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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by qiheal who says... "I thought this movie was very cute and I suggest everyone to go out and see it."

The movie starts out with Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy) getting ready for her 22nd birthday party. She’s the daughter of famous rocker Tommy Gunn and she lives off of the royalties. Her room is pink and has stuffed animals; basically her room will remind you off a little girl’s room (like she lives in some fantasy world). Molly walks out of her room into a hallway full of flowers, a neighbor comes out complaining that the hallway wasn’t a florist shop. Molly heads down foyer of the hotel and the doorman complains about there being too many presents (there’s at least 80 of them), Molly tells him to give all her presents to goodwill.

Molly arrives at her party, which is being held at a nightclub and there are a lot of people there. Molly meets up with her two best friends, Ingrid, who has to help Molly stay grounded, and Huey. One of Molly’s friends starts talking about Botox and how it would help Molly with the wrinkle on her forehead. Molly then goes to the bathroom to see if there really is a wrinkle. While she’s in there, we meet Lorraine Schleine (Dakota Fanning), who we soon realize is full of sarcasm and likes to go by the name Ray. Ray starts saying that Molly doesn’t need to worry about wrinkles yet. Ray is very big on staying clean and sanitation; she has her own bar of soap in her purse and turns on the faucet with a tissue covering her hand. Then, Huey comes into the bathroom and starts laughing and says how “I finally found you,” referring to Ray, whom he is babysitting. Ray starts saying how Huey shouldn’t be in the girls’ bathroom, while he drags her out. Back in the club, Molly, Huey, and Ray are sitting at a table when a musician, (I can’t remember his name in the movie, but he’s played by Jesse Spencer, so I’ll refer to him as Jesse). Jesse plays his song and Ray, rudely, starts calling over to her mom, Roma (Heather Locklear), saying she wants to leave, but she is ignored. Roma, we discover, is a very important person in the music business.

As the party ends and everyone is outside, Molly reveals to Huey that she likes Jesse. Huey, who is Jesse’s agent, introduces the two. Jesse and Molly go back to her apartment, where she realizes that her lights don’t work, so she lights a bunch of candles. Jesse spots Molly’s collections of her dad’s guitars; there are around 15 of them. He starts to play the songs Tommy Gunn wrote for Molly, but she asks him to stop playing because that’s the last song she heard by her dad before both her parents died in a car crash. Jesse and Molly end up having sex. Jesse wakes up to see Molly’s pet pig, named Mu (which is Tibetan for pig). Jesse starts playing his music for Molly, who doesn’t like it that much. She goes to the bathroom and calls Ingrid and asks her to help her get Jesse, whom is annoying her, to leave. When Molly gets out of the bathroom, Jesse is getting dressed, he’s leaving. This saddens Molly who begs him to stay, even though just a second ago she wanted him to leave.

Ingrid comes over a few hours later and Molly is sulking. Ingrid asks why Molly’s electricity isn’t working and she asks who takes care of her bills, and Molly tells her. Ingrid calls up the man and panics when she realizes the man’s phone is out of service. The next shot is of Molly and Ingrid at her lawyer’s office, and he tells Molly that the man took all of her money, she has no money now. The lawyer suggests Molly get a job.

Ingrid helps Molly get a job at a very fancy home and decorating store. There, Molly buys Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Jesse (Important Later). Molly goes over to Jesse’s place and he tells her that he left his lucky jacket at her apartment. Molly starts rubbing the Egyptian Cotton Sheets over his chest and the end up having sex again. Molly is so tired from that night that she falls asleep in a show bed at the store she is working at, and she get fired because of it. Huey helps get her a job nannying for. . .Ray. Ray doesn’t like the idea of Molly being her nanny.

At Ray’s house Molly discovers that Ray’s dad is in a coma (Important Later), but is still living in the apartment, but in a hospital bed and with a nurse taking care of him. The first day is a disaster for Molly. First, she bites into some food off of Ray’s tea set, only to discover that it's fake, and Ray sprays the food with a lot of Lysol spray. Next, Molly has to wash the dishes, while Ray out them away. Ray complains that one of the dishes isn’t dry enough and gives it back to Molly. Molly says it’s dry enough and gives it back to Ray. In the end, while the fought about it, they break the plate and Molly says she quits and walks out.

Back at her apartment she realizes she’s getting evicted. So, she ends up staying at Ingrid’s apartment, where she is expected to pay half of the rent.

The next shot is of Ray in her ballet class. Molly comes and picks her up and says that she talk to Roma and if it’s okay with Ray, she can have her job back, Ray okays it. Back at Ingrid’s apartment, Molly starts the painful process of selling off things she doesn’t need. On Thursday, Ingrid’s friends come over and they all make cookies. Molly ends up setting the cookies on fire and uses Jesse’s lucky jacket to put it out. The jacket is burnt badly and Molly tries to fix it. When Molly gives it back to Jesse we see that the jacket is now purple with stitches of thick black yarn around the collar. Jesse is pretty upset about it and breaks up with Molly, he says it’s not about the jacket, but he won’t tell her what his reason is.

