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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

Titanic opens with videos of the voyage setting sail, and people waving goodbye to their loved ones still ashore. Then we move to a ship exploring the Atlantic looking for the Titanic. They come across it, and we see the chandeliers, the clothing/glasses, the toys, all the things that were lost when the ship sunk still under the sea. The device the men are using to explore the ship enters a cabin. They seem to have found what they are looking for, which is a small safe which is supposed to have a necklace inside. They pull it out of the water with a tv crew on board their ship. They open the chest, but jewelry isn’t found inside, just some old papers. They do find a drawing, however, of a naked woman wearing the necklace around her neck, dated the day the Titanic sunk, April 14, 1912.

We now see an elderly woman named Rose (Gloria Stuart) doing pottery. She overhears the story about the Titanic on the television, and they show the drawing. She says “I’ll be god damned.” She calls the crew and Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton), the man in charge. She asks him if he found the heart of the ocean yet and tells him that she is the woman in the picture.

They helicopter her and her granddaughter in. They show her some of the artifacts they found in her cabin such as her mirror and a hair clip. They show her a computerized version of the boat sinking. They also show her footage of their ship exploring the sunken Titanic which brings her back to actually traveling on the boat. She is very emotional, but ready to tell her story.

We now go back in time. Rose DeWitt (Kate Winslet) is a wealthy woman traveling with her mother and fiancé Cal (Billy Zane). She doesn’t seem to be impressed by Titanic, however, they are certainly carrying a lot of luggage. They board the ship, Rose saying it was a slave ship to her, bringing her back to America in chains. She obviously does not love Cal but is being forced into marriage. We then see some poor men, including Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), playing poker. Jack and his friends win two third class tickets for the Titanic and just make it aboard before it takes off.

Aboard the ship, Rose is decorating their cabin as if they were living there for a year. She has many paintings of Picasso, who Cal says will amount to nothing. Rose tells us about Molly Brown, a passenger of “new money” – not “classy” like the rest of them.

Jack and his friend are in awe of the ship, exploring the bow, watching dolphins swimming alongside it. The captain is shown to be extremely proud. We also see the workers below the ship. Then comes Jack’s famous line, “I’m the king of the world!”

Rose is with her family and companions eating and smoking. Cal orders for her, which makes Molly (Kathy Bates) tease him. They are dining with the builder of the boat, Bruce Ismay, and something upsets Rose as she is clearly not happy. She leaves the table angrily. Jack is sitting outside drawing people he sees. He is an artist. He sees Rose and is instantly taken with her. His friend informs him that will never happen, since they are of two different classes. He sees Cal approach Rose, who is still angry. During dinner, she narrates saying that she already knows how her whole life will turn out – just parties and cotillions.

Suddenly she is running toward the front of the ship in her evening wear. Not many people are out at this time, except Jack who is lying on a bench. He sees her run by and goes after her. She is crying and has climbed over the rail of the ship ready to jump. Jack approaches her and says she won’t jump because she would’ve done it already. He’s involved now and says that if she jumps he’ll have to go in after her. He tells her about how cold the water is as they have a conversation while he begins taking his shoes off, ready to jump in if she does. He tells her that he grew up in Wisconsin and how he once fell through thin ice and how painful cold water is. He helps her back over the rail, but she slips. He’s holding onto her one arm as she screams. Some crew members hear the screams and run to her as Jack says he won’t let go and helps her over. They fall into a compromising position with his shoes off, which of course makes them think he was going to rape her since she was screaming. He is handcuffed while Cal screams at him. Rose defends him and says she was leaning over and she slipped, but Jack saved her. Jack confirms the story, however, Cal’s butler/confidant Spicer Lovejoy comments on the fact that his jacket and shoes were removed.

Back in her cabin, Cal presents Rose with a gorgeous diamond necklace. Worn by Louis the 16th, it’s “The Heart of the Ocean.” The next day Jack and Rose are walking the ship and talking. She starts rambling about her unhappiness and Jack asks her if she loves Cal, which offends her. She won’t answer the question and calls him rude. They shake hands, but she winds up looking at his artwork, very impressed. They continue talking, and he shows her how to spit, which all the women see. They invite Jack to dinner that evening with them, and Molly dresses him appropriately in a tuxedo (with tails!).

Inside, Molly tries to make her way through the women. The designer talks to the captain, trying to convince him to make the boat go faster and arrive in NY a day early.

Jack tries to fit in quite humorously as he is Rose’s escort to dinner. Cal of course insults him and Molly is his coach on how to eat properly. We meet Mr. Andrews (the ship’s builder) at dinner. Jack talks about how life is a gift and to make each day count. Rose is impressed by this. Jack says goodnight a bit later and slips a note into Rose’s hand, which tells her to meet him at the clock. She does, and they sneak off to a “third class” party which is full of lively dancing and a great time. She impresses him with her ability to do a little Irish dancing. They do the famous spin dance and have a great time.

