his motorcycle and Eric walks over. Sean says that he is going to the Happy Times garage because he technically owns it since Ray was his father. Sean drives off. Eric gets in his car and follows him.

Rachel, Eden and Ricky get in a car and drive to Cece's house to talk to her. They approach the house, which is rundown in the middle of the woods. The three go inside and find all freaky voodoo items. Cece comes in and they all talk. Eden asks Cece what was in the suitcase and why it's so important. Cece says that the souls of evil men such as murderers, rapists, etc, were inside of snakes, which were in that suitcase. Cece adds that the snakes killed Ray, and Ray is now possessed with the evil souls which has turned him into a killing machine. Ray will try and take the souls of everyone he kills.

Cut to the Happy Times gas station, Sean is wrecking the place and breaking windows. Eric pulls up and tries to calm him down. The two walk into the garage and find a large 'S' painted in blood on the floor. Apparently Ray has set up some type of voodoo ritual, the ritual of Ray taking his victims souls. Eric and Sean get into Eric's jeep and take off.

Back at Cece's house, Eden says she doesn't believe in all the voodoo crap and says Cece is completely insane. Eden goes up to Ricky and Rachel, and tells them to find help because Cece has lost it. Ricky and Rachel go back to Rachel's car, only to find it flipped over. Rachel flips out, and we hear some moving in the bushes. Ray pops out with a crowbar. The two run back to the house. Ray throws his crowbar, which hits Rachel in the shoulder. Rachel gets up and runs in the house. Ricky goes to run into the house, but slips on the stairs. Cece slams the door shut. Rachel yells that Ricky is still outside. Ray goes up to Ricky and stabs him in the leg. Ray then cuts Ricky's arm off and paints another large 'S' symbol on the front door.

Eric and Sean pull up and run inside the house. Ray chases after them but cannot enter, because Cece put a protection spell around the house. Ray goes back out to his truck and waits. The group has no idea what to do now. Out of nowhere, a chain is flung through the window and wraps around Sean's neck; Ray pulls the chain, which pulls Sean out the window. Sean is dragged along the ground. Eric runs out to help Sean. Ray stabs Sean in the back. Eden grabs a shotgun from Cece's house and shoots Ray. Eric picks up Sean's body and brings it in the house.

Sean dies and Rachel freaks out. Cece says that she has an idea on how to hurt Ray. She says that she can make a voodoo doll out of Sean's body, but she needs something of Ray's. Eric says that Sean was Ray's son so they can use the blood of Sean to help make the voodoo doll. Cece sets up the ritual. She takes a voodoo necklace that her grandma had and puts it around her neck. The voodoo necklace has a snake symbol on it, and can be used against Ray.

Ray hooks his chain up to the front of the house, and backs his truck up. This causes the front of the house to be ripped off and dragged by Ray's truck. Ray goes up the group and Eric and Rachel run. Cece gets the voodoo doll ready AKA Sean's dead body, and stabs it in the leg, this causes Ray to feel the pain and fall to the ground.

However, this is no use, Ray slices Cece's throat. Eden runs over and takes the voodoo necklace, she then runs to meet up with Eric and Rachel. The three get into Eric's jeep as he drives off. Ray comes up from behind in his truck. After a few minutes of intense chasing, Ray takes his chain and whips it out at Rachel. The chain goes around Rachel's neck and Ray pulls Rachel toward his truck. Eden grabs onto Rachel's feet. This is like a tug of war situation to best explain it. As the two cars are driving, and Rachel is being held in between them, they come across a tree in the middle of the road. Ray turns his truck right and Eric turns his jeep left. Rachel screams and she gets impaled onto the tree.

Eric and Eden get out of the jeep and make a run for it. They run through the swamps. Ray chases after them. They eventually hide behind some trees in the swamp. They spot Ray, but Ray doesn't see them. Ray goes underwater and swims underwater, therefore Eden and Eric can't see where Ray is.

Movielink Generic 250X250 AnimatedThey come towards the end of the swamp and onto dry land. The two run, but Eden gets ahead of Eric and the two loose each other. Eden calls out for Eric. We go to Eric and we see Ray pop up behind him. Eric yells. Eden hears this and runs through the woods. She comes across an underground temple. She looks around and finds a large coffin filled with dead bodies. She hears Ray coming, so Eden's only choice is to hide in the pit of bodies. Ray comes up to the pit and dumps Eric's body. Eden tries her best not to scream.

Ray sets up his ritual; the ritual to grab the souls of all his victims. Eric's eyes open in the body pit and Eden is relieved that Eric is still alive. However Eden makes a noise, which gets Ray's attention. Ray goes over to the body pit and looks down. Eric starts to make noises. Ray picks up Eric's body and stabs him in the head with his crowbar. Eric made noises in order to save Eden, to sacrifice himself instead of her. Ray walks away from the body bit and continues his ritual. Eden climbs out of the pit, and takes the knife out of Eric's head. She talks over and goes to stab Ray, but Ray dodges the knife. Ray picks her up and throws her down onto the ground; this causes a secret underground passageway to open up.

Ray and Eden are in a small pit. Eden thinks it's the end, but she finds a gate attached to the wall of the pit and seals herself shut. She takes out the voodoo necklace that has the snake symbol, which can be used against Ray. She throws it at Ray and the snakes start to come out of Ray's body. Eden climbs out of the pit and runs out of the voodoo temple.

She's back in the swamps and she comes across Ray's truck. She climbs in, but Ray pops out and chases her through the woods. Eden hides in some bushes. Ray looks around but can't find her. All of a sudden, we hear Ray's truck start up and Eden drives right into Ray. This causes Ray's body to break into a million pieces. Ray is dead. Eden climbs out of the truck and walks away.

The last scene is of snakes coming out of Ray's dead body.

Roll credits

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