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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

Note: Since there are technically two people who go by Martin Harris, I will refer to the "fake" one as MB.

We open on a plane where Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) and his wife Liz (January Jones) are heading to Berlin. She wakes up just as the plane is about to land. She asks Martin if he slept. He says no and that he will sleep at the hotel.

At customs, Martin mentions the purpose of the visit; he is a doctor who is speaking at a biomedical conference. Martin and Liz have their bags packed into a taxi and leave for the hotel. However, Martin's briefcase was left behind.

At the hotel and realizing his briefcase is missing, he tells Liz to check in. Without telling her where he is going, he gets a taxi back to the airport to retrieve it. There is a large traffic jam, and he asks the driver Gina (Diane Kruger) if there is a better route. She takes a shortcut, and while driving over a bridge is behind a car with poorly strapped down equipment. A strap breaks, causing a huge fridge to fall off. Gina swerves the car, and it goes off the bridge and into the river. Martin is knocked out, and Gina barely makes it out. She saves Martin and the EMT's begin to work on him.

Martin wakes up in a hospital. His doctor, Dr. Farge asks him who he is. Martin tells him who he is and what he remembers, but it is not much. While he is recuperating, he sees the conference he was going to attend on TV and the hotel he was staying at. He checks himself out in need to find Liz against Dr. Farge's advice. Farge gives him his card telling him to come back if anything is wrong.

Martin gets to the hotel has difficulty getting past security since he has no identification. Seeing Liz, he tells hotel security if they show Liz to him it can be all sorted out. However, when Liz sees him she claims that she doesn't recognize him. When Martin presses further that he is her husband, she presents her "true" husband Martin B (Aidan Quinn). Martin thinks this is a sick joke and explains he was in a coma for four days after an accident. Martin is taken away by security. He tries to prove he was at the hotel, but there is no camera footage that shows him there. When he tries to show them a picture on the university website, it only shows a picture of MB. Realizing how bad it looks, and that he could be potentially arrested. He tells the head of staff that perhaps his accident made him forget things, and he is not well. He gives him Dr. Farge's card and tells him he needs to go back to the hospital.

They put Martin in a taxi, but he changes the route. He goes where MB and Liz are having dinner and stares. He places a call to Rodney Cole (Frank Lagella) and tells him something is wrong with Liz. Seeing a taxi, he realizes it is the same one he was in. Going to investigate at the company he finds out Gina was an illegal immigrant and cannot be found. Her friend Biko (Clint Dyer) knows where she is though and tells Martin. Martin goes to see her at work at a cafe. She is unwilling to talk to him. Martin thanks her for saving him and leaves. He travels down the subway where he realizes he is being followed by a man. He is able to get into the subway car and escape.

The following day, Martin then proceeds to Berlin university where he has an appointment with Prof. Bressler (Sebastian Koch). However, MB is already there. When Martin tries to convince Bressler he is the genuine thing, MB knows all the information as well. When MB shows Martin a picture exactly like the one Martin had one with Liz, the information is too much for Martin, and he passes out.

He wakes up in the hospital with his nurse Gretchen looking over him. She is sympathetic to him and gives him the address of a friend Jurgen who finds people. When Dr. Farge comes, he says they will do another MRI on Martin and see what is wrong. Martin asks if the doctor knows what it is like to go insane. "It is everyone telling you that you are wrong, while you still believe everything you know is right."

Martin is put on the MRI machine while he thinks about Liz. He is pulled out and haphazardly put on a hospital stretcher. He realizes that it is the same man from the subway. He zip ties Martin's hand to the gurney and starts a IV drip laced with a poison. Gretchen comes in and asks what he is doing. The man says he has orders to transport Martin. When Gretchen asks for the papers, the man snaps her neck before leaving shortly. Martin notices she has a pair of scissors in her scrubs and is able to grab them before the man returns. While the man drags Gretchen into another room (we see he killed another technician), Martin cuts his restraints and escapes in an ambulance.

