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During the opening credits we see a 6th grade valentines day dance in 1988. One kid named Jeremy Melton (a real geeky kid) asks to dance with 3 or 4 girls and gets laughed at and humiliated. One of them simply says maybe later. Finally, he asks Dorothy, a chunky girl sitting alone. She agrees and the next thing we know is that they're making out under the bleachers. Some guys see them and start laughing at them and an embarrassed Dorothy, pushes Jeremy away and says he forced himself on her. This upsets the guys so they rough him up. Jeremy ends up with a nosebleed but it was more from panic or excitement than from being smacked in the nose.

We then cut to the present with one of the now grown up girls (Shelly) on a blind date. The date isn't going so well and she skips out and heads to the morgue where she is studying medicine. In her locker she finds a valentine card that's kind of threatening and implies that she'll get her neck cut open. As she's about to cut into a cadaver she hears a noise. In a typical "horror type" chain of events she ends up getting her throat slashed by someone in a cupid mask. After cutting her throat, the killer's nose bleeds through the nostrils of the mask.

At her funeral the rest of her friends are there along with a detective asking everyone questions.

Each of the girls are getting the same type of Valentine cards, all signed "JM"

The "chunky girl" from the 6th grade (Dorothy) has grown up to be a very nice looking woman and now pals around with the pretty girls. She has a guy friend (Campbell) move in with her and her rich father but this friend is really after her dad's money.

Paige (Denise Richards) is still beautiful and has dated just about every guy in the city. Even the Police Detective puts a move on her.

Kate (Marley Shelton) is the girl who in the 6th grade told Jeremy "maybe later." She has recently dumped her boyfriend Adam (David Boreanaz) because of his alcohol problem.

Finally, Lily (Jessica Cauffiel) can never find the right guy and is currently dating a multimedia artist.

The four girls all go to the latest exhibit of Lily's boyfriend. It's pretty strange and Lily gets lost in a maze of TV screens and images. The lights start going out and she finds herself standing in front of person with a cupid mask. Cupid shoots her with an arrow, right in her stomach and she falls down a stair well into a dumpster. Cupid's nose starts bleeding.

The other 3 girls figure she left early and since they didn't hear from her for a few days, they figure she must have gone to LA on business.

Dorothy has planned a HUGE valentine day's party at her dad's mansion. Her new boyfriend Campbell (the guy after her dad's money) is still hanging around. She calls him and asks him to re-light the pilot light the on the water heater in the basement. When Campbell does this, he is whacked in the back with an axe by a Cupid masked killer.

On the night of party, nothing is going right. Dorothy is upset that Campbell hasn't shown up. Kate is upset because she sees her ex-boyfriend drinking again. Paige is propositioned and ends up in a bedroom with a guy that's thinks he's pretty hot stuff. Paige (Denise Richards) ends up tying him up naked in bed and dumping wax from a burning candle on him, leaving him there, screaming.

Paige goes to relax in the hot tub. While in the tub, she hears a noise. She walks around looking to see where the noise came from (Sorry, no nudity or anything…) After 3 or 4 times when you expect to see the masked killer, he finally appears and tosses her back into the tub. He places a clear plastic cover on it with her still inside. Paige is panicking below and struggling for air. The Cupid masked killer gets a drill and starts drilling holes in the cover. Finally, he lifts the cover and drops the drill inside, electrocuting Paige.

This causes the power in most of the house to go off and the guests all leave.

Dorothy gets into an argument with Kate about how the 4 pretty girls never accepted her when she was fat and can never give her credit for actually having a boyfriend. She tells Kate that the chances are just as likely that Campbell is the killer as they are that Adam is. Dorothy runs upstairs.

Kate goes outside to call the detective to see whats going on with the case. She can hear his phone ringing in the back yard of the house. She finds his phone alongside a pond next to a note she had earlier given Adam. Suddenly, up from the pond floats the dead body of the detective.

She is convinced now that her boyfriend Adam is actually Jeremy and is the killer. She runs back inside but guess who's there waiting for her….. Adam.

He tries to calm her down by asking her to dance with him (Just as Jeremy did in the 6th grade). She kicks him in the groin and runs away. She runs all through the house but everywhere she turns, she discovers dead bodies. She breaks into a gun closet and takes out a handgun. She slowly walks upstairs. Just as she is opening a bedroom door, the Cupid-masked killer is hurled towards her, knocking the gun out of her hand and the two of them tumble down the flight of stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, the killer is knocked out. Kate can only just look at the lifeless body when suddenly the body sits up. We hear gunshots and the Cupid killer falls back to the ground. As the camera pans back we see Adam holding a gun and that he has just killed the Cupid-masked killer. They pull the mask off to reveal that it is Dorothy.

Kate embraces Adam and apologizes. He explains that some people can be traumatized when they are young and hold the anger in all their lives. Sometimes the anger builds up and they must act on it. (he's actually talking about himself).

They are embracing when the film ends and we see a drop of blood fall on Kate's cheek. The camera moves up and we see that Adam's nose is bleeding.

So, you tell me...

Many people think that Dorothy was a killer also and she wasn't pushed into Kate at the end but was actually trying to kill her.

Tell me what you think.


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Denise Richards gets electrocuted when the Cupid-masked killer throws a drill into the jacuzzi.
Jessica Capshaw plays Dorothy. At the end of the film she was killed while wearing the Cupid mask. Is she the killer?
Kate's boyfriend Adam, is actually the kid they picked on in the 6th grade. He kills them all except for Kate.
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