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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Brian A.

(In this movie, all the actors play themselves.)

Seth Rogen waits for Jay Baruchel at LAX. Jay is flying in from Vancouver and finds Seth waiting for him at Immigration. The two haven't spent a weekend together in a long time, and Seth has it all planned out.

The pair head to Carl's Jr for burgers, which violates Seth's strict "No Gluten" diet, where anything good is gluten, and they head to Seth's house. Inside, Seth has set up a table full of Jay's favorite things: weed, starbursts, video games and a brand new 3DTV.

The two get stoned and play video games for hours until Seth informs Jay that James Franco is having a massive house-warming party up in the Hollywood Hills and that the pair has been invited. Jay is reluctant to go. Jay hates Los Angeles and thinks many of Seth's LA friends are shallow jerks -- he doesn't want to go. Seth convinces him to come along anyway, and the pair take a taxi to James Franco's new house. It's a massive, modern, concrete mansion with a giant front yard. They knock on the door and James answers; he enthusiastically greets the pair, gets Jay's name wrong, and invites them both inside. Seth immediately disappears and leaves Jay to awkwardly mingle with James' guests including Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Emma Watson, Kevin Hart, and the very inebriated Michael Cera. Jay is especially annoyed by the overly-sensitive and superficial Jonah Hill. Jay finds Seth and asks if they can run to a convenience store.

As they walk to the corner store, Jay asks Seth if they can cut out of the party early and take a taxi back to his place. Seth is shocked that Jay doesn't want to hang out at the party and the two argue as they enter the convenience store. The rude female clerk behind the counter profanely rejects the pleas of a father and daughter hoping to use the store's bathroom. Jay gets his drink, and the two stand in line when a sudden explosion rocks the store, blowing out its windows. Seconds later shafts of shimmering blue light cut through the store ceiling, bathing many of the store's occupant in light. Moments later those customers ensconced in light are lifted off the ground and are rocketed into the sky. Only Seth, Jay and the shopkeeper remain. Suddenly an air-conditioning unit smashes through the store-roof and pancakes the shop keeper in a bloody mess. Jay and Seth run for their lives and back to James' house.

While Jay is entirely lucid and recounts everything that happened, in great detail, Seth refuses to believe that what he saw was real. Nobody at the party believes Jay and go back to partying. The whole house suddenly quakes, causing all of James' guests to escape to the front yard. Outside a coked-out Michael Cera demands to know who took his cellphone and doesn't notice the street light behind him that wiggles free from its base and impales him. A huge sinkhole forms in front of James' house and swallows numerous party-goers including Aziz Anzari, David Krumholtz, Rihanna, and Martin Starr. The rest of James' guests flee while Jonah, Craig, James, Seth and Jay escape back into the house.

The surviving five try to find out what's happening via internet and cellphones, but neither work. They turn on the TV and catch the tail-end of a newscast stating that a massive 9.7 earthquake has struck Los Angeles; the signal cuts out. The five decide to hole-up at James' house and wait for rescue. They ration-out James' supplies, which includes copious amounts of booze and drugs, a few bottles of water, a gun James used in "Flyboys", and a Milky Way candy bar. They argue over who gets what, but ultimately decide to evenly divide the stash 5-ways. They go to bed.

The following morning, Danny McBride, who had passed out in James' tub during the party, awakens and heads downstairs to prepare breakfast. He selfishly wastes almost all of the rationed food and water and gets an ear-full when the other five guys wake up. Danny, who had blacked-out during the chaos, is unaware and skeptical about the events of the previous night and insists that everything is fine. At that moment, a stranger (Brian Huskey) pops his head through James' barricaded doggy door and asks if he can hide inside. The group of six argues over whether to let him in, and are about to answer him when his head is suddenly severed from his body, from an unseen force outside, and lands disgustingly in the middle of the group. The guys, horrified, engage in a game of soccer with his head and ultimately cover it with a sheet. Danny now believes them.

There's great tension in the group. James is angry at Danny because he wasn't invited to the party in the first place, and ate all their food. Danny is angry at everybody, especially Jay, and routinely eavesdrops on the others' conversations. Jay is angry at James, for changing Seth into a shallow jerk, at Danny for being selfish and wasteful, and at Jonah for being superficial and overly affectionate.