Note: I can’t quite remember in which order these next events happen.

Ingrid and Molly get into a fight and Ingrid kicks Molly out of the apartment. Molly ends up rooming with Huey.

The next day, Molly takes Ray to an amusement park on Coney Island. They ride the Amtrak and Molly says how there are big giant Tea Cups to ride in. Rays reveals that she is a little excited about it. However, once they arrive Molly is told that the park doesn’t open until next week. When Molly starts to leave she can’t find Ray. She looks around the park and finds Ray standing in front of the Tea Cup ride (Important Later). Molly apologizes to Ray, who puts on her sunglasses and crisply says, “Let’s go.”

On Molly’s day off she goes to a club with Huey, where she sees Roma. Molly goes up to her and asks where ray is. Roma replies that she’s at “some dance recital or something.” Molly says how she forgot about that, Roma says it’s no big deal; she had a limo go pick up Ray.

Molly rushes over to Roma’s apartment, where she finds Ray in bed. After some rude comments made by Ray, Molly ends up talking about the night her parents died. Molly was mad at them for leaving her to go on tour, so she locked herself in her room and didn’t say good-bye to her parents. In the end she starts to cry about it and places her head in Ray’s lap, who, awkwardly, hugs her. Molly wakes up in Ray’s bed to find it empty (Ray had gone into her comatose father’s room). Molly goes to the kitchen where she sees Jesse drinking some orange juice without a shirt on. They are both surprised to see each other. Molly tells him she’s Ray’s nanny and asks him why he’s there. She figures out that he had slept with Roma and she runs out. She goes to bridge and jumps off of it, an unsuccessful attempt to kill herself.

Back at Huey’s apartment, Huey and Molly watch Jesse’s music video for his song entitled “Sheets of Egyptian Cotton.” Molly gets upset when she sees that Jesse is wearing the jacket that she had made and that he said he hated.

When she goes over to Ray’s place, they start talking about Ray’s dad. Molly says how people in comas live longer when their friends and family members talk to them than those people in comas who are all alone. Ray asks, “Do you promise?” and Molly says she does promise, so Ray goes in and talks to her comatose father.

Molly decides to sell her collection of her father’s guitars at an auction. Not many people show up and most of the starting bids are at the low price of $2500. An anonymous caller wants to buy the whole collection for $75,000, and Molly accepts the offer. Then she gets a call from Roma. Molly goes over to the apartment, where the nurse tells her that Ray’s father died a few hours ago. Molly goes into Ray’s room, to find Ray calmly doing ballet practice. Molly says she’s sorry about her father, but Ray just turns her back on Molly and says, “You promised.” Molly goes into Roma’s room and Roma tells her she is fired. Molly asked how Ray took the news about her father. Roma says “she took it rather well, she was doing her homework when I came home.” To which Molly replies, “You think that’s taking it well?” and starts talking about how Roma doesn’t know her daughter.

At the funeral, Molly makes up with Ingrid and some rock stars ask her of she could make them jackets too.

Soon after, Molly is showing Huey her new apartment she bought. It is a very small apartment and she tells Huey she needs to stand on her own two feet (she starts to go to school to become a fashion designer). Next, she gets a call from a worried Roma who says that Ray never came home from school, Molly gives the phone to Huey and rushes out of the apartment. She goes to the amusement park on Coney Island and finds Ray riding in the giant teacups. Molly gets in the cup and she and Ray start spinning the cup around. The next shot is of a dizzy Ray throwing up in a garbage can and Molly kneeling behind her. When Ray’s done she turns around to face Molly, then, all of a sudden, Ray slaps Molly. Molly is rather surprised, but she manages to catch Ray’s hand as she was about to slap her again, so Ray slaps Molly with her other hand. Molly stands up and slaps Ray too, Ray starts to punch Molly in the stomach. Molly just hugs Rays as she stops punching and starts crying.

The next scene is at Ray’s ballet recital. We see Ray with the outfit on that Molly had made her, with Roma making some finishing touches on the dress. Molly is sitting in the audience, waiting for Ray to perform. Suddenly, Jesse walks out and starts playing the song Molly’s dad wrote for her. Then, some other ballet dancers come out holding the guitars Molly had sold off (obviously, Jesse had been the anonymous buyer). Ray comes out and starts doing her dance and she dances around the other girl on stage while autumn leaves fall on the stage.

The movie ends with Ray finishing her dance with Molly and everyone applauding.


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