The next morning, Rose is eating breakfast with Cal. He was upset that she did not come to him during the night. He flips a table and screams at her after she tries to defend herself, saying she is his fiancée, not a slave. He knows she went below deck since he had Lovejoy follow her. Later her mother is helping her get dressed, tightening her corset, warning her that she has to marry Cal because they have no money left – her father left them with nothing but a good name.

Later Jack tries to meet with Rose in the chapel where they are worshiping. The butler makes sure that he is not to enter or approach her again. We are also informed that the captain ordered the last boilers lit finally to speed up the ship. As Rose and her companions walk the ship, Rose asks Mr. Andrews why there are not enough life boats for everyone aboard. Mr. Andrews says that people didn’t want more to crowd the ship. Jack is hiding, waiting for her. He grabs her and takes her inside a room, and basically confesses his love for her. She tells him that she is engaged, and this is impossible. He tells her he’s too involved and “you jump I jump.” He has to know she will be alright. Rose unconvincingly tells him that she will be fine. He tells her that eventually her fire will burn out because they have her trapped. She tells him to leave her alone and goes back to her family.

While drinking tea with her mother and some other women, listening them discuss her wedding, Rose sees a mother forcing her young daughter to sit properly and behave like a lady. This touches her, and she leaves. She sees Jack on the bow of the boat, telling him that she changed her mind. He takes her hand, tells her to close her eyes, and puts her at the very front of the ship. She puts her arms out like she is flying, and asks if she trusts him, and of course she says yes. She opens her eyes, “I’m flying Jack!” He takes her hands, and they are clearly falling in love. She turns her head, and they kiss passionately.

The beautiful ship now turns to rust as we return to the present day. Rose says “That was the last time Titanic ever saw daylight.” All the crew is discussing the next events – soon to be sinking Titanic.

Back in 1917 Rose takes Jack to her cabin. He looks at her artwork, which includes Monet’s original work. She goes to the safe and takes out the heart of the ocean. She tells him that she wants him to draw her wearing only the necklace. We see the hair clip that was found years later as she prepares for the drawing. He sharpens his tools and she comes out wearing only a robe. She makes jokes and takes off her robe. He is very nervous, trying to be professional. She lies down on the couch naked, and he tells her how to lay in order to get it right. He draws her, both of them nervous. They put the drawing in the safe.

Meanwhile, Lovejoy tells Cal that none of the stewards have seen Rose. Above ship, the crew is looking at the sea saying how clear it is, and with no breaking water it will be harder to see the icebergs. The captain departs for bed leaving his crew in charge.

Lovejoy enters the cabin and hears Rose and Jack trying to escape. They disappear into the hall with him chasing after them through the ship. In the elevator, she even gives him the finger! They continue through the decks, running, having a wonderful time together. He sees them, and they continue running below decks into the storage room with cars. They hide in one of them and have sex. The crew members looking for them think they found them when they see the steam on one of the windows, but they have already escaped to the deck. She tells him that when the ship docks, she wants to be with him. Mr. Murdoch, a night watchman, and another watchman see them kissing, and suddenly they see the iceberg.

They quickly try and turn the ship with all the workers below ship working furiously. It is very intense as everyone is panicked trying to turn the ship as fast as possible, but it is too late. The ship hits the iceberg, though not directly, and damage has been done (and Jack and Rose are right there when it happens). Already many people begin drowning and are locked inside the bottom of the ship as the watertight doors begin closing. The captain is awakened and the third class cabins begin filling with water. Even the rats are running away. The first class passengers are questioning what is going on, but are being assured everything is fine. Mr. Andrews is seen running with his plans very frightened. No one is aware of just how bad the situation is, as the crew is trying to keep it quiet. Mr. Andrews talks to the captain, explaining that once the fifth compartment is damaged, which is what happened, the ship will sink. There is nothing they can do. They have about an hour or two before the ship is gone. There are 2,200 people on board the ship. The captain tells Mr. Ismay he may get his headlines after all. The captain tells them to use morse code for immediate assistance since they are going down.

Meanwhile, Cal finds the drawing with a note from Rose that says “Now you can keep us both locked in your safe.” Cal has an idea to frame Jack. Cal says he has been robbed as the necklace is gone. Lovejoy has taken it and puts it into Jack’s pocket without him knowing. This was their plan to frame him, when it had been in the safe the entire time. Jack and Rose have gone to warn them about what is happening, but instead Jack is being arrested. Rose is questioning everything, finding it hard to believe Jack’s claims that he didn’t do it.