Martin goes to see Jurgen (Bruno Ganz) and tells him Gretchen is dead. Jurgen says he was East German secret police back in the day, and that is how he know how to do what he does. Martin tells him his story, and Jurgen is surprised by it but doesn't think Martin is crazy. He tells Martin "The thing with lying is if you ask a man enough questions, he will eventually try to change his story. The one telling the truth never does. No matter how crazy." Martin shows Jurgen his father's book, which has a code in Liz's handwriting. Jurgen tells Martin he has to find Gina and make her talk. Jurgeb also says Martin has to ask "What would they get out of taking your place?"

Martin tracks down Gina again and offers her money if she will talk to Jurgen and give him a place for the night. Meanwhile, Jurgen calls a friend who works at the airport and asks for a favor.

Gina takes Martin to her place. When he sees some artwork, she is first mad but then explains she needs 4000 euros to get papers and start a new life away from here. While Martin takes a shower, Biko drops by and gives Gina keys to a taxi. Several minutes later another knock at the door makes Gina think Biko came back. Instead, it is two killers; one Martin met earlier and another named Jones. Jones scouts the bathroom and finds an open window. Meanwhile, the other killer plans to murder Gina with a syringe of unknown substance. Jones looks outside the window, and it appears that Martin has escaped. Martin is actually holding on to the roof and comes back into the apartment. He gets into a fight with the killer holding Gina. Gina runs out and sees the dead body of Biko. The fight ends when Gina comes back and sticks the syringe into the killer's neck. Martin tries to talk to him, but he dies. They get into the taxi and Jones gives chase through the streets of Berlin. Both cars get into an accident and all survive.

Gina takes Martin to a club so they can hide out. She then berates him for getting her involved and getting Biko killed. His family is in Africa and will never know what happened. While she goes to cool down, Martin examines the code and realizes it relates to words in the book.

They meet Jurgen and tell him that Bressler is meeting with a Saudi Prince named Shada in order to discuss a new type of corn that can grow anywhere. Jurgen suggest that Shada being a progressive and having survived several attempts on his life is the target for the summit. Martin goes to the art gallery where he and his wife were going to meet with Gina watching MB making sure he is not coming there. Martin has to evade Jones who is also there but finally gets to speak to Liz. She acts as if she has been coerced by MB and others telling Martin to meet her at the airport. Martin and Gina leave.

Meanwhile, Jurgen has returned home and sees that his friend found photos of Martin with Liz at the airport. He gets a call from Rodney Cole and Cole offers to come see him and sort everything out. Jurgen offers him coffee, but Cole declines. Jurgen then goes on a tangent about Section 15 : A rogue killer for hire faction that will kill anyone at any price and has never failed. Jurgen places a powder into his coffee and takes a sip. Cole says Jurgen will tell him everything he knows. Jurgen replies that he has cancer and will be dead soon anyway, so if he talks, what will happen next. Jurgen proceeds to convulse. Cole deduces cyanide. Jurgen dies without telling him anything.

Martin and Gina get to the airport and retrieve the briefcase. He gives Gina money so she can get papers. She leaves but sees Cole arrive and take Martin to a van where Jones is waiting and knocks him out. Gina is shocked and steals a taxi to follow him.

At an abandoned parking lot, Martin doesn't understand why his friend of fifteen years wants to kill him. Cole explains there is no Martin Harris; they made him up. Martin was part of a team of assassins that started to "believe the lie." Martin remembers more now: how the picture he thought of was fake with both him and MB. How Cole was there explaining the mission etc.

Cole says Liz couldn't believe how far he had lost it and had to put MB in play. Cole says Martin was Cole's best man, but because of his accident and his inability to let go, he will die as a nameless junkie. Jones proceeds to strangle Martin. Gina shows up in the taxi and kills Jones and pushes the van containing Cole off the parking garage. It explodes, killing Cole.

Martin and Gina look at the passports and discovers a second set. Martin remembers being in Berlin three months ago and setting a bomb. He remembers the plan; Bressler is the true target but they were going to make it look like Shada was killed by extremists and Bressler was collateral damage. Martin is ashamed of himself and told Gina she should of let him die. Gina says "It is what you do now that matters."