In the following days, the six theorize that the disasters must be related to the apocalypse, as is illustrated in the book of Revelations. Those shafts of blue light lifting people into the sky would be the rapture, and those left behind are the sinners meant to die horrible deaths and go to hell.

They routinely sneak peak at the outside world and find that the whole of Los Angeles in engulfed in fire and brimstone.

One day,their barricaded front door is smashed in by an axe -- it's Emma Watson who, after the party, hid in a drainage pipe while Los Angeles burned. She explains that there are monsters out there, possibly zombies, which are growling and eating everybody. The group eagerly allows her into the group, and invite her to share their rations. Most of the group members are fine with her joining them, but Jay has second thoughts. He suggests that adding a woman into the group might invite a "rapey vibe" and that she can only stay if everybody promises to keep it in their pants. Emma, having overheard the whispered conversation, makes a hasty escape along with the rest of the group's water.

The six spend the next few days surviving on booze and piss. James realizes that he has a pair of water jugs in his cellar, which unfortunately, is only accessible from the outside. The six draw matches to decide who will go outside. Craig draws the burnt match and agrees to go out. Craig steps outside and into a cloud of thick, opaque yellow smoke. With a rope attached to his waist, Craig circles the house and comes to the cellar doors. The doors are locked and the handles destroyed. Craig hears growling and footsteps nearby and scrambles back to the front door, jumping back inside seconds before a monster can grab him. Relieved, Craig slumps to the floor, but is soon yanked off his feet, toward the door. The monster's gotten a hold of the rope and is pulling him outside. Jay pleads for Jonah to throw him a knife, which he does, landing it squarely in Jay's thigh. Jay plucks the knife from his leg and hurriedly cuts the rope in two, saving Craig's life. Relieved that their party is still intact, the group congregates in the center of James' living room and listen as James, frustrated, explains that the water jugs are directly below his feet, so they dig. The group, using makeshift shovels and tools, chips away at the living room floor inch-by-inch.

For the next two days, the tension in the group is palpable. Danny reveals that he knows Jay was in town a few months ago, and that he didn't tell Seth because the pair's friendship is dissolving. Seth is angry with Jay and Danny is happy that the target is on someone else's back for a change. After two days of solid digging, Seth and Jay fall through the newly formed hole and into James' basement. They discover the water jugs and the six celebrate by drinking the water in martini glasses. Danny, breaking his promise to the group, goes back for a second and then a third glass. Defiantly, Danny dumps most of the water over his head, and the other six agree that he needs to go.

Danny, realizing that he has officially worn-out his welcome, agrees to leave, but asks for a few supplies and a weapon to protect himself. James gives Danny the Flyboys pistol and Danny immediately fires the gun at the other five -- it's a prop gun; not real, just blanks. Danny is shocked that James gave him a fake gun to defend himself, and everybody else is shocked that he tried to murder them. They kick him out.

That night, as Jonah sleeps, a dark demonic figure sneaks into his room, climbs onto his bed and forcibly rapes him. The following morning, a distraught Jonah tells no one, conceals his scars, and pretends that it never happened.

The remaining five are running low on food. They draw matches again to see who will go outside. This time Seth draws the burnt match, and rather than accepting his mission, and potential fate, he chickens-out and refuses to go outside. Jay, disgusted with Seth's selfishness, volunteers to go in Seth's stead, and Craig offers to go with him. Jay and Craig hurry through the neighborhood, passing a destroyed playground and come to an abandoned house. They break in, head to the kitchen, and fill their bags with canned food.

Back at James' house, a visibly ill Jonah passes out in James' living room. James and Seth assume that Seth's low-blood sugar has caused him to pass out, so they try feeding him the Milky Way bar. They notice a speck of black liquid near his nose and investigate -- it's vomit. Seconds later Jonah projectile-vomits all over the pair of them and speaks Latin in a deep, demonic voice. Jonah is fully possessed and attacks the pair.