Cal, alone with Rose, slaps her across the face, having seen the drawing. They are interrupted, told to wear their life jackets, captain’s orders, and to get above deck. In third class, the crew is quickly waking everyone up telling them to put their life vests on. The life boats are being prepared, and they decide to put the women and children in the life boats first.

Meanwhile, Lovejoy has handcuffed Jack to a pipe below deck. He punches him in the stomach and leaves with the key. The women, including Rose and her mother, are boarding the life boats. Her mother’s biggest concern is that the boats are seated by class. Cal says that the better half of the passengers will survive. Rose, seeing that Cal did frame Jack, refuses to get into the boat and says goodbye to her mother. She tells Cal she’d rather be Jack’s whore than his wife, and as he fights her she uses Jack’s skill of spitting and spits in Cal’s face as her mother scrambles for her.

Rose finds Jack, and the room is filling with water quickly. She leaves to find help, but there is no one. The ship is filling with water and with no options left she finds an axe and chops the handcuffs off his wrists. We see the ship quickly sinking from the perspective of Molly in the life boat. The women, of all classes, are saying goodbye to their husbands and male family members. The butler tells Cal that a boat on the other side is letting men on, but they need insurance first. Mr. Andrews sees that the life boats aren’t even being filled to capacity.

The third class passengers are being locked behind gates, and when they open them to let out the women, there is a fight with axes and guns. They beg to be given a chance. Jack meets up with his friends and they decide to try and find another way out. Cal and his butler get guns and money from the safe to “make their own luck.” Jack and Rose are searching for another way out and we see the people being denied, and some religious passengers praying. They grab a bench and break open the gate to escape.

People are fighting one another to get on the boats in a scene of absolute chaos. Cal approaches Mr. Murdoch, the man who saw the iceberg and is loading the boats, to try and pay him off to let him on the boat. Jack and Rose are also searching for one. Shots are fired to try and let everyone know they are still only loading women and children. The butler tells Cal that he saw Rose with Jack waiting to load a boat. Cal misses his chance to load the boat with Mr. Murdoch because he just can’t let Rose go and goes after her. Mr. Murdoch sees Mr. Ismay load a boat, very upset with himself, as he doesn’t go down with the ship. We see little girls loading ships leaving their fathers behind – very sad since they know they won’t be saved. Rose sees this and says she won’t go without Jack. Cal appears and tells her to get on the boat. Perhaps he does love her after all. She refuses to go without Jack. Cal tells Rose that he has an arrangement, and he can get both Jack and he on the ship. Rose gets on the boat reluctantly, and as it’s lowered she looks up at them. Jack and Cal talk, with Jack fully aware that Cal was lying. Rose in a moment of desperation, decides she can’t leave Jack and jumps off the life boat and back onto Titanic as flares are being sent into the air. Jack and her run to one another, reunited. They kiss, and he asks her why she did that and her response is “You jump I jump right?” She tells him that she couldn’t go, and Cal and Lovejoy see this exchange. Cal, in a fit of rage, grabs Lovejoy’s gun and starts chasing them, shooting at them through the ship. As they run through the ship. we see how it is flooding with furniture ruined and the ship destroyed. Cal suddenly starts laughing saying he put the diamond in the coat, and he put the coat on Rose. Jack and Rose keep running, staring in awe at the absolute destruction. They see a little boy standing, crying, all alone. They go to get him, but his father comes and grabs him. They try to tell him to turn around as the door is knocked in and water floods the floor. They float into a locked gate. They convince a crew member to try and unlock them, but he drops the keys and leaves them. Jack manages to find them under the water and unlocks the gate.

Above the ship, there is absolute chaos. Men are jumping off the ship, and Mr. Murdoch is threatening them to get back while holding a gun. He tells Cal his money can’t save him and throws it at him. He actually shoots a few men, including one of Jack’s friends. In his sadness, Mr. Murdoch salutes and shoots himself in the head. Cal finds a crying little girl and pretends he is his father in order to get onto a life boat, which works.

Jack and Rose find Mr. Andrews standing in a room on the ship by himself. He tells Rose he’s sorry he didn’t build her a stronger ship. He gives her his life jacket and wishes her good luck. They hug as he stays to go down with the ship. A man tries to give the captain a life jacket, but in despair, he goes to the control room on the ship by himself. He stands at the wheel, and Mr. Andrews stands at a fireplace looking at a clock, each praying and waiting. The captain dies as water explodes through the glass drowning him. We see other passengers laying in bed together, knowing they are to die, and a mother telling her children a bedtime story, laying them to sleep. We also see some paintings floating by, possessions that mean nothing at times like this.

