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7 years ago at a wedding, a group of friends made a pact. They all put money into a fund and the last of their group that remained single would get the money.

Cut back to the present...

They are attending a wedding of one of their friends in Vegas. Only two now remain single. Jerry O'Connell and Jake Busey.

O'Connell sees a hot looking woman and in order to get her up to his room, he pretends to be a high roller and proceeds to lose $51,000. The owner of the casino, Bill Maher, gives O'Connell one month t get the money or he will be killed.

O'Connell decides the only way to get the money is to make sure Busey gets married. Busey has admitted to him about deeply for one of the bridesmaids from the wedding 7 years earlier, (Shannon Elizabeth). She is now a cop and agrees to O'Connell's scheme because she is still pissed at Busey because she lost her virginity to him and afterwards he dumped her on the highway.

As the scheme proceeds, Shannon and O'Connell fall in love, but the plan to get her married to Busey continues.

Busey has a bout with testicular cancer and shannon spends his recovery time with him in the hospital and O'Connell is jealous.

The scheme finally comes to a close as Shannon and Busey are about to get married. At the bachelor party Busey tells O'Connell that even though he loves Shannon and will marry her, he's still going to have sex with as many women as he can.

O'Connell wants to tell Shannon to cancel the wedding but accidentally gets knocked out by a girl shooting a bowling ball out of her vagina (don't ask...)

When he comes to, the wedding is in progress and he arrives too late to stop it.

O'Connell gets the prize money and pays off the casino owner.

A day or two later, he sees Busey on the street with another woman. Busey tells him that on their wedding night, shannon reminded him of being dumped and left him, having their marriage annulled.

O'Connell tracks down Shannon while she's working undercover as a hooker, and proposes to her.

The last scene is their wedding.


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Shannon Elizabeth
She lost her virginity to Busey years earlier and holds a big grudge.
Shannon Elizabeth
Jerry O'Connell

They team up to trick Busey into getting married, allowing O'Connell to win the bet.
Jake Busey and
Shannon Elizabeth
They get married only to have it annulled a few days later
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