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movie trailer (quicktime)

NOTE: Another great (and long) spoiler sent in by Marcus.

The film starts off with Frank Martin (Jason Statham) waiting in his car in a parking complex. He looks at his watch - it's time to go. Before he can enter the security code to drive his car, a girl wearing a short skirt comes up and knocks on his window. She says that she is having car trouble and asks if he can help her. Frank says that he has an appointment and he does not like being late. The girl then points a gun at Frank's head and orders him to get out of the car. When he does, four black men with pipes come out of hiding and happily get into Frank's car (they are going to steal it). However, even though the key is in the ignition the car still won't start without the security code. Frank refuses to tell them what it is, so the black guys get out of the car and get ready to beat the code out of him. Frank stops them, takes off his coat, and then proceeds to easily beat all four ! of them. The girl is afraid and runs away, dropping her gun to the floor. Frank gets back into his car, enters the code, and drives away.

The opening credits come up as we see Frank driving around Miami, Florida. He parks in front of a building and looks at his watch. He's right on time, and at 3 pm children burst out of the building (it's a school). Some children walk by the car and let their backpacks hit the car. Frank is not amused (the car is brand new). Jack Billings (Hunter Clay) gets into the backseat. Frank and Jack go over the rules when entering a man's car. Jack says that he wants to play the game, and Frank lets him. The game is that Frank describes something in riddles, and Jack has to guess it. They play this game as Frank drives Jack to his obviously wealthy household, which is guarded by security. When Frank pulls up, he sees Jack's father Jeff (Matthew Modine) and mother Audrey (Amber Valletta) arguing about something. Frank, not wanting Jack to see his parents fighting, parks the car in a way that Jack can't see his parents.

Audrey comes up to the car and teams up with Jack for the game. She tells him the answer, and Jack leaves. Audrey says that Frank has been great driving around Jack. It's only been for a month, and it's only because the regular driver is sick and is a friend of Frank's. Audrey says that she was arguing with Jeff about him not being home enough and always working. She asks if Frank can drive Jack to a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and Frank says that he can but he has to pick up a friend at the airport later that day. She hates giving Frank work on his weekend, but she can't take him to the appointment. Frank tells her to call him anytime (they are obviously attracted to each other) and he drives off. While they talked about tomorrow's plans, we saw that a security camera was recording the whole conversation. A man watching the conversation makes a call to another man.

Next, we see Gianni (Alessandro Gassman) practicing fighting on the property of his expensive house. Gianni beats up everyone around him and is obviously skilled at this. His girlfriend Lola (Kate Nauta) is listening to her walkman and dances around in her lingerie (she hardly wears anything else in the rest of the film). Gianni's henchmen, including Dimitri (Jason Flemyng), watch her but stop once Gianni comes by. His henchmen have suitcases and Gianni asks if it is stable. They say it is. Giannia holds a green vial in his hands, but places it down and picks up a purple vial (he puts it in a fridge). Later that night, Frank is getting pissed at the slow delivery of his pizza when Audrey enters his house. She is a little tipsy, and tries to kiss Frank. He doesn't let her (though he wants to). He recognizes that they shouldn't do this and sends her away. Before she leaves, she thanks him for treating her with respect.

The next morning Lola, Dimitri, and a big henchman pull up to the hospital in a Hummer. They get out and enter right before Frank pulls up to the parking complex and parks the car with Jack. Jack is a bit nervous and doesn't want to get hurt at the doctor's. Frank promises that he won't let anyone hurt Jack. Lola and the others walk into the doctor's office but the nurse tells them that they are not open yet. Lola shoots the nurse in the forehead with a silenced machine gun. Jack's doctor comes by and is promptly shot to death by Lola, of whom puts on a nurse's outfit and stands at the front desk. Dimitri and the henchman store the corpses in a closet and Dimitri puts on a doctor's coat. Frank and Jack enter, and Lola says that Jack's doctor called in sick so he will see another doctor. Jack asks where the nurse is, and Lola tells him that she was sick too. Dimitri comes up and puts on a big smile. He tells Jack that his usual doctor was called off for an emergency. Frank notices the lie and questions it. Dimitri quickly changes the subject and gets Jack into a room. He tells Frank to wait outside because of doctor-patient privacy. Although hesitant, Frank waits outside when he gets a call on his cell phone.

Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand), Frank's policeman friend from the first film, is calling Frank from the airport. His flight arrived early and wants to know where Frank is. Frank tells him to catch a cab and go to Frank's house. While he talks, Frank overhears Lola telling a caller that their doctor was called in sick. The big henchman walks by wearing the coat of the supposedly sick doctor. Frank tells Tarconi to make himself at home and he'll see him soon. He hangs up and bursts into the hospital room, where Dimitri and the henchman are. Dimitri quickly hides a needle with a green substance in it. Frank tells them that he and Jack will wait for Jack's usual doctor. Frank kicks the bed at Dimitri, which causes him to drop the needle (Frank sees it). Frank then rips out a part of the bed and stabs the henchman in the shoulder with it. Frank tells Jack to run away and sends him off through the ventilation shafts room to room. The henchman and Dimitri tackle Frank through a wall and pin him down. Jack continues to run away. Frank picks up something and stabs the henchman in the neck with it. He then kicks the guy into Dimitri, which causes them both to be put out for a bit.

Frank lands in the hallway and Lola sees him. She opens her nurse's outfit, pulls out her machine guns, and fires at Frank. He uses a door to act as a shield against the bullets and then rolls into another room where Jack is. A doctor comes to see what the commotion is and is shot by Lola. Frank gets an oxygen tank, puts it on a cart, opens it, and puts the cart in the hallway pointing at Lola. He throws something at a nearby light which causes it to spark. This causes the oxygen tank to shoot at Lola and explode near her. The flames cause the sprinkler system to come on. Lola sees someone in the hallway and shoots them, but it turns out to be the henchman. She tells Dimitri to go away. She hears the elevator and realizes where Frank is. She shoots at Frank and Jack in the elevator, but the doors close. Lola calls Gianni and tells him what happened. They have to go to plan B. A henchman waiting in the parking complex puts a bomb underneath Frank's car. Frank and Jack get into his car and speed away.

Lola walks in the front of the building and fires at Frank's car, but it is bullet-proof. Some cops pull up and order her to put down her guns. Needless to say, Lola kills the cops. Back at the Billings household, Jack's parents are holding a surprise birthday party for Jack. Jeff bought Jack some baseball stuff, but Audrey informs him that Jack is on a soccer team and doesn't like baseball. Frank pulls up to the house and receives a phone call on his cell phone. The caller is Gianni, and he tells him to look in his rear-view mirror. Frank sees that there is a small dot aimed at Jack's head. Gianni knows that Frank is no ordinary driver, as evidenced by the hospital events. He tells Frank that even though he has bullet-proof glass, the armor-piercing bullet will kill Jack if he doesn't do what he says. Audrey sees Frank in the driveway and sees that he is parked. She tries to call him, but can't get to him due to his conversation with Gianni. He tells Frank that someone will appear shortly and that he should let them in his car. Sure enough, we see a beat up cop car crash into a fire hydrant and Lola walks to Frank's car. He lets her in, and she points one machine gun at Jack's head and her other one at Frank's crotch. She orders him to drive. Frank looks at Audrey, shakes his head, hears police sirens, and drives off.

Frank is chased by the police. A lengthy car chase ensues in which Frank outsmarts some cops in an alley, drives onto a beach, drives up a parking complex, and drives off of the roof (landing at another parking complex across the street). All of this loses the cops, but they send a helicopter. Lola promptly blows it up by shooting it and orders Frank to drive. They get to a boat yard and they all get out of the car. Gianni and his goons are there, and they all have guns pointed at Frank and Jack. Gianni calls the Billings (who now have cops at their house) and tells them that he wants two million dollars in exchange for their son. They set up a certain place and arrange it for two hours later. Jack reminds Frank of his promise (he won't let anyone hurt him) and Frank says that he will still keep it. Gianni laughs at this and orders Frank to drive away. While walking back to his car, Frank sees the explosive underneath his car via puddle underneath his car and stops. Gianni fires a pistol at Frank's feet and orders him to drive away. Frank gets in his car and speeds off. Gianni and his men get onto boats and drive off. Frank, knowing what's under his car, causes his car to flip near a crane and has the crane scrap off the explosive. Lola detonates it and it explodes. Frank is alive, but everyone thinks he's dead.