There are four men playing violins and a cello to keep everyone calm. They hug and say goodbye, but one man stays behind and continues to play. The other men return, knowing their fate is sealed, and continue to play with him. The boat that Cal is on is cut, and the ship is sinking fast. Mr. Guggenheim, a man who decided to go down with the ship, is frightened as he sees the water filling the room where he sits.

The boat is mostly sunk and everyone is either running towards the top of the ship or jumping/falling off the sides into the water below. Jack tells Rose they have to stay on the ship as long as possible, and we see men and women holding on for their lives as the ship is completely filled with water. People are being pulled in every which way through the water. They run to the top of ship. Cal’s boat never got away from Titanic since it was already half underwater. People are trying to get on his boat, but he pushes them away as he tries to row the boat. As people climb to the top of the ship they are praying, and we see many people drowning as water continues to fill the ship. People continue falling as the power flickers out, and we see the rudders of the ship as it tips. Jack and Rose reach the top of the ship and climb over the rail. They see other people there with them, saying goodbye to their loved ones. She tells Jack, “This is where we first met.” A minister is praying with a group of people, reassuring them about Heaven. We see dinnerware falling and people floating inside the ship, dead. On the deck, people are falling, getting killed by landing on sharp objects or being hit by furniture. People jump off the top of the ship in order to escape the pain. We see Rose’s mother staring at the falling Titanic from the lifeboat. Molly – “God almighty.” We also see Mr. Ismay, unable to look at the ship he abandoned. People get electrocuted as the power goes out and more people fall from the ship. It starts to break in half as we saw in the computer animated portrayal. Jack and Rose are on the side of the boat that is now straight in the air as more people fall and die. To brace themselves, he tells her he will tell her when to hold her breath, and not to let go of his hand when it falls into the ocean. We hear people begging for help as they fall to their deaths, including a woman whom Rose made eye contact with just moments before. The ship is now sinking completely into the ocean as they brace themselves for the inevitable. She tells him that she trusts him as they enter the water. Under the water, they hold onto one another the best they can but are separated. We hear screams of everyone as they reach the surface and Rose is screaming for Jack (who has no life vest). They find one another, and he tells her to swim. They find a piece of wood, and he tells her to get on it. Jack knows he cannot get on it with her, or it will not stay afloat. He tells her it will be alright. We see some crew members blowing whistles to get the attention of the life boats to turn around and rescue them.

We see Molly’s boat, and she is trying to convince them to turn around and save the people, but no one agrees with her. She says she doesn’t understand them, “It’s your men out there.” And there is plenty of room for more. One life boat decides to go back, however. But by the time they get there, many people have frozen to death. Jack is shivering, and his hair is filled with icicles. He is having trouble talking to Rose. She tells him that she loves him, and he tells her to stop saying goodbyes. He tells that her that she will get out of there, get married, have babies, and she’ll die an old lady warm in her bed, not like this. She says she can’t feel her body, and he tells her that winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to him because it brought them together and he’s thankful. They hold hands, and he makes her promise him that she will survive and won’t give up.

By the time, the life boat gets back most people have already died. The men call for people with their flashlights to see if anyone is alive. They check the people, but they have all frozen to death. Rose is on top of the wood, singing to herself staring at the stars. She turns and sees the boat. She tries to wake up Jack, but he has died, which is hard for her to accept as she keeps calling his name. She remembers her promise and yells for the boat to come back, but can hardly speak. She tells Jack that she’ll never let go (of her promise) and lets go of his hands in a state of irony, letting him sink as she cries. She sees the dead man floating with the whistle and uses all her strength to swim to him. She blows the whistle and the men in the life boat hear it and find her.

Back in present day, Rose says that 1500 people went into the sea. There were 20 boats floating nearby, but only one came back. Everyone is crying, and she tells them that only 6 people were saved, including herself. The people in the boats had nothing left to do but wait. Finally, they see the ship the Carpathia and are saved. People are looking for their loved ones, mostly women, but no one is found. Rose sees Cal, but says nothing. Rose tells us that he killed himself after the stock market crash. We see Rose staring up at the Statue of Liberty. She tells the crew member that her name is Rose Dawson.

The men in present day say that there is no record of anything on Jack. She tells him there wouldn’t be, and she’s never spoken of him before to anyone. That night, Rose awakens from her bed and goes to the front of the ship. She still has the heart of the ocean and recalls when she found it in the pocked of the coat. She throws it to the bottom of the sea and returns to bed, to die in her sleep. We see pictures next to her bed of her living her life through the years, seemingly happy.

As she dies, we see the Titanic once more, and as we travel through it is transforms from the old sunken ship to the beauty it once was. We go back to the clock, and all the people who died are there waiting for her, including Mr. Andrews. Jack is at the clock, and he takes her hand. They kiss to the applause of everyone, together now.


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