Jay and Craig are about the leave the neighbor's house when they hear a roar coming from the outside. A massive devilish hellbeast crashes through the house and chases them both through the house's many hallways. Jay, who is about to be eaten, is saved at the last second by Craig and the pair run back to James' house. Once inside, Jay and Craig help James and Seth, by holding down Jonah and tying him up. They bind Jonah's possessed body to James' bed and attempt to exorcise Jonah simply by copying what they did in "The Exorcist". Jay's showmanship doesn't work on Jonah and a fight breaks-out between the remaining four. During the scuffle, a lit candle rolls across the floor and immediately lights the bed, and Jonah, on fire. The demonic, flaming Jonah, runs through the house lighting everything on fire before collapsing in a dead pile in the living room. The four escape outside, to James' Prius, but find a massive winged hellbeast perched atop James' garage. Craig, in a moment of selflessness, tells the others to run to the car while he distracts the hellbeast. Craig taunts the hellbeast, draws it away from the other three who, thanks to his distraction, climb into the car. Craig goads the beast into eating him. The hellbeast reaches for Craig, and is about to kill him, when a shaft of blue light appears over Craig; his selflessness and intention to save the others has earned him a ticket to heaven and he's lifted into the sky. The shaft of blue light cuts through the hellbeast like a laser, forcing it to retreat.

The remaining three, Seth, Jay and James, drive towards Malibu, where James has another house. They theorize that salvation is still possible for them, as long as they do something good for somebody else. Bolstered by this new-found knowledge, the trio brainstorms of ways to do good and be saved. The Prius is suddenly t-boned by a armored, Road Warrior-esque bus. The trio pile-out of the dead Prius and are surrounded by the bus' occupants: tattooed, circus freak cannibals led by, wait for it, Danny McBride. When they kicked Danny out of the group he instantly adopted cannibalism and now leads this small group of blood-thirsty cannibals with whom he regularly has his way, including his gimp Channing Tatum (you read that right). The trio, left with no escape, is ready to accept their fate until James offers to sacrifice himself for Jay and Seth. He wrestles a bat away from one of the cannibals and beats them with it, allowing the other two to escape. As they run they look back and watch as James is bathed in a shaft of blue light; his sacrifice has paid off. James gleefully boasts about his salvation, flipping-off Danny and his cannibals and calling them every dirty word in the book. Suddenly the blue light which was lifting James to heaven, disappears; God, apparently displeased with James' gloating, cancelled his ticket and leaves him to be eaten by Danny and his cannibals.

Seth and Jay run from a few of Danny's cannibals, but are soon met with a towering, skyscraper-sized devil beast which smashes its way across the city. The beast spots the pair of them and walks toward them, ready to eat them. Jay, realizing that they'll soon be dead, apologizes for being a jerk to Seth and ruining their friendship. The beast is about to grab them both when a single blue shaft of light appears over Jay's head and begins lifting him to heaven. Seth, realizing that there's no shaft for him, grabs Jay's hand and the pair are both slowly drawn up to heaven. The beast, having been injured by the laser-like light, attempts to grab Seth the stowaway. As the pair nears the clouds, they slow down and begin to sink back to earth; the light isn't meant to carry two people. In order for Jay to get into heaven, Seth has to let him go. Seth, realizing this, bids adieu to Jay and plummets to earth, toward the waiting hellbeast. The hellbeast prepares to eat him when a second shaft of light appears, capturing Seth and drawing him up to heaven. Jay and Seth take each other's hands and are lifted up into heaven as the hellbeast, bleeding lava, is cut in two.

Jay and Seth appear in a heavenly setting, on an endless cloud and a white castle in the distance beyond the pearly gates. They're both dressed in white. They approach the gate and are met by Craig who, having arrived first, appears in white with a golden halo hanging over his head. Craig tells them that he's an angel and explains that heaven is the best: anything you want, you can just ask for it, and it's yours. Seth immediately summons a joint and starts smoking. Heaven is full of beautiful, trendy people all dressed in white. Seth and Jay, realizing that there's one thing they've always wanted, summon the Backstreet Boys who appear in the middle of the crowd and perform their signature song while Seth, Jay & Craig dance and sing along.

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