Frank calls the Billings and tells the cops to get to the boat yard. The police are headed by Stappleton (Keith David), and they trace the call. By the time they get there, they find Frank's cell phone on the ground. Jeff Billings thinks that Frank could have had something to do with the kidnapping, but Audrey knows better. Stappleton informs them both of Frank's Special Forces past and his extensive training. Frank calls Tarconi, who by this time has let himself into Frank's home and is cooking something for them to eat. Frank warns him to get out of the house. The doorbell rings, and Tarconi is greeted by a SWAT team. He just smiles and says that he is Frank's cook. They arrest him and take him to the police station.

Frank calls Audrey and gets her to pretend like she's talking to one of her friends. Frank tells her that it might not be just a kidnapping and says that he is going to look into it. After they talk, Jeff comes by and asks her if she is alright. She tells him that is a stupid question. Frank goes back to the hospital and is careful not to be noticed by the cops. He enters the doctor's office and looks for the needle with the green substance. He finds it, but a cop pulls a gun on him. Frank moves and the cop fires his gun, destroying the needle. Another cop comes by and Frank beats them both up. He breaks the wrists of the cop who destroyed the needle, and then breaks his arms for shooting it. He picks up another needle and grabs a bottle of H20. He heads out unseen by the other cops. Before he leaves the hospital, Frank downloaded the security tapes onto an iPod and takes it with him.

Back at the police station, the cops apologize to Inspector Tarconi for arresting him and said that he should have told him he was a cop. The leading cop asks Tarconi if he is friends with Frank. He says that he isn't, but that cooking a good meal for someone is a good ice-breaker. Tarconi then gets upset with the weak sandwich the cops gave him. Later on, Frank calls Tarconi to find out that he is cooking food for the cops. He gets Tarconi to get on a computer and sends the security information to him. After some searching, Tarconi identifies one of the kidnappers as Dimitri and tells Frank his address.

We see Dimitri packing his bags and preparing his gun at his apartment. Frank shows up and Dimitri sees him. He tries to shoot him, but Frank dodges the bullets and gives chase to him. He chases him down the emergency stairway and into the streets. Dimitri runs up and gets on a bridge that connects to a boardwalk. Frank runs up a semi-truck and jumps on the bridge, proceeding to give chase. Eventually Dimitri runs and hangs on to the back of a yellow school bus. Frank runs on to the pier, takes a water racer, and chases the bus. He jumps onto the bus and fights with Dimitri. The bus stops and the people get out. Frank questions him as to what is in the needle, and then injects Dimitri with a needle (he just injected him with water). Dimitri freaks out, takes the bus driver's belt, and runs away. Frank knows that the green substance is lethal (as evidenced by Dimitri's response) and follows him to a warehouse.

Meanwhile, the Billings drop the money off at the specific place and time. There's no word yet from the kidnappers. Frank hides from Dimitri and while he ducks away, he finds people in enclosed beds with different clocks before the entering. The more time passed, the worse the people look. While snooping around, Frank is surprised by a henchman and is beaten. Him and Frank fight, which leads them to go inside a boat. The guy rips off Frank's sleeve and beats him good. However, Frank eventually gets the upper hand and gets the guy stuck in a window. Since he's so big, the boat tips over to his side and causes the henchman's head to be crushed.

Dimitri orders a doctor to give him the antidote, but the doctor says that he only has enough for himself and a nearby henchman. Dimitri shoots the henchman and then orders him to give him the antidote. Frank reveals himself and tells Dimitri that he injected him with water. Dimitri points his gun at Frank, but Frank dismantles the gun and stabs him in the neck with the barrel, instantly killing him. Frank asks the doctor what the substance is, and the doctor tells him that it is a virus. After a few hours of contact, the virus becomes airborne and kills anyone who comes in contact with the person infected.

Holding the last two vials of the antidote, the doctor throws them out the window which prompts Frank to jump out as well to try to catch them. He misses and lands on top of a cab. By the time he gets to one vial, it has suffered enough damage to cause it to break. He sees the other one is on a straight path to a big rig. Through all this time, Frank's actions has caused a major car accident. Frank grabs the vial and the truck screeches to a halt mere inches away from Frank. He has one antidote.

Gianni tells the Billings where to find their son. He then goes off to have sex with Lola. The cops and bomb squad all go to an isolated location. There is a big delivery van parked, and that is where supposedly Jack is. The machine the bomb squad uses to open the door malfunctions and dies. Audrey is frustrated with everyone and runs off herself to the van. Jeff and the cops scream for her to not do it. Audrey bursts open the door and finds Jack inside. He looks a little sick. Audrey hugs him and holds him near. Frank takes off his shirt and gets a clean pair of clothes. He heads off to the Billings household.