They race to the hotel where the party is already started. MB and Liz distract Bressler and begin to steal the contents of his laptop. Martin and Gina go to security and explain what is going on, showing them security footage of when they planted the bomb. Convinced, the hotel security begin to evacuate the hotel. Martin and Gina are held at the security office. Meanwhile, Liz tells MB to kill Bressler, and she'll disable the bomb, as they no longer need it, and she doesn't need proof lying around that she set it. Martin and Gina fight the guards and Martin escapes to find Bressler.

Martin remembers more. Lily and Laurel where Bressler's daughters and thus his password to his computer (the scientific names of the flowers they were named after). The job WAS for Bressler, not the prince. Section 15 wanted to steal his formula as it is worth billions.

MB sees Bressler and goes in for the kill. Martin stops him they begin to fight. Liz goes to the room to get to the bomb turned off, but cannot do it in time. It explodes, killing her and decimating the hotel. Martin is knocked down, but it jostles the final parts of his memory. He faces MB and says "I didn't forget everything. I know how to kill you asshole."

Martin and MB get into a long, protracted hand to hand fight. Martin finally gets a shard of glass and shoves it into MB's throat, killing him. Gina finds Martin, and they disappear.

A few days later, they see a news report in which Prince Shada and Bressler give the formula for the corn free to the world. The food companies are enraged by this and their stocks drop 14% percent (It is implied a large company hired Section 15 to kill Bressler and the Prince). Martin and Gina smile at this and leave the cafe.

Martin gives Gina new papers with a new name: Claudette. Gina says it suits her. Gina asks Martin who he will be. He says "Henry Thomas." They say "hello" for the first time and board a train out of Berlin, possibly together.

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Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) is traveling to Berlin with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) for a bio-medical conference. Dr Harris is scheduled to give a presentation about his research as part of the event. After taking a taxi from the airport to their hotel, Dr Harris realizes that his briefcase was left behind at the terminal. While his wife checks in at the reservation desk, he hails another cab and goes back to the airport to retrieve it. During the trip, the taxi driver swerves to avoid an accident but drives off the road into a canal. Harris suffers a blow to the head during the crash and has to be pulled from the submerged vehicle by the taxi driver. His heart stops for several minutes but paramedics are able to revive him.

Harris awakens in the hospital to discover that he has been in a coma for four days. Frantic at the thought that his wife doesn't know where he is, he checks himself out against the advice of the attending physician. Harris goes to his hotel and catches a glimpse of his wife entering the ballroom for a dinner party. When Harris approaches her, she denies knowing him and insists that he is not her husband. Another man (Aiden Quinn) then appears at Elizabeth's side claiming to be the real Dr Martin Harris. He has proper identification and even candid photos of himself with Elizabeth. After police and security guards remove him from the party, Martin watches as an Internet search turns up several pages which seem to indicate that the other man is the real Martin Harris.

A combination of clues and regained memories eventually leads Martin to the truth behind his current situation. There is no Dr Martin Harris. Martin and Elizabeth are part of a group of assassins-for-hire. They were using the phony "Dr and Mrs Harris" identities in order to get into the conference to steal valuable research from one of the other participants. When Martin went missing after the car accident, another member of the team stepped in and assumed the "Dr Harris" role in order to complete the assignment. "Dr and Mrs Harris" are going to steal Dr Bessler's research on a groundbreaking new strain of corn and kill him in a phony terrorist attack.

Martin is so horrified by the realization of what he and his teammates planned to do that he decides to stop them. He goes to the hotel security office and warns them about the bomb that is planted in one of the suites. As guests are evacuated from the hotel, Martin confronts the other Dr Harris. While the two men are fighting, the bomb goes off. Elizabeth is killed in the explosion and a significant portion of the hotel is damaged. Martin is eventually able to kill the other "Dr Harris".

At a press conference several days later, Dr Bessler announces that he will not patent his valuable research but will instead share it with the world in hopes of wiping out hunger. A news report indicates that this announcement has caused agri-business stocks to plummet (suggesting that it was one of those businesses that hired Martin and his team to steal the research). Martin and the taxi driver who helped him use the fake IDs and currency that were inside his missing briefcase to begin new lives.

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