At their home, a doctor is checking on Jack. He says that he is fine and is just stressed from the day's events. Jeff coughs pretty badly and is obviously sick too. He heads off to go to a conference (his exact job wasn't clarified, but he is in a section of the government that fights against drugs). Audrey thinks this probably why they were targeted. Jeff leaves but informs Audrey that the cops will stay at their house that night just in case. Frank shows up and secretly talks with Audrey. He sees that she is sick, and tells her what is really going on. Since Jeff is infected as well, he could kill everyone at the conference (which includes all the important people in the stand against drugs). Frank injects Jack with the antidote and vows to get more of it from Gianni. Frank beats up all the cops and handcuffs them to each other.

Jack is feeling better, but Audrey is obviously getting worse and worse. At the conference, Jeff still coughs pretty bad but he refuses to leave. Audrey calls him and tries to tell him about the virus, but bad reception causes Jeff to hang up on her. Frank gets Tarconi to use a computer at the station again and finds out who Gianni is (more importantly, where he lives). Audrey collapses onto the floor, and Jeff at the conference does the same shortly. An ambulance drives Jeff away, and we see his assistant coughing badly.

The next day, Lola wakes up to see Gianni strapping the remaining antidote to his arm for safe-keeping. Frank runs into a cabbie and drives it to Gianni's house. Gianni realizes that Frank is alive, thinks that it's impressive, and orders his men to kill him. His men pump the cab full of bullets. When they inspect, they see that Frank and the cabbie escaped during the shooting and are going to the basement. All of the henchmen are out of bullets, and the rest of the ammo is in the basement that Frank is going to. Frank hides the cabbie and confronts the henchmen.

The henchman grab swords and axes. Even though he doesn't have a weapon, Frank manages to beat them all up using a long pipe. After he's done, he grabs a pistol and walks into the other room. A man pulls a gun on him. Frank drops his gun and kicks it straight at his face. He then grabs a fire hose and has another big fight with henchmen using the fire hose as a weapon. After beating them all to submission, he finally makes his way to Gianni. He asks him why he did it. Gianni says that he was hired by a Colombian drug lord to do the job. Lola shows up with her machine guns and points them at Frank (who has a gun pointed now at Lola). Gianni mentions that he is now the antidote, and killing him will ruin the chance of getting it. Gianni orders Lola to kill Frank and leaves to get in his helicopter. Lola and Frank try to shoot each other but miss because they are too close ! to each other. Lola burns Frank's face using her silencer on her machine gun. They have a fight where Lola swings around and kicks Frank around. Frank eventually kicks her and gets her impaled on some spiked art piece in Gianni's house. Frank steals a fast car and leaves for Gianni.

After another lengthy chase, Gianni lands next to his private jet and gets inside. The two pilots inside prep the plane to take off. Frank, still driving a car, chases the plane and somewhat jumps from the car to the plane's landing gear. This sends the car to crash into a big sign that says Miami, which of course explodes. Frank gets onboard and breaks the neck of one of the pilots. Gianni holds a gun on Frank, but when he tries to shoot him he misses and accidentally kills the other pilot. Frank and Gianni fight while the plane spins out of control and in every direction. The plane crashes into the ocean, and they continue to fight while water slowly fills the plane. Frank whacks Gianni on the back, which practically paralyzes Gianni. Frank straps a floating device to Gianni and saves him, which would in turn get him the antidote. The police come and retrieve Frank and Gianni.

A little later, we see Frank in the hospital with some flowers. He looks into the room that the Billings family is staying at and sees that everyone is healthy. The flowers were for Audrey, but when he sees the three family members bonding and playing the riddle game Frank decides not to go in. He instead places the flowers on a tray that gets sent into the room. Audrey seems to know that Frank sent the flowers. Frank drives Tarconi to the airport and Tarconi thanks him for an interesting vacation. Frank gives him a postcard of the beach since he didn't get a chance to visit one during his stay. Tarconi leaves.

In a parking complex, we see Frank receiving a call while getting into his car. Someone says "I need a transporter". Frank tells him "I'm listening".]

The